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Zaigency, our Services, Clients, Sales & Teams Management Application, stands at the forefront of agency empowerment, offering a comprehensive solution for businesses aiming to optimize their operations. With a sleek and intuitive interface, Zaigency seamlessly integrates the management of quotations, services, clients, and teams into a unified platform, redefining efficiency and collaboration in the agency landscape.

Quotation management is at the core of Zaigency, enabling users to effortlessly create, customize, and track quotations. The application’s service catalog streamlines offerings, providing a structured approach to service management. Zaigency’s client database ensures that client information is centralized and easily accessible, fostering personalized interactions and enhanced relationship management.

Team collaboration is elevated with Zaigency’s robust tools, allowing team members to work cohesively on tasks. Task assignment features further enhance organizational workflow, ensuring that responsibilities are clearly defined and executed. Real-time updates and calendar integration keep all stakeholders informed, promoting timely decision-making and project progress tracking.

Customizable templates within Zaigency offer a personalized touch to quotations and documents, aligning them with the unique branding of each agency. The application facilitates direct client communication, promoting transparency and responsiveness. Document storage features securely safeguard essential files, and analytics dashboards provide valuable insights into agency performance.

Zaigency excels in user permissions and security measures, offering control over access levels and ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive information. Mobile accessibility empowers users to manage tasks on the go, enhancing flexibility in today’s dynamic work environment. Billing and invoicing functionalities streamline financial transactions, contributing to a more organized and transparent financial process.

The application’s integration capabilities allow seamless connectivity with other tools, fostering a unified and interconnected workflow. Zaigency incorporates a feedback mechanism to gather and analyze client and team input, promoting continuous improvement and client satisfaction.

In essence, Zaigency emerges as a comprehensive solution, combining functionality and user-friendliness to elevate agency management. Whether tracking projects, managing client relationships, or fostering team collaboration, Zaigency is the catalyst for efficiency, innovation, and success in the modern agency landscape.

Check Demo –

Password: 123456

Password: 123456

Password: 123456

Why Choose Zaigency

– Quotation Management
– Service Catalog
– Client Database
– Team Collaboration
– Custom Form creation
– Order Management
– Partial Payment
– Customizable Templates
– Client Communication
– Analytics Dashboard
– User Permissions
– Mobile Accessibility
– Billing and Invoicing
– Integration Capabilities
– Feedback Mechanism
– Project Tracking
– Time Tracking
– Expense Management
– Reminders
– Client History
– Reports
– Multi-language Support
– Role-based Access
– Search Functionality
– Task Prioritization
– Secure Data Encryption
– Customer Support

Requirements (minimum):

• Server: any server.
• PHP: 8.1+
• PHP Extensions: OpenSSL, PDO, PHP ZIP Extension, BCMAth, Ctype, Fileinfo, MBstring, Tokenizer, XML, Json, MySQLi, GD, cURL, allow_url_fopen
• Database: Mysql 5.7+, PostgreSQL
• WebServer : Nginx, Apache

Zaigency Made With

• PHP 8.1
• Laravel 9
• Mysql
• Html
• Css
• Bootstrap
• jQuery


Quotation Management: Efficiently create, edit, and monitor quotations, ensuring accuracy and transparency in client transactions.

Service Catalog: Streamline services with a comprehensive catalog, facilitating easy management and categorization of offered services.

Client Database: Maintain a centralized repository of client information for quick and personalized interactions, enhancing relationship management.

Team Collaboration: Foster teamwork through collaborative tools, promoting seamless communication and collective project progress.

Custom Form C/reation: Tailor forms to your specific needs, enabling the collection of relevant and structured data for enhanced decision-making.

Order Management: Streamline the order process from creation to fulfillment, ensuring a systematic and organized workflow.

Partial Payment: Enable flexibility in financial transactions with partial payment options, accommodating varied client preferences.

Customizable Templates: Tailor documents and communications to your brand, maintaining consistency and professionalism.

Client Communication: Facilitate direct communication with clients through the platform, ensuring prompt responses and client satisfaction.

Analytics Dashboard: Gain valuable insights into agency performance with an intuitive dashboard, aiding informed decision-making.

User Permissions: Control access levels for enhanced security, ensuring that sensitive information is only accessible to authorized personnel.

Mobile Accessibility: Manage tasks on the go with a mobile-friendly interface, promoting flexibility in a dynamic work environment.

Billing and I/nvoicing: Simplify financial transactions with integrated billing and invoicing features, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Integration Capabilities: Connect seamlessly with other tools for a unified workflow, enhancing overall productivity and collaboration.

Feedback Mechanism: Gather and analyze client and team feedback for continuous improvement, fostering a culture of responsiveness.

Project Tracking: Monitor project progress in real-time, ensuring timely completion and delivery of tasks.

Time Tracking: Keep accurate records of time spent on tasks and projects, aiding in resource allocation and project planning.

Expense Management: Track and manage project-related expenses efficiently, maintaining financial transparency.

Reminders: Set automated reminders for important tasks and deadlines, reducing the risk of oversights and delays.

Client History: Access a comprehensive history of client interactions and transactions, facilitating personalized client engagement.

Reports: /Generate custom reports for insightful analysis, supporting data-driven decision-making.

Multi-language S/upport: Cater to a diverse clientele with multilingual features, expanding accessibility and inclusivity.

Role-based A/ccess: Assign roles to team members based on their responsibilities, ensuring a structured and secure work environment.

Search Functionality: Quickly locate information with a powerful search feature, enhancing overall efficiency in data retrieval.

Task Prioritization: Set priorities for tasks to ensure the efficient completion of projects and assignments.

Secure Data E/ncryption: Safeguard sensitive information with advanced encryption, prioritizing data security and confidentiality.

Multi-platform C/ompatibility: Access the application across various devices and platforms, promoting flexibility and convenience.

Customer Support: Receive timely assistance through a dedicated customer support system, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Which License Need I Choose?

We offer two types of licenses: Regular and Extended. For more information about the license types, please refer to the provided link.We Recommended for the Extended License.

Need Support?

Feel free to contact us any time. We have a dedicated team to provide you with the support.

Important Note

We don’t have a refund policy If you download our code! Please check our demo and documentation before you make any purchases! Feel free to ask us your pre-sale query and customization!

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Download Free Zaigency – Services, Clients, Sales & Teams Management Laravel Script Nulled

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