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Sectional Staff Recruitment by nBo on 03-23-2020
Hello Nulled members,

We're looking for sectional moderators in the following sections:
  • Other Discussions (including sub-sections)

  • Upgraded membership
  • Active every day
  • Personal input on how you would improve the sections

What you'd be doing:
  • Managing the sections, moving threads, deleting spam and low quality posts etc
  • Improving the overall quality of sections with your personal input

What you get:
  • Extra swag with a postbit background and second usertitle
  • Moderator tools
  • maybe depressions

Application format:


[b]My timezone:[/b] TEXT
[b]Time spent online a day:[/b] TEXT
[b]Why me:[/b] TEXT
[b]How I would improve the overall quality of the section:[/b] TEXT
[i]By submitting this application, I confirm that I might suffer from
depression after doing this for a while and won't make Fuhrer Aoki
responsible for it.[/i]

Only post your applications below, no general discusson or personal input needed. Doing so will earn you a nice warning level.