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Download Free PALWP: Pets and Animals Listing WordPress Plugin Nulled

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How to download PALWP: Pets and Animals Listing WordPress Plugin Free ($34) and Nulled

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Pets and Animals Listing is a WordPress plugin to manage your listings on WordPress website. It has 6 built-in powerful shortcodes (Like: Box Grid, List Grid, Box Carousel, Horizontal Filter, Vertical Filter and Comparison) to use the plugin independently (without any other plugin like: Elementor). You can create your pet and animal listings and publish with responsive design quickly.

Also it has 6 widgets or elements for the Elementor page builder to create limitless designs and styles. So we suggest try to use with the Elementor to realize the actual power of this plugin.

From the agencies or dealers perspective, it has 2 kinds of taxonomies (category & city). So that they can publish their listings differently.

Also, multiple agencies or dealers can post their listings (if the admin assigned an agent as a “Pets and Animals Listing Agent” role). Every “Agent” can set the agent info (like: Agent Name & Agent Email) so that buyers email goes into the agent email and they can contact with the buyer.

We provide 70+ responsive ready templates for the Elementor. That means you don’t need to create the design and style from the beginning.

Note: All of the demos are created by the Elementor elements.

pets and animals listing plugin

pets and animals listing plugin

pets and animals listing plugin

creative addons for elementor

All the Elements / Shortcodes:

  • Box Grid

  • List Grid

  • Box Carousel

  • Horizontal Filter

  • Vertical Filter

  • Comparison Table


  • Multiple agents can manage the listings
  • RTL Languages supported
  • Dark and Light Theme options to match the design with your website’s color
  • Powerful Search & Filter (can search by the meta fields)
  • Can enable AJAX for quickly searching the Listings and navigating the pages (without reloading the entire page).
  • All the Elements are highly customizable
  • Can add/remove meta fields (text) by the hooks
  • Show the LATEST listings in box / list grid
  • Show the FEATURED listings in box / list grid
  • Display the FAVORITE listings in box / list grid
  • Display the CONTACTED listings in box / list grid
  • Show some listings in COMPARISAON table
  • Show VIDEO into a popup in the details page
  • Display RELATED listings in the details page
  • Display RECENT listings in the details page
  • Display CONTACT FORM in the details page
  • Can customize the CONTACT FORM (add / remove text field)
  • 6 Built-in Shortcodes
  • 6 Elements for Elementor page builder
  • Even / Odd Listing styles (if use with Elementor)
  • Can Create Limitless Styles (if use with Elementor)
  • Lots of options to create limitless variations.
  • No need coding knowledge
  • Elementor v3.12.x compatible


        Initial Release


We would like to thank for the great resources of images.

  • Freepik

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