RISE CRM SaaS Plugin – Transform Your RISE CRM into a Powerful Multi-Tenancy Solution Donwload Free(Nulled)

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Download Free RISE CRM SaaS Plugin – Transform Your RISE CRM into a Powerful Multi-Tenancy Solution Nulled

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How to download RISE CRM SaaS Plugin – Transform Your RISE CRM into a Powerful Multi-Tenancy Solution Free ($79) and Nulled

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Multi-Tenancy Plugin for RISE CRM

Transform your RISE CRM installation into a powerful multi-tenancy platform effortlessly with the RISE CRM SaaS Plugin. Experience hassle-free functionality without the requirement of wildcard SSL or VPS configurations.

Perfect plugin for Digital Marketer and and Accounting agencies for managing clients CRM instances from single dashboard or anyone trying to start CRM SaaS solution using RISE CRM.

Start a SaaS CRM business without breaking a sweat talkless of a bank !

Support 3 url structure for tenancy: path, subdomain and custom domain

Support all database structure: single separated database for each tenant, multinenancy and sharding !

It works well on all hosting Cpanel, VPS or Dedicated servers.

Setup RISE CRM and you are good to go !

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Key Features:

  1. Multi-Tenancy Made Easy: With our SaaS module, you can easily convert your Perfex CRM installation into a multi-tenancy platform. Seamlessly manage multiple clients, departments, or branches within a single Rise CRM instance, ensuring data isolation and security.
  2. Robust Data Isolation: Keep your tenants’ data completely isolated and secure. Our plugin ensures that sensitive information remains confined to its respective tenant, guaranteeing the highest level of data privacy and compliance regardless of any choosen DB scheme.
  3. No Wildcard SSL Required: Unlike traditional multi-tenancy solutions, our module doesn’t rely only on wildcard SSL certificates. The module provides tenant recognition using the URL path scheme. You can provide a secure environment for each tenant without the hassle and expense of managing wildcard certificates, reducing complexity and costs. This makes it works on any server including shared hosting and Cpanel.
  4. Subdomain and Custom Domain: aside from the URL path feature, the module gives possibilities for subdomain and custom domains. This requires you to have the right setup for wildcard SSL on your host for subdomains and On-demand TLS for custom domains.
  5. Resources Control and Limitation: We allow you to limit and control resources such as invoices, staff, clients, projects e.t.c that your tenant can have at the package level.
  6. Landing page control: This module provide the option to set any of your existing pages as the landing page. It also comes with a default basic landing page that you can easily customize through the Rise page editor.
  7. Modules and Third-Party Plugins Access Control: Our module empowers you with comprehensive control over access to default Rise CRM modules and third-party Plugins from other authors, allowing for precise management at both the package level and individual tenant level. You have the ability to designate module availability exclusively for specific tenants or extend access to all tenants subscribed to a particular package. This granular control ensures flexibility and customization in determining module accessibility across your organization or SaaS platform.
  8. Settings and Configuration Sharing: Recognizing the potential application of this module in overseeing diverse departments within an organization, we have implemented a feature enabling the sharing of Rise CRM configurations, across multiple instances at the package level. This grants you the flexibility to effortlessly disseminate your settings to all tenants subscribed to a specific package. Furthermore, for sensitive information such as passwords or keys, we provide the option to conceal them from tenant visibility, employing a masking mechanism (note that masking functionality is currently experimental and should be utilized with caution). And also we provide means of enforcing a setting for the tenants.
  9. Scalable and Flexible: Our module offers unparalleled versatility in terms of database support, accommodating a wide range of SaaS database schemes to suit your specific requirements. Whether you prefer multi-tenancy, sharding, or a single database setup, our module got you covered.
  10. Cloud Database Solutions: Seamlessly integrate with popular cloud database solutions, such as Amazon RDS or Google Cloud SQL. Leverage the scalability and reliability of these platforms to efficiently manage and store tenant data, ensuring optimal performance and availability.
  11. Tenant Data Custody Options: We understand that some tenants may prefer to have complete control over their data. Our module accommodates this by allowing the creation of instances using customer/remote database credentials. This means they can choose to host their data on their own servers, ensuring data custody and compliance with their internal policies.
  12. Easy monetization and Maximum Utilization of Rise CRM Core: Rise SaaS module utilizes the existing Rise core resources for managing tenant subscriptions. Thus, you don’t have any new things to learn or set up a payment gateway. Your existing payment gateway works perfectly with other existing Rise CRM tools.
  13. …..and many more. See our demo

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Unlock the full potential of RISE CRM with our SaaS Plugin and take your business to new heights. Experience hassle-free multi-tenancy and seamless scalability. Try it today and revolutionize your CRM operations.


  • RISE from version 3.4.1 to latest version is supported.
  • We provide documentation with video illustration covering installation and usage.
  • We respond to your questions as fast as possible within few hours but can sometimes be up to few days.
  • We dont provide refund for the extension after purchase, so confirm before purchase.
  • Any custom work including setup, installation and extension (that might require skilled hours) are not
    free. You can hire us for this.

View full documentation here


All login credential can be found on the login page

Demo resets every hour

Contact us on support@risetosaas.com for support


– Shoot us your interesting suggestions through our profile. We will note them.

Change log

version 0.1.9 20/03/2024

  • Improve slug generation
  • Fix underscore in tenant slug and subdomain
  • </lul>
    version 0.1.8 12/03/2024

    • Add option to disable client bieng redirected to apps after signin
    • Fix issue when selecting zip file during update on windows i.e Selected file not zip file issue
    • Improve database connection management

    version 0.1.6b 19/02/2024

    • Fix qutoa visibility option
    • Add more qutoa visibility options

    version 0.1.6 18/02/2024

    • Fix ‘Login back to admin’ button dependent on single portal option
    • Fix client menu control option dependent on single portal option
    • improve domain name validation

    version 0.1.5 b 22/12/2023

    • Fix non english translation file issue.

    version 0.1.5 21/12/2023

    • Improve shared settings
    • Add option to support masking on other pages.

    version 0.1.4 b 10/12/2023

    • Allows “Plugins” menu for tenants to allow some third-party plugins settings menu visibility.

    version 0.1.4 05/12/2023

    • Reset invoice and estimate number in new tenants

    version 0.1.3 – d 14/11/2023

    • Fixed csrf token issue (i.e pasting image in editor e.t.c) when using tenant path id i.e tenantid/rs

    version 0.1.3 – c 10/11/2023

    • Fixed project view issue in tenants.

    version 0.1.3 – b 06/11/2023

    • Fixed activation issue on fresh install in some server.

    version 0.1.3 01/11/2023

    • Prevent redirection to subscription page for zero free plans
    • Hide payment, invoice and subscription menu when on free plan
    • Improve masking of shared setting.
    • Improve third party modules compatibility.
    • Add middleware to check for end of trail, ensure payment or subscription after trial ends.
    • Respect the RISE CRM invoice due grace period for the subscription invoices; client will be required to pay only for overdue balances.
    • Fix broken icon experience on some setup

    version 0.1.2 23/09/2023

    • Fixes non USD currency issue.
    • Add support for Zero plan and lifetime deal option
    • Add support for email verificaton signup flow
    • Add option to login as client from superadmin
    • Add option to make single dashboard i.e auto sign into tenant dashboard directly
    • Add Portuguese and Spanish translations

    version 0.1.1 – Path update12/09/2023

    • Fix compatibility issues with some third party plugins

    version 0.1.1 – 30/08/2023

    • Add more option for package info display to add limit and icon near each module
    • Fix error 404 in some server with existing htaccess generated by other programs
    • Fix tenant ID max length issue

    version 0.1.0 – 18/08/2023

    • First release.

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