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Download Free Modesy – Marketplace & Classified Ads Script Nulled

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How to download Modesy – Marketplace & Classified Ads Script Free ($69) and Nulled

The Modesy – Marketplace & Classified Ads Script provides an amazing experie­nce. This design is carefully made­ with elegance, use­ful features, and smooth operation. It give­s your online site a higher le­vel effortlessly.

Modesy – Marketplace & Classified Ads Script v2.4.3

Modesy is a marketplace and classified ads script that you can sell physical and digital products. It allows you to use marketplace and classified ads options at the same time. You can use this script as a multi-vendor store or you can use it as a store where you can sell your own products. It has clean, responsive and user-friendly design. You can manage almost everything in your site with its powerful Admin panel. It is secure, SEO-optimized, fast, fully customizable and easy to use.

Modesy - Marketplace & Classified Ads Script - 1

Modesy - Marketplace & Classified Ads Script - 2


  • Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Prevention
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Prevention
  • Password Hashing
  • Avoiding SQL Injection


  • PHP >= 7.4
  • cURL PHP Extension
  • Fileinfo PHP Extension
  • Exif PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension


Demo: View Demo
Classified Ads Demo: View Demo

Super Admin
Password: 1234

Password: 1234

Password: 1234

Password: 1234

Product Types

Modesy allows you to add different types of products.

Marketplace: View product
Classified Ads: View product
External Product: View product
Bidding: View product
Digital: View product
Video: View product
Audio: View product
License Key: View product

Project Updates

You can login to our support desk and read this article to update your site:

09 February 2024 – Version 2.4.3

- Updated Razorpay Payment Gateway

19 October 2023 – Version 2.4.2

- Fixed Slider Editing Bug
- Fixed External Download Link Bug for Free Products

26 September 2023 – Version 2.4.1

- Fixed Bulk Product Upload Bug
- Fixed Product Category Selecting Bug
- Fixed Product Location Selecting Bug
- Fixed Brand Enable/Disable Option
- Fixed RTL Bug
- Fixed Reported Bugs

14 September 2023 – Version 2.4

- Upgraded CodeIgniter Version to 4.4.1
- Added a New Chat System
- Added Coupons Page for Members
- Added PayTabs Payment Gateway
- Added Shop By Brand Feature
- Added Image Formats Option (WEBP Support)
- Added Location Option for Single Product
- Added External Download Link Option for Digital Products
- Added "Required" and "Optional" Options for Product Image Upload
- Added Country Based Global Tax System
- Added Option for Sellers to Set Global VAT Rate by Countries
- Added Fixed Transaction Fee Option for Payment Gateways
- Added Short Description and Keywords for Products and Removed SEO Title, Description and Keywords Fields.
- Added Option to Show Custom Field in the Product Details Section (Under the price)
- Added Warning Text for Already Purchased Digital Products
- Added Allow Vendors to Change Their Shop Name Option
- Added TikTok Social Media Option
- Updated Cart Shipping System
- Updated Mobile Menu
- Updated Preferences Section
- Updated Payment Settings Section
- Fixed Reported Bugs

27 March 2023 – Version 2.3.2

- Fixed Special Offers Image Bug
- Fixed Downloading Purchased Digital File Bug
- Fixed Shipping Email Bug for Guests
- Fixed Vendor Dashboard Language Bug
- Fixed Logout Bug
- Fixed OG Tags Bug
- Fixed Reported Bugs
- Download Button Has Been Removed from the Product Details Page (Purchased items will be available for download from the "Downloads" page) 

06 March 2023 – Version 2.3.1

- Fixed Index Category Slider Bug
- Fixed Shipping Error for Guest Orders
- Fixed Page Views Bug
- Fixed Shop Name Issue for the Shops Page

01 March 2023 – Version 2.3

- Framework Version Upgraded to CodeIgniter 4.3.2
- Added Download Database Backup Option to the Admin Panel
- Added Local Font Files for "Open Sans" and "Poppins" Fonts (These fonts will not be loaded from Google Fonts)
- Added "Add Review" Button to the Product Page
- Added Show & Hide Customer Email and Phone Number Option
- Added a New Ad Spaces System
- Updated Email System and Added Mailjet API
- Updated Sitemap System
- Updated Watermark System (Instead of uploading a PNG image, text can be added directly)
- Updated Register Page
- Updated Rich Text Editor
- Updated Cookies Warning Popup
- Deleted Username Field for Members (Only vendors can set a shop name as a username for their shops)
- Fixed PHP 8.2 Errors
- Fixed Reported Bugs
- Many Sections Have Been Improved in General

11 October 2022 – Version 2.2

- Added Image Upload Limit for Products
- Added "Login" Warning to the Cart for Guests
- Edited Commission Calculation (VAT will not be included to commission calculation)
- Edited Invoices
- Edited Shops Page
- Fixed Coupon Discount Bug
- Fixed Category Language Bug for Vendor Dashboard
- Fixed Product Preview Bug for Variation Options
- Fixed Translations Bug for Role Names
- Fixed "Show on Main Menu" Option for Categories

15 July 2022 – Version 2.1

- Improved the Category System (Tested with a database that has 100k categories)
- Added Enable/Disable Cash on Delivery for Vendors
- Added Product Link to the Messages Section 
- Fixed Membership Plans Bug
- Fixed Sending Support Message Bug 
- Fixed Shop Name Bug in the Messages Section
- Fixed Video & Audio Upload Bug for Mobile Devices
- Fixed Breadcrumb Design Bug for Mobile Display
- Fixed Mobile Menu URL Bug (for hidden links)
- Fixed Reported Minor Bugs
- Removed Drag and Drop Feature for Category Sorting (To solve the performance issue with a high number of categories)

08 February 2022 – Version 2.0.1

- Added Auto Load More Function for Blog File Manager
- Fixed Earnings Bug for Discount Coupons
- Fixed Profile Verified Icon Issue
- Fixed Sending Support Message Issue for Unregistered Users

18 January 2022 – Version 2.0

- Added Roles & Permissions System
- Added Coupon System
- Added Search Bar to the Shops Page
- Fixed Newsletter Bug
- Fixed Reported Bugs

2 December 2021 – Version 1.9.1

- Fixed Vendor Dashboard Progress Bar Display Bug
- Fixed Messages Link For Classified Ads Version
- Fixed "Request a Quote" Button
- Fixed Ask Question Modal Visibility For Guests
- Fixed Refund Requests Page Pagination Error

8 November 2021 – Version 1.9

- Added Help Center (With Ticket System and Knowledge Base)
- Added Refund System
- Added Shops Page
- Added Reject Item Option
- Added AJAX Post for Add to cart and Wishlist buttons
- Added File Input Option for Shop Opening Form (With Description Option)
- Added Bitcoin (BTC) Payout Option for Vendors
- Added Categories to the Search Bar
- Added New Newsletter System
- Added External Link Option to Bulk Product Upload System
- Added Shipping System Warning for Vendors
- Added Show/Hide Category on the Menu Option
- Updated Main Navigation
- Updated Email Settings Section (Added Encryption and "Reply to" Options)
- Fixed Shipping Location Selection bug
- Fixed Reported Bugs

07 April 2021 – Version 1.8.2

- Added Mercado Pago Payment Gateway
- Fixed Profile Search Bug
- Fixed Route Bugs
- Fixed SKU Reset Bug During Product Edit
- Fixed Bank Transfer Price Bug
- Fixed License Keys Products Stock Bug
- Fixed PHP 8 Issues
- Fixed Some Other Reported Bugs

02 March 2021 – Version 1.8.2

- Fixed Reported Bugs

28 February 2021 – Version 1.8

- Added New Shipping System
- Added Currency Converter System
- Added Flutterwave and Midtrans Payment Gateways
- Added Base Currency Option for Payment Gateways
- Added 3D Secure for Stripe
- Added Selling License Keys Option
- Added Report Abuse Option for Products, Sellers, Comments and Reviews
- Added Cover Image Option for Vendors
- Added Personal Website URL, WhatsApp URL and Telegram URL Options
- Added Option to Enable/Disable Search by Location
- Added Option to Enable/Disable Bulk Product Upload for Vendors
- Added Option to Show Subcategory Products for Index Categories 
- Added Color Picker Option for Site Color (Unlimited Color Options)
- Added Option to Show / Hide Sold Products on the Site
- Added Show / Hide Products Option for Vendors
- Added Single Sale and Multiple Sale Options for Digital Products
- Added Font Options for Dashboard
- Added Product Settings Section
- Added Option to Enable / Disable SKU
- Added SKU Validation During Adding a Product
- Added OG Image for Categories and Profile
- Added Static Cache System
- Added Assign Membership Plan Option for Vendors
- Updated Profile Page
- Updated Social Login Buttons
- Updated Membership Plans System
- Updated Send Message Modal
- Updated Product Filters
- Fixed Select Membership Plan Route Bug
- Fixed Shipping Email Bug
- Fixed Reported Bugs

29 November 2020 – Version 1.7.1

- Fixed Language Translation Bug
- Fixed Membership Bug in the Admin panel
- Fixed Mobile Compatibility Issues
- Fixed RSS Bug
- Fixed Other Reported Bugs

26 November 2020 – Version 1.7

- Improved General Speed and Performance
- Added Membership Plans System
- Added Vendor Dashboard
- Added RTL Option
- Added PWA (Progressive Web Apps)
- Added Bulk Product Upload Option
- Added Bulk Category Upload Option
- Added Option to Show Products on the Homepage by Category
- Added Homepage Banners Section
- Added Special Offers Section
- Added SKU Generate Option
- Added Import/Export Option for Languages
- Added Translation Option for Product Title and Description
- Added SEO Title, Description and Keywords Fields for Products
- Added Sorting Options for Custom Field Options
- Added Validation for Digital File Upload
- Added Slug Edit Option for Products
- Added Status Option for Classified Ads Products
- Added Payment History Section for Vendors
- Added Invoice Option for Promotion and Membership Payments
- Added Local File Upload Option for Blog and Page Content Images (File Manager)
- Added Sorting Options for Categories
- Added Sorting Options for Custom Fields
- Added Option to Add Products to the Parent Categories
- Updated Product Filters
- Updated Languages Section
- Updated Admin Panel
- Updated Iyzico Payment Option
- Updated Stripe Payment Option (Added Strong Customer Authentication (SCA))
- Updated Category System (Added Drag & Drop Sort Option)
- Updated Mobile Menu
- Updated Rich Text Editor
- Updated Search by Location (Added State and City options)
- Updated Rich Text Editor
- Updated Routes System
- Updated Invoice
- Updated Users Tables in the Admin Panel
- Removed Product Conditions
- Fixed Blog Page Bug
- Fixed JPY Currency Bug for Stripe and PayPal
- Fixed Image Rotate Bug
- Fixed Reported Bugs

20 June 2020 – Version 1.6.2

- Added Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES)
- Added Send Test Email Option
- Added Mobile Slider Image Option
- Added Option to Show Selected Location in the Header
- Added Unlimited Stock Option for Digital Products
- Added New Image Optimization System
- Fixed Email Verification Bug for Additional Languages
- Fixed Facebook Share Error for Blog Posts
- Fixed Search Bug for Single Vendor Option
- Fixed Logo Issue for Razorpay
- Fixed Issues in the Mobile Menu
- Fixed Order Status Bug
- Fixed Slider Image Size
- Fixed Other Reported Bugs
- Removed Stock Option for Ordinary Listing

27 May 2020 – Version 1.6.1

- Added Save Changes Button For Language Translations
- Fixed Place Order Button Bug
- Fixed Admin Products Section Filter Bug
- Fixed Title Error in the Maintenance Mode Page
- Fixed Location Search Bar (Disabled locations will not be searched)
- Fixed Image Error in Wishlist
- Fixed Problems with Product Tabs
- Fixed Profile Contact Information Bug
- Fixed Stripe Integer Number Error

20 May 2020 – Version 1.6

- Added VAT
- Added Discount
- Added Route Settings Section
- Added Price, Discount, Color, Image and Stock Options for Product Variations
- Added Animated Slider
- Added Font Settings Section(Different fonts can be selected for different languages)
- Added Database Session System
- Added Allows File Extensions Option for Digital Products
- Added Comment Approval System
- Added Personal Information Section to Profile Settings
- Added Top Navigation
- Added SKU (Product Code)
- Added New Mobile Menu Design
- Added Location Modal
- Added Vkontakte Social Login
- Added Stock Option for Digital Products
- Added Shipping Cost for Per Additional Product Option
- Added Edit User Option to Admin Panel
- Added Custom CSS Codes and Custom JavaScript Codes Fields to General Settings
- Added Show All Link for Subcategories in the Menu
- Added Option to Hide Vendor Contact Information on the Site 
- Added Enable & Disable Option for Countries
- Added "Rate this product" Option to Order Page
- Added Delete Option for Category Images
- Updated Sliders
- Updated Language Settings Section (Language Translations Moved to Database)
- Updated Categories Section
- Updated Featured Categories (Unlimited Categories can be Added to Homepage)
- Updated Reviews Section (Only Buyers can Rate a Product)
- Updated Currency Section
- Updated Product Details Page
- Updated Site Design
- Renamed  Promoted Product as Featured Products
- Fixed Messaging System Issues
- Fixed Cash on Delivery Bug
- Fixed Reported Bugs
** If you have added more than one language to your site, you need to upload flags for these languages from Admin panel after the update **

19 January 2020 – Version 1.5.3

- Fixed XSS Bug in Search Section
- Fixed Product Variations Available in Stock Bug
- Fixed Product Shipping Options Visibility Bug
- Updated PayPal Payment Gateway
** Update instructions can be found in the "updates" folder.

06 January 2020 – Version 1.5.2

- Fixed Scrollbar Bug
- Fixed Quote Requests Pagination Bug
- Fixed Product Filters Pagination Bug
- Disabled Cash on Delivery Option for Guests 
- Disabled Variation Option for Ordinary Listing
- Fixed Confirmation Box Language Problem 
- Fixed Payout Request Bug for IBAN
- Fixed Custom Fields Bug (checkbox)
- Fixed Some Other Reported Bugs

23 October 2019 – Version 1.5.1

- Fixed HTML Head Code Bug
- Fixed Bank Transfer Bug for Digital Products 
- Fixed Review Deletion Bug
- Fixed Category Name Issue for Additional Languages
- Removed "Add to Cart" Button for Free Products

21 October 2019 – Version 1.5

- Added Bidding System
- Added Razorpay, PagSeguro and PayStack Payment Gateways
- Added Watermark System
- Added Selling License Key System for Digital Products
- Added Cash on Delivery Option
- Added Option for Admin to Show Front-side When Maintenance Mode Enabled
- Added Email Option For Shop Opening Request
- Added Option to Disable Vendor Verification System
- Added Free Product Option for Digital Products
- Added Free Promote Option for Promoted Products 
- Added Enable & Disable Option for Guest Checkout
- Added Option to Storing Sitemap Settings
- Added Product Quantity Validator to Cart
- Added Email Options for Bidding System
- Added Auto Approve Option for Admin Products
- Added Google AdSense Code Field to Ad Spaces Section
- Improved Category System (Added unlimited category levels)
- Removed "category" Word from Category URLs (Old category links will be supported)
- Updated Audio Player
- Updated PayPal Payment System
- Updated Membership System (Unverified Users Cannot login)
- Updated Email Codes
- Improved Form Settings Section
- Fixed Disabling Shipping Bug
- Fixed Slider Image Height Problem
- Fixed Blog Slider Bug
- Fixed Add to Favorite Bug for Mobile Devices
- Fixed Messaging System Bug
- Fixed Slider Image Upload Bug
- Fixed Image Upload Bug
- Fixed Profile Slug Bug
- Fixed Blog Post Content Image Mobile Friendly Bug
- Fixed Some Reported Bugs

26 August 2019 – Version 1.4.1

- Added Commission Rate Option to System Settings
- Added Loop Option for Blog Slider
- Added Preview URL to Mobile Version
- Updated Messaging System
- Fixed Shipping Cost Bug
- Fixed Variation Options PHP Error
- Fixed Search Language Bug
- Fixed SVG Logo Upload Bug
- Fixed Digital Product Name Bug
- Fixed Logout Bug After Adding a Product
- Fixed Newsletter Bug

21 August 2019 – Version 1.4

- Added Digital Products
- Added Option to Add Custom Fields to Product Filters
- Added Google Login
- Added Admin Login Page
- Added Maintenance Mode
- Added Multi-image Upload Option with Drag & Drop Option
- Added Product Variations
- Added Search Option for Language Phrases
- Added AWS Base URL Option
- Added Date and Checkbox(multi-select) Custom Field Options
- Added Language Options for Text Editor 
- Added Media Buttons for Text Editor
- Added File Manager for Text Editor
- Added Video Preview
- Added Audio Preview
- Added Form Settings Section to Admin Panel
- Added File Upload Settings
- Added Product Condition Section to Admin Panel
- Added Shipping Options Section to Admin Panel
- Added AJAX Search
- Added Draft Option
- Added Menu Limit Option (The number of links that appear in the menu)
- Added Show Category Image on the Navigation Option
- Added Two Column View for Mobile Devices
- Added Option to Approve Product Payments from Bank Transfer Section
- Added Shop Name Option
- Added Vendor Verification System
- Added Verified Icon for Verified Vendors 
- Added Mobile Slider Image Option
- Added Cities Database
- Added Location Search Input
- Added Add Product to Promoted Option from Transactions Section
- Added Title Meta Tag Field for Categories
- Added Favorites Option for Unregistered Users 
- Added Email Option for Sellers
- Improved Script Security
- Updated Navigation Design
- Updated Mobile Design
- Updated Sell Now Page
- Updated Product Quantity Input
- Updated Order Details Page
- Updated Sale Details Page
- Updated Location Database
- Updated Custom Fields Section
- Updated Messaging System
- Fixed Image, Text and Video issues for Product Description
- Fixed Blog Content Text Problems
- Removed Twitter Login

17 March 2019 – Version 1.3.2

- Added PHP Mailer Option
- Fixed Stripe Payment Bug
- Fixed JPEG Image Upload Bug
- Updated Price Input
- Fixed Mobile Menu Scroll Bug

25 February 2019 – Version 1.3.1

- Added New Price Input
- Updated Image Upload Functions 
- Fixed Custom Fields Bug for Third Level Categories
- Fixed Redirect Issues
- Fixed Translations Issues

12 February 2019 – Version 1.3

- Added Marketplace Option
- Added Iyzico and Bank Transfer Payment Options 
- Added Guest Checkout
- Added Shipping Options
- Added Earnings
- Added Payouts
- Added PayPal, IBAN and SWIFT Payment Options for Payouts
- Added Currency Settings 
- Added Currency Format Options
- Added Email Notifications
- Added Enable & Disable Multi-Vendor System Option
- Added Commission Rate for Sales
- Added Bank Transfer Notifications
- Added Twitter Login
- Added "Set as Sold" and "Set as Unsold" Options
- Added Show Featured Products First in Search Lists
- Updated Payment Page for Promoted Products
- Updated "Sell Now" Page
- Updated Site Design
- Updated Mobile Menu
- Fixed Category Selection Bug for Additional Languages
- Fixed Gmail Logo Problem
- Fixed Language Select Box in Mobile Menu
- Deleted Google+ Login
- Deleted Google+ Links

14 December 2018 – Version 1.2

- Added Custom Fields System
- Added Storage Section to Admin Panel
- Added AWS S3
- Added Cache System
- Added RSS Feeds
- Added New Navigation Design
- Added User Review System
- Added Facebook Comments
- Added External Url Option for Products(External Buy Option)
- Added New Email Library
- Added HTML Email Template for All Emails
- Added Preview Option for Newsletter Emails
- Added Enable & Disable RSS System Option
- Added Enable & Disable Product Location Option
- Added Enable & Disable User Reviews Option
- Added New Condition Options
- Added Default Product Currency Option
- Added Deleted Products Section
- Added Restore Option for Deleted Products
- Added Sold Products Section
- Added Show Phone Number Option
- Added Clickable Phone Number 
- Added Approve Products Before Publishing Option
- Added Logo Field for Email Template
- Added Short Forms of Languages to Urls(/en, /de, /fr, etc.)
- Added Active & Sold Options for Products
- Added New Design for Profile Products
- Updated Sell Now Section
- Updated Newsletter Section
- Updated Password Reset Section
- Updated Image Upload Section
- Fixed Page Update Bug
- Fixed Adding Google Analytics and HTML Code Problem
- Fixed Category Meta Bug
- Fixed Category Required Bug

25 October 2018 – Version 1.0.1

- Updated Email Library
- Added Settings Link to Mobile Menu
- Updated Category Selection Section on Sell Now Page & Fixed Required Bug
- Updated Related Products Function

24 October 2018 – Version 1.0

- Initial Release

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