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Listdom is a powerful WordPress business directory and classified listing plugin to create listings, directories, and classified websites with modern and simple tools. Listdom has more than 80 different skins and views that are responsive and mobile-friendly.


Listdom offers so many features for business directories and classified ads listing sites in one package. Using the Listdom listing plugin is as simple as WordPress, and it follows all the standards that this CMS needs. On the other hand, it is fully compatible with other plugins that follow WordPress rules.

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Listdom has been developed according to the latest best practices, design patterns, trending design methods, and technologies. We offer all the advanced features that a business directory and listing plugin needs.

Bring Your Ideas in Action

You can use Listdom to make different business directories and classified websites. From restaurant listings to local directories, from classified ads sites to an address book website.

  • Local Business Directory
  • Classified Ads Listing
  • Medical Directory
  • Lawyer & Consultation
  • Services Directory
  • Real Estate Directory
  • Book Review Sites
  • Software Review Site
  • Restaurant Directory
  • Staff Directory or Employee Directory
  • Address Book or Contact Manager
  • Store Locator or Dealer Locator
  • Nightlife Directory
  • Spa Directory
  • Beauty Salon Directory
  • Shop Directory or Mall Directory
  • Church Directory
  • Schools Directory
  • College Directory
  • Services Directory
  • Public Services Directory
  • Automotive Directory
  • Pet Shop Directory
  • and More …

Features Highlights (In Free & Paid Versions)

Listdom has two versions. The free version of Listdom is available on the WordPress repository and the pro version is available on this page.

Display Features with Fully Customizable Tools

  • Wonderful 80 different skins
  • Display listings in Half Map / Split views
  • Display listings in List + Grid views
  • Display listings in List views
  • Display listings in Grid views
  • Display listings in Carousel views
  • Display listings in Table views
  • Display listings in Masonry views
  • Display listings in Cover views
  • Display listings in Slider views
  • Different styles for each of the views and skins
  • Display views anywhere with a powerful shortcode generator
  • Use shortcodes in all page builders
  • Assign multiple shortcodes to one page
  • Practical sort module on all applicable skins
  • Ability to change default sort parameters
  • Show listings on Google Maps based on their location with full map module options
  • Show listing details as a modal box on the map
  • Advanced marker clustering
  • Override archive page design
  • Font awesome icons
  • Define colors for the skins as you wish
  • Use predefined colors
  • Font manager
  • Stunning map styles (Apple, Facebook, Ultralight, Dark and many more map styles)
  • Several mixed views on one page
  • Different styles for listing detail page
  • Custom color for settings
  • Category filter option
  • Location filter option
  • Tags filter option
  • Features filter option
  • Author filter options
  • Social network buttons manager
  • Show listing owner data
  • Contact listing owner
  • Listing details elements manager (Enable/disable listing elements)
  • Available widgets for sidebars
  • Show shortcodes with widgets

Directory Management

  • Unlimited number of directories
  • Image gallery module
  • Address module and Google Maps support
  • Advanced availability time module (Work hours and off days)
  • Advanced price module
  • Global and per listing currency manager
  • Define contact information for a directory
  • Nice remark module
  • Categories in unlimited levels
  • Add several locations to one listing
  • Label tools
  • Tag tools
  • Feature tools
  • Listing owner module
  • Contact owner
  • Social share module
  • WordPress block editor compatibility
  • Page builders compatibility
  • Listing image
  • Comment for listings

Search and Filter Options of Listdom WordPress Directory Plugin

  • Complete search form builder
  • Fully customizable different filters to show listings
  • Search form shortcode

Advanced Management Tools

  • Powerful notifications manager (Admin and user notification emails)
  • Custom CSS styles
  • Google Recaptcha
  • Multisite compatibility
  • Advanced configuration options
  • Disable Font Awesome package
  • Visual Composer support
  • King Composer support
  • Compatible with Membership plugins

Seo Ready

  • Friendly slug manager (Change the slug of listings, categories, features, tags, attributes, labels, locations)
  • Compatible with popular SEO plugins e.g. Yoast SEO, Rankmath, AIOSEO


  • Easy online plugin update (no FTP required)
  • Cache plugins compatibility

Development Ready

  • RTL-ready!
  • Translation ready (WPML and PolyLang support for building a multilingual directory)

Developer Features

  • Full developers-friendly
  • Support changing the archive page and single page structure in the active theme
  • 100% use of WordPress structure
  • Override the skins and styles in the active theme
  • Define different filters for shortcodes to show different views
  • Ability to trigger custom functions using WordPress actions API
  • Use Listdom APIs
  • Customize features

Pro Features of Listdom Classified Listing Plugin (Only on Paid Version)

  • Schema option
  • Map GPS search
  • Listing frontend submission
  • Guest posting without user registration
  • Custom fields/attributes
  • Search and filter by custom fields/attributes
  • Embed elements in listings
  • The advanced map search feature
  • Advanced search option
  • Draw tools on the map for searching
  • OpenStreetMap (Display maps using OpenStreetMap with Leaflet.js – 100% free)
  • Mapbox tiles support
  • Change style and modules per listing
  • JSON importer and exporter
  • Display listings in Side-by-Side view
  • API support

Listdom Demo

Step-By-Step Documentation

Listdom, the robust WordPress listing plugin, offers comprehensive documentation. Our step-by-step guides cover all features, ensuring a smooth experience for users. Additionally, our responsive Support and Live Chat are ready to assist you promptly. Explore Listdom’s capabilities today!

Listdom Documentation

Complete Set of Addons For Any Needs

Listdom has a huge complete pack of addons that can fulfill any extra and special need of yours. You can purchase them through Webilia’s official website pricing page. ⭐

  • Claim Listings Feature (Claim existing listings with full Woocommerce support)
  • Topup Listings
  • Bookmarks and Favorite Listings
  • Excel Addon
  • CSV Importer Addon
  • Rank Addon
  • Reviews Addon (Customizable multi-criteria 5-star rating reviews)
  • Subscriptions (Charge users for submitting new listings with full WooCommerce support)
  • Labelize Addon
  • Booking Addon
  • Team Addon
  • Multiple Categories
  • Advanced Icon
  • KML Addon (FREE)
  • Auction Addon
  • Stats Addon
  • APS Addon
  • Compare Addon
  • Franchise Addon
  • Jobs Addon
  • SMS Addon
  • ADS Addon (FREE)
  • Divi Addon
  • Elementor Addon
  • Advanced Map
  • Visibility Addon
  • BuddyPress profile page integration
  • Advanced Custom (ACF) support

Listdomer: The Compatible WordPress Directory Theme For Listdom

Beyond Listdom, Webilia also presents Listdomer, a WordPress directory theme crafted to enhance the features of the Listdom plugin. This theme offers an attractive and intuitive design for your WordPress directory platform. It comes with a multitude of design choices, allowing you to tailor your directory’s look and feel to align with your brand’s style.


Can I customize the appearance of the Listdom?
Certainly! Listdom provides more than 80 different styles to showcase your listings or search results pages. You can choose from two ready-made layouts or create your custom listing detail page. Customize colors and appearance to match your preferences.

Is Listdom compatible with my WordPress theme?
Listdom follows WordPress standards, making it compatible with a variety of themes, from popular to exclusive ones. Some minor adjustments may be needed to perfectly blend Listdom’s style with your theme.

Is Listdom mobile-friendly?
Yes, Listdom is fully responsive and works seamlessly on mobile devices.

What kind of listing can I display using Listdom?
Listdom caters to a wide range of categories, including businesses, restaurants, cafes, professionals, rental and sale properties, cars, jobs, ads, goods, and services.



Added an option to disable contact form of owner element.
Improved listdom interfaces in WordPress backend.
Improved the license activation section.
Fixed an issue in single map skin.


[PRO] Added side by side skin.
Added sort by price option.
Added new icons for listdom and listings menus.
Improved listdom dashboard.
Improved the block editor integration.
Fixed some issues in listing details page.
Fixed an issue in assigning guest user to listing.
Fixed some issues in image slider mode of listing image.


Improved the server requirements.
Improved the image gallery slider.
Fixed some UI issues.
Fixed some PHP issues.


Added telegram to the social options.
Added left, right, and bottom positions for the search in the shortcode.
Added Hierarchy structure to the checkbox field of the search form builder.
Fixed an issue related to the empty values.


[ADDON] Released Network addon!
[ADDON] Released Ads addon!
[PRO] Added ability to display image slider in archive shortcodes instead of featured image.
Improved the listing translations.
Improved the compatibility with some third party plugins including page builder plugins.
Fixed some issues in multilingual websites.


[PRO] Added an ability to manage required fields for frontend submission.
[PRO] Added an ability to display radius fields in search form.
[PRO] Added radius-dropdown method to radius search.
Added WhatsApp, Tiktok, and YouTube to the social networks.
Added infinite scroll pagination method to list, grid, listgrid, halfmap and table skins.
Disabled auto GPS when a geo request is made by the user.
Improved the interface of filter options in shortcode builder.
Fixed some multilingual issues.
Fixed a compatibility issue with Avada theme.


Added new map routes to the API.
Added an ability to disable marker click on maps.
Improved the map render time.
Disabled one finger drag in leaflet map for mobile devices.
Fixed an issue in search widget in some multilingual websites.
Fixed an issue in the primary category.
Fixed an issue in the marker lightbox.


[ADDON] Released Elementor Compatibility addon!
[ADDON] Released Divi Builder Compatibility addon!
Added webp image support.
[PRO] Added pagination to frontend dashboard.
[PRO] Fixed some issues in hierarchical dropdown.
Fixed an issue regarding style 1 of the details page.


Added Instagram to social network options.
[PRO] Improved guest user listing submission.
Improved the social network options.
Fixed some PHP notices.
Fixed an issue in status change notification.


Added an option to change date format of date picker fields.
Added an option to disable the “Listing Link” field.
Added HTML editor to the remark field.
Added an ability to switch languages in the REST API.
Added some new endpoints to the REST API for multilingual websites.
Fixed an issue regarding halfmap skin.
Fixed an issue in the search module.


[ADDON] Released Franchise addon!
[ADDON] Released Compare addon!
[ADDON] Released APS addon!
[ADDON] Released Stats addon!
[PRO] Added an ability to disable image display per short-code.
[PRO] Added a feature to change the listing link method with normal, blank, and disabled options.
Added new notification for listing status update.
Added report abuse element.
Fixed some issues regarding schema features.
Fixed some issues.


[ADDON] Released ACF Integration addon!
[ADDON] Released Auction add-on!
[ADDON] Released BuddyPress Integration addon!
[ADDON] Released KML addon!
Added price class feature.
Added an option to display human-readable criteria to the search module.
Added an option to change the currency position.
Added style 3 to list, grid, listgrid, and halfmap skins.
Added style 5 to carousel skin.
Added style 4 to cover skin.
Added style 3 to masonry skin.
Added style 3 to table skin.
Added website field to contact details of listing and owner.
Disabled scroll wheel on leaflet map.


[ADDON] Released Booking addon!
[ADDON] Released Multiple Categories addon!
[ADDON] Released Advanced Icon addon!
[ADDON] Released Listing Visibility addon!
[PRO] Added an option to load locations and features in multiple dropdowns instead of checkboxes in frontend dashboard.
[PRO] Added required option for the attribute fields.
Added a new feature to select some predefined terms in taxonomy fields of search builder.
Added list / grid switcher in the half map skin.
Added random sort option.
Added an option to manage zoom levels of GPS feature.
Added no listing message.
Improved the settings menu.
Fixed an issue of not having HTML codes in Notifications.
Fixed an issue in modal content.
Fixed an issue in featured image uploading for guest users.


[ADDON] Released Team addon!
Added an option to load listing details page into light-box on click of marker.
Improved the listdom icons.
Fixed some issues.


Fixed some UI issues related to icons.


[ADDON] Released Rate & Review addon!
[PRO] Added radius search in the search module.
Added compatibility with WP 2020 theme.
Applied many improvements.
Fixed an issue in assigning listing to user after approving by admin.
Fixed an issue in showing map elements in style 1.


[ADDON] Released Labelize addon!
[ADDON] Released Subscriptions addon!
[ADDON] Released Paid Member Subscriptions Integration addon!
[PRO] Added hierarchical dropdown method for taxonomies in search builder.
Added some new endpoints to the API.
Improved security of listdom and addons.
Fixed an issue in search builder regarding default values.
Fixed some issues.


[ADDON] Released Claim addon!
[ADDON] Released Top Up addon!
Added an ability to show all values of a certain attribute in the search builder.
Improved security of listdom.
Fixed an issue regarding showing all attributes in API.


[ADDON] Released Favorites addon!
[ADDON] Released Rank addon!
[PRO] Added schema (Structured Data) feature to boost SEO.
Improved Listdom Restful API.
Fixed some issues in permission of Restful API.
Fixed an issue in search of text fields.
Fixed some issues.


[ADDON] Released Mobile Application addon!
Added Listdom Restful API.
[PRO] Added embed code feature to submit videos, virtual tours etc. for certain listings!.
Fixed category hierarchy issue on attributes’ menu.
Fixed a conflict between Listdom and Elementor.
Fixed some PHP notices.


[ADDON] Released CSV addon!
[PRO] Added dashboard module controls so the modules can be disabled / enabled.
[PRO] Added ability to export and import listing galleries.
Fixed an issue in the target page of search form when the shortcode loads in the archive instead of the singular page.
Fixed some PHP notices.


[ADDON] Released Advanced Map addon!
[PRO] Added an advanced import and export system.
Fixed an issue in the map search feature.


[PRO] Added hierarchical support for category taxonomy.
Added a dashboard notification system to manage the system emails.
Added HTML marker to leaflet.
Improved leaflet clustering for polygon, rectangle and poly-lines.
Fixed an issue in leaflet clustering.


[PRO] Added dashboard shortcode to add and manage listings from frontend.
[PRO] Added clustering feature for leaflet map.
Added search functionality to the shortcode builder for different skins.
Fixed some issues on search builder.
Fixed an issue in availability form.
Fixed an issue in warning of Google Maps API Key.
Fixed an issue in saving the attributes.
Fixed a query issue on skins.


Added multiple dropdown search methods.
Improved dummy data importer to import a default search form too.
Fixed some issues on the settings page.


Added Advanced Search Builder.
Added ability to hide email, fax, mobile, etc. in the owner element.
Improved search widget to work with search builder!
Fixed some issues.


[PRO] Improved design of GPS icon in the map module.
Fixed some tiny issues.


[PRO] Improved activation and update process!


Initial version released with lots of features.

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