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Nazmart – Multi-Tenancy eCommerce Website Builder SaaS PHP Scripts. It use Separate Database for each Tenants,
so that your website load fast, has option to add custom domains. automatic subdomain creations and much more. it comes with a different 07 theme with necessary inner pages, it will help your tenant to eCommerce website easily without hassle or thinking much about design. it also has 20+ payment gateway, will more than 150currency support. It’s highly customisable, it comes with many awesome features, like drag & drop menu builder, drag & drop form builder, drag & drop widget builder and many more. it’s compatible with Desktop, laptop, mobile and also compatible with major browsers.

Last Update: May 12th, 2024
Version: 2.0.2
Laravel 9x
Required PHP v8.1

Nazmart – Multi-Tenancy eCommerce Platform (SAAS)

Nazmart – Multi-Tenancy eCommerce Platform (SAAS)

Nazmart – Multi-Tenancy eCommerce Platform (SAAS)

Nazmart – Multi-Tenancy eCommerce Platform (SAAS)

Nazmart – Multi-Tenancy eCommerce Platform (SAAS)

Nazmart – Multi-Tenancy eCommerce Platform (SAAS)

Nazmart – Multi-Tenancy eCommerce Platform (SAAS)

Nazmart – Multi-Tenancy eCommerce Platform (SAAS)

Nazmart – Multi-Tenancy eCommerce Platform (SAAS)

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online documentation

Nazmart – Multi-Tenancy eCommerce Platform (SAAS)
How to use NazMart on Shared Hosting Video Tutorial

MultiSaas - Multi-Tenancy Multipurpose Website Builder (Saas)

Nazmart – Multi-Tenancy eCommerce Platform (SAAS) - 1 Nazmart – Multi-Tenancy eCommerce Platform (SAAS) - 2

Nazmart – Multi-Tenancy eCommerce Platform (SAAS)

Frontend Demo:

Super Admin Demo:
Super Admin Login

Username super_admin

Password 12345678

Frontend User Demo:

Username test

Password 12345678

Custom Domain Based Website:

Custom Domain Demo:

Admin Login Details

username: super_admin
password: 12345678

Sub Domain Based Website:

Sub Domain Demo:

Admin Login Details

username: super_admin
password: 12345678

07 Theme

  • Fashion Theme
  • Furniture Theme
  • Medicom Theme
  • BookPoint Theme ( Digital Product )
  • Aromatic
  • Casual

Nazmart – Multi-Tenancy eCommerce Platform (SAAS)


Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Prevention
Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Prevention
Password Hashing
Avoiding SQL Injection

System Requirement

This script need VPS to run it properly.
System Requirement
Backend Framework: Built
on Laravel 9x
Frontend Framework: Built on Bootstrap 4x
Requires PHP >=8.1
Requires MYSQL >=5.7
Supports MySQL, Mysqli.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why This Script Require VPS? [not mandatory]
This script require VPS because, this script required few settings which usually does not allow in shared hosting or shared vps. Like
Mysql root access (parent phpmyadmin access), Wildcard Subdomain, Cron Jobs, Php Configuration Settings, PHP new extension install and Enable , Mysql Version Update etc.
now nazmart also support shared hosting here is video tutorial How to use NazMart In Shared Hosting

Why This Script Require MySQL Root Access? [not mandatory]
It must need mysql root access, to give privileges to script database user, for create database dynamically whenever new user created their website. without mysql root access ( root username and password ) you can not achieve this. otherwise each time user create website you need to create database manually and connect with that user.

Why This Script Require Wildcard Subdomain?
Whenever user create a website system generate a subdomain for that user in database. it is must need for your to add wildcard subdomain and point the path to script installed path. then the system will able to handle any subdomain connection automatically.
if you did not setup wildcard subdomain in that case every-time user create new website you have to create a subdomain for him manually and have to set path to script installed path

Any Recommended VPS for this script?
We did not recommend any hosting company directly but, you can checkout insterserver vps package or ovhcloud or vpsdime . initially you can start with 1core, 2gb ram. ( if you can start with 2core, 4gm ram it will be best ). our recommended panel for this script is WHM+Cpanel, Plesk, AaPanel those panel has very easy to manage settings for all the things.
we did not prepare use Hostinger VPS ( because they did not provide mysql root access, basically their vps is a shared vps ). We also did not recommended to use CyberPanel because, this panel does not have option to configure wildcard subdomain. you are free to other panel as well.
now nazmart also support shared hosting here is video tutorial How to use NazMart In Shared Hosting

May i use install the script in a subdomain?
no, this script require to install in the root domain like, because the system will generate subdomain for your user created website. which will look like, if you install the script in subdomain it will not able to create subdomain over subdomain for your users website

What should i ask to them before purchase vps ?[not mandatory]

here is few question you need to ask your hosting provider before purchase a vps to use this script.

  1. will it provide mysql root access (root username and password)
  2. is it support wildcard subdomain
  3. is it support wildcard subdomain ssl ( it is require to make sure your user create website has ssl certificate )
  4. Ability to change and upgrade PHP Version
  5. Ability to install PHP Extensions
  6. Cron Job Support
  7. Mysql Version is getter than 5.7
  8. PHP Version is getter than 8.0

Custom Theme Development Support

you can build your own theme for the script, here is documentation for it

Custom Plugin Development Support

you can build your own plugin for the script, here is documentation for it

Custom Page Builder Addon Support

you can build your own page builder for the script, here is documentation for it

Custom Widget Builder Addon Support

you can build your own widget builder for the script, here is documentation for it

Custom Payment Gateway Implementation Support

you can add your own payment gateway for the script, here is documentation for it

eCommerce Module

eCommerce is neccessary for now a days to run any kind of business, most of the user are online today. multisass comes with Advance eCommerce module support where you user will get, advance inventory, advance shipping, advance coupon, advnace tax, promotional campaign creationg support, it also support multiple variants for product with additional price and image.

Product Variant Module

User can create as much as product variant for products, also can set price for variant, if your product has a variant to select user can not add to cart without adding product variants.

eBook, License, Gift Card, Digital Product

The script has bring up with more types of product uploading system such as online book, digital license, gift card, audio-video and digital products
How to create digital product video tutorial

Inventory Module

One of the cool feature come with this ecommerce script which is inventory you can manage your individual product inventory with this cms, you can add your stock while insert a new product also you have option to manage inventory separately, you can change it from product edit as well.

POS System (Coming Soon)

To make online and offline business more easier we are bringing POS system very soon

Variant Wise Inventory Module

This script also support prodcut variant based inventory manage system, let’s say you have a product with 3 colors red, green, blue. now you can make separate invenotry for these three. colors it just an example, you have support for sizes, color, custom attribute ( means you can create as much attribute for youself to make it compatible with your product type ), it also support additional price for varint and image.

Custom Attibute Module

This script has great feature to add your own custom attribute which you can connect with inventory to manage inventory by your own attirbute, let say you are selling shart which has color, size and type, by default the script support size, color for inventory. now you can can create a new attirbute which name will be type. it will be available in inventory as well. also it will be shown in frontend to choose by our customer when they order it.

When anyone goes to any product details page, system will start showing them related product that might your user interested as well, this will increase your shopping cart size, eventually will increase your sales revenew.

Advance Campaign Module

A verify handy Campaign System has ben developed for this script, you can create campaign for specific date time along with set date time for individual product with stock management and price. can show it in frontend via our drag & drop Page builder widgets.

Advance Coupon Module

You can set coupon based for a certain date time. can set it in a fixed amount or in percentage. also has option to set coupon for specific products or specific category or specific sub category or based on cart amount or shipping.

Advance Tax Module

A complete Tax system is implemented in this cms, you can create as many type of tax you want, it can be varry based on country and state. it can be percentage or can be fixed amount as well.

Wallet Module – Landlord

Every user has their own wallet to deposit their money for auto subscription renewal and refund amount

Wallet Module – Tenant (Coming Soon)

Tenant will have their own wallet to manage refund

Social Media Auto Post System (Coming Soon)

This feature will allow user to post their product or blog direct to their social media profile or pages from the website

Social Media Marketing

User or visitor can share product or blog from the website to any platform

Subscription Module

It has details permission wise subscription package for tenants, with package admin can decide how many page they can create and which module they will has access. set theme, payment gateway based on price plan [Video Tutorial]

Subscription Trial

It has advance trial system for tenants to experience any package before purchasing it

Plan Renew Notification Module

admin can decide how many time and how many days ago system send reminder mail to renew subscription plan of tenant. also can decide after how many days tenant account will be terminated and delete permanently

Automatic Subdomain

this system comes with automated subdomain system. when any tenant register it automatically create subdomain for that tenant.

Custom Domain

Teanant can request for custom domain from their user panel or from their website admin panel. the system will notify admin regarding it, and tenant has to connect dns to the landlord doman. landlord need to add this domain as addon domain.

Blog Module

It has all the feature required to run a blog website with support of og meta data, have separate settings for facebook/twitter og meta, has option for google meta data, so that you can do seo of your blog post, it also has support to add gallery images with post and have option to add video post.

Newsletter Module

Newsletter is a very useful way to stay connected with your audience and keep update your visitor regarding your content, that’s why we have come up with the support of newsletter with this script. you can send mail to anyone from the admin panel or can send mail to all of your newsletter subscriber, we have kept email verify option for all when ever anyone click on subscribe form they will get and email to verify their email.

Product Live Search System

This script comes with support of live search system. means when ever anyone type anything this script will automatically show them suggestion based on they typed character.

Order Tracking

A customer can track his order status anytime from the website

Product Wishlist

This feature allows user to save their desired products or product list in their account and can purchase it later

Product Compare

This feature allows user to add products in compare board to compare between them to choose the best fit for them.

User Activity Log System

this Multipurpose Sass script comes with user activiy log system, admin can see their activity using the logs.

Support Ticket Module

This script comes with support Ticketing system, user can easily raise any ticket regarding their issue.

Admin Role Permission Module

It has in details user role Permissions, admin can decide by role which permission he/she want to give to other admin. super admin can control view/edit/create/delete any of the script module for any admin role.

Blog Module

This script also has blog module to make engage with user easily.

Custom Page With Drag & Drop Page Builder Support

You can build any page with this Dynamically for your need, you have full access to our Drag & Drop page builder, you can buil any thing using it. it has 30+ custom widget to make your life easy

Webhook Module

web hook module help you to connect the system on various event with external software.

Sales Reports

it will help you to understand your profit and others cos, sales report show date in visually to make it more clear to you.

Custom Page import/export

it allow your users to export / import their ready page to create similar page in another website they own

Drag & Drop Menu Builder

NazMart Multi-Tenancy Multipurpose Cms comes with drag & drop menu builder with mega menu support. You can drag & drop any menu item to short it, Or make it dropdown if you want.

Drag & Drop Form Builder

NazMart Multi-Tenancy Multipurpose Cms comes with a great feature for your need is Drag & Drop Form Builder, it has text, number, email, select, checkbox, textarea, file etc fields. You can easily customise any form of this script. Also you can set is this field is required or not.

Drag & Drop Widget Builder

This Script comes with Widget Builder with 09 pre Made widget. You can build footer widget area with your needed widget. you can also use raw html for widget area, you can show newsletter widget or you can just show an image here. It’s up to you, you have full control over it.

Custom Js/CSS Module

You can add your own JS/CSS code to the script frontend. it will help if if you want to add any script code for tracking such as facebook pixels.

This script comes with GDPR Cookie. you can change all the content from admin panel

700+ Google Fonts

From admin panel you can acess 700+ google font, you can set any font for your website body or heading

Unlimited Color Scheme

From admin panel you can change all the colors for the website

Visitor Details

Admin Dashboard has comes with all the information regarding your visitor, country/devices/os/browser and your website most visited url, it will help you to understand your customer need and write content according to your user base

Beautiful Customer Dashboard

Customer dashboard has comes with all the information regarding the customer and features to interact with the admin


  • Unique Design
  • 08 theme
  • Powerful Admin Dashboard
  • User Role Permission System (Super Admin Can Assign Role or Can Add New Admin)
  • User Dashboard
  • Tax Module
  • Inventory Module
  • Advance shipping Module
  • Campaign Module
  • Variant Module
  • RTL Support
  • Dynamic Page
  • Page Slug Change Options
  • Page Meta Tag Options
  • Drag & Drop Menu Builder
  • Drag & Drop Form Builder
  • Drag & Drop Widgets Area Builder
  • FAQ Page with google schema markup support
  • Page Slug & Name Change
  • 950+ Google Fonts
  • Cache Settings
  • Pre Made Pages Slug change
  • Pre Made Pages Name change
  • Custom CSS Settings
  • Custom JS Settings
  • Maintains Mode
  • GDPR Cookie Settings
  • Email Template Settings
  • SEO Settings Available
  • OG Meta Added
  • Google Analytics Settings
  • Live Chat Options
  • Unlimited Color Option
  • Dynamic Order Page
  • FAQ Page
  • Typography Settings
  • Well Documented
  • Quality Support
  • Lifetime Update

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Nazmart – Multi-Tenancy eCommerce Platform (SAAS)

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