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Presenting powerful Youtube gallery manager to display your Youtube content without restrictions.

Written in pure javascript, it relies on no other scripts and works independently.

Plugin uses clever internals to manage Youtube quota and can even use cache mechanism to extend quota usage.

Create diverse gallery layouts, from grids, free standalone layouts to player layouts and even open content in the lightbox.

Special functions include show live preview when hovering thumbnails to quickly see the video in action.

Exclude specific Youtube videos from showing in the gallery.

Restrict specific Youtube videos from users and show custom popup window to present users with HTML message of choice.

Plugin offers an ability to use Youtube player with custom built controls (no more ugly Youtube player)

Display multiple channels or playlists in single gallery and load new channel as demand using channel selector.

Support for advertising content directly in the gallery. Insert any advertizing content that can be embedded in the gallery.

Demo examples

Playlist shelf

Playlist shelf displays user playlists in page and then shows playlist videos in lightbox


Grid with hover effect

Display clean grids using hover effects


Header contains Youtube channel banner image and video statistics


Gallery suports light and dark skins and all colors can be changed with plain CSS


Player layout

Player layout with playlist vertical right and bottom (on narrow screen)


Player layout horizontal

Player layout with playlist horizontal below the player


Standalone layout

Grid layout styled with plain CSS and Load more button


Restrict content

Retrict certain videos from user and show popup window notice


Autoplay in viewport

Automatically play video when user scroll down the page


Multiple galleries in page

Insert multiple galleries in the same page


Updates / Changelog

VERSION 6.3 [15.5.2024]

 - [ADD] translation languages

VERSION 6.1 [14.4.2024]

 - [UPDATE] php 8.3 compatibility

VERSION 6.06 [11.3.2024]

 - [UPDATE] youtube api improvements

UPDATE 6.05 [27.2.2024]

 - [FIX] social share window opening twice
 - [FIX] use live preview active when scale on hover set to yes

UPDATE 6.01 [17.12.2023]

 - [UPDATE] allow settings default language for subtitles 

UPDATE 6.0 [29.10.2023]

 - [FIX] social share
 - [FIX] autoplay next video in lightbox, reload video info

 - [UPDATE] disable css hover styles for mobile 
 - [UPDATE] video when advanced to next now preserves volume 
 - [UPDATE] option to change icons 
 - [UPDATE] converted to javascript (no jquery dependencies)
 - [UPDATE] option to show video info and comments under player layouts like in lightbox
 - [UPDATE] lightbox previous, next video and close button moved above video so they are always visible on smaller screens
 - [UPDATE] some SEO improvements

 - [ADD] option to set volume
 - [ADD] link to Youtube comment so user can reply
 - [ADD] option to autoplay in viewport for player layouts 
 - [ADD] timestamp video option (choose video start and end time)
 - [ADD] option to restrict some videos in the gallery for an opt-in subscription 
 - [ADD] option to exclude some videos from the gallery (hide them) 
 - [ADD] option to exclude shorts from showing 
 - [ADD] option for scroll top button to player

 - [ADD] standalone grid layout option (style thumbnails layout with your own css)
 - [ADD] Playlist shelf layout (show user playlists in page and then open playlist videos on lightbox)

UPDATE 4.21 [16.10.2023]

 - [FIX] social share

UPDATE 4.2 [15.3.2023]

 - [FIX] video source not saving in gallery manager

UPDATE 4.12 [3.11.2022]

 - [FIX] if live preview was used with display video inline, there would be conflicts
 - [ADD] optional info button in thumbnail to open full video description 

UPDATE 4.1 [30.10.2022]

 - [FIX] custom description not showing if set
 - [FIX] scale on hover direction not correct in some instances
 - [UPDATE] more improvement on youtube quota for multiple keys

UPDATE 4.01 [27.10.2022]

 - [UPDATE] ad limit option (number of videos to load on start) for Player layout type

UPDATE 4 [25.10.2022]

 - [FIX] Youtube muted autoplay not working

 - [UPDATE] admin improvements
 - [UPDATE] Facebook share no longer requires api key
 - [UPDATE] Youtube auto subscribe button
 - [UPDATE] added more sharing networks 
 - [UPDATE] dotdot replaced with elipsis 
 - [UPDATE] add new options for showing / hiding elements in gallery
 - [UPDATE] option to change gallery skin color after creation

 - [ADD] option for custom player skin (no Youtube controls)
 - [ADD] scale video on hover effect (in combination with video autoplay preview)
 - [ADD] option to not apply gallery css for colors so you can add your own css
 - [ADD] retrieve video title and description in your localized language

UPDATE 3.21 [21.10.2022]

 - [UPDATE] Facebook share no longer requies api key

UPDATE 3.2 [10.1.2022]

 - [FIX] youtube live preview not playing
 - [FIX] quick shortcode generator type and path values have brackets
 - [ADD] new gallery layouts (player with playlist right and bottom of the player)
 - [ADD] option to auto advance to next video in player layout 
 - [ADD] new thumbnail style (description right of thumbnail)
 - [ADD] option to choose between css transitions and jquery animate

UPDATE 3.01 [30.12.2021]

 - [UPDATE] remove youtube deprecated dislike ratio

UPDATE 3.0 [15.7.2021]

 - [ADD] WhatsApp share
 - [ADD] frontend translation
 - [ADD] backend translation 
 - [UPDATE] improved Youtube quota management  
 - [UPDATE] set custom logo, banner image, title and description for your channel  
 - [ADD] option to play youtube video on hover

UPDATE 2.75 [10.6.2021]

 - [ADD] quick shortcode generator

UPDATE 2.7 [6.6.2021]

 - [ADD] option to insert advertising content into the gallery (Adsense, Amazon Affiliates, Commission Junction etc...) 

UPDATE 2.65 [15.3.2021]

 - [FIX] youtube api quota backup 

UPDATE 2.61 [12.11.2020]

 - [UPDATE] remove Youtube deprecated channel image

UPDATE 2.6 [11.7.2020]

 - [ADD] prevent Vimeo player from tracking session data, including cookies

UPDATE 2.59 [11.6.2020]

 - [ADD] option to choose Youtube and Vimeo thumbnail size 

UPDATE 2.55 [26.2.2020]

 - [ADD] display videos from Vimeo folders

UPDATE 2.5 [9.2.2020]

 - [UPDATE] css improvements
 - [ADD] Youtube channel sort videos option
 - [ADD] Vimeo user feed
 - [ADD] Search Youtube and Vimeo videos
 - [ADD] search field in gallery (search Youtube channel, Vimeo album, channel, groups, user feeds)

UPDATE 2.4 [5.2.2020]

 - [UPDATE] display collections from Vimeo

UPDATE 2.35 [15.1.2020]

 - [UPDATE] option to filter embeddable and non embeddable videos from vimeo

UPDATE 2.31 [27.12.2019]

 - [UPDATE] video autoplay with sound for lightbox

UPDATE 2.3 [13.12.2019]

 - [UPDATE] choose all gallery elements with settings
 - [UPDATE] translation
 - [ADD] set custom header image, logo, title, description
 - [ADD] option to leave header data and load just new video grid with playlist selector

VERSION 2.02 [1.12.2019]

 - [FIX] duplicate player, playlist function jquery not defined

UPDATE 2.02 [8.11.2019]

 - [FIX] gallery preloader color

UPDATE 2.01 [26.10.2019]

 - [FIX] Vimeo sort issue

UPDATE 2.0 [10.9.2019]

 - [ADD] gallery colors can be changed in admin
 - [ADD] lightbox video autoplay (muted)
 - [UPDATE] header reload is now automatic, no more user exposed

UPDATE 1.65 [21.3.2019]

 - [FIX] fixed click on some thumbnails not working after grid resize
 - [ADD] option to store playlist in browser to limit API requests for Youtube 
 - [UPDATE] some layout changes

UPDATE 1.56 [1.2.2019]

  • [FIX] embedding of multiple instances in same page

UPDATE 1.55 [8.1.2019]

  • [ADD] auto set high quality image thumbnails and swap on resize

UPDATE 1.50 [24.12.2018] (may not be compatible with previous updates)

  • [ADD] new header sytle layouts for Youtube channel, Vimeo channel or group
  • [ADD] option to load Youtube channel by username
  • [ADD] option to reload header and description for Youtube channel, or Vimeo channel / group on runtime
  • [ADD] option to search Youtube or Vimeo videos
  • [UPDATE] playlist selector incorporated into the grid
  • [ADD] option to load Youtube and Vimeo into the same gallery
  • [ADD] option to download Vimeo videos
  • [ADD] internal script loading (improves performance)

UPDATE 1.13 [21.11.2018]

  • [UPDATE] option to retrieve better quality thumbnails from Vimeo

UPDATE 1.12 [28.10.2018]

  • [FIX] lightbox inadvertently closes on first open after load new playlist
  • [UPDATE] auto sort break points from low to high

UPDATE 1.1 [28.9.2018]

  • [UPDATE] small code improvements

UPDATE 1.03 [17.7.2018]

 - [UPDATE] some code improvements

UPDATE 1.02 [29.06.2018]

 - [FIX] lightbox not opening again when comment count is zero

VERSION 1.0 [11.06.2018]

 - [UPDATE] small code improvements

VERSION 1.0 [23.05.2018]

 - first release


This is WordPress plugin.

Using this plugin requires registration to domain. Instructions how to register are available here

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