Rules, Guidelines and Policies
General Rules
The general rules of MafiaShared.
Posting Etiquette
Guidelines and rules about threads and posts.
Guidelines about the usage of an account.
Reputation System
Guidelines about the reputation system.
Custom Usergroups
Explanation of custom usergroups and their policy.
Help Documents
Help about awards.
Help about the credits system.
FAQ about Upgrades
Theme, Plugins and Servers we use
Some frequently asked questions about the stuff we use.
Marketplace Section
Marketplace Guidelines
Guidelines about the marketplace.
Vouch System
Guidelines about the vouch system.
Legal Disclaimer
Privacy Policy
Guidelines about your personal information.
Use of Cookies
Legal Disclaimer and Information about the use of Cookies.
Google Analytics
Information about google analytics
Copyright Infringement and DMCA
Information about Copyrights.