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Your Radio App is a mobile internet radio streaming system which run under Android platform that used for listen many online radio streaming from your Android smartphone. using powerful and responsive Admin Panel which can manage unlimited radio station and categories which support many format, this application created by Android for client side and then PHP MySql for Server side. Run under Android platform which is the most popular operating system in the world. Using this application you can save your money and time in creating application for your own radio application.

Demo Android App

Your Radio App - 1

Demo Admin Panel

Your Radio App - 2
Username : admin

Password : admin


Your Radio App - 3
Your Radio App - 4

What You Get:

  • Full Android Source Code (Android Studio)
  • Full Php Code of Server Side
  • Full Documentation with Screenshot

Your Radio App - 5

Changelog :

Your Radio App v5.7.1 (02/03/2024)
- Android Studio Iguana | 2023.2.1
- Android Gradle Plugin (AGP) 8.3
- Add option to use old/new UI from

Your Radio App v5.7.0 (24/02/2024)
- Android Studio Hedgehog | 2023.1.1 Patch 2
- Android Gradle Plugin (AGP) 8.2
- Remove android.permission.SCHEDULE_EXACT_ALARM permission
- SDK Migration
- App Design Improvements
- Add Navigation Type options from (Default Tab Layout)
- Fix app crash when set sleeping timer button on Android 14 or above
- Remove default theme (Supported Light & Dark Theme only)
- Provides 2 versions of the Android Studio Project with targetSdk 33 and 34

Your Radio App v5.6.1 (20/10/2023)
- Android Studio Giraffe 2022.3.1 Patch 2
- Android Gradle Plugin (AGP) 8.1.2
- Fix app crash when radio is playing on Android 14 or above
- Fix false Native Ad background color when default theme is dark mode
- Automatic open player when the radio list is clicked can be disabled in
- Hide Banner Ad on Home and show Banner Ad on Player screen (Follow Google Play policy)

Your Radio App v5.6.0 (31/08/2023)
- Android Studio Giraffe 2022.3.1 Patch 1
- Android Gradle Plugin (AGP) 8.1.1
- Update Android Studio project structure
- Update Material3 theme
- Update targetSdk 34
- Update dependencies
- Update OneSignal 5 for push notification
- Supports of 4 types of ad network libraries (simple-ads-sdk, triple-ads-sdk, multi-ads-sdk and no-ads-sdk)
- Uses simple-ads-sdk as default ad networks sdk
- Native ad on exit dialog improvements

Your Radio App v5.5.0 (04/05/2023)
- Android Studio Flamingo | 2022.2.1 Patch 1
- Android Gradle Plugin (AGP) 8.0.0
- Update Gradle distribution url 8.0
- Update dependencies
- Add AppLovin Max App Open Ad
- Add AppLovin Discovery Banner MREC Ad (Fill the Native Ad position)
- Add New Wortise Ad Network
- Add Meta Audience Network Waterfall (Not guarantee if real ads still available)
- Add Radio view counter
- Fix false seekbar position audio mp3 type
- Redirect App (if app inactive, suspended, etc)
- Enable and disable category, radio and social from the admin panel
- Request notification permission for Android 13 or above

Your Radio App v5.4.1 (30/09/2022)
- Android Studio Dolphin | 2021.3.1
- Update Gradle 7.3
- Update targetSdkVersion 33
- Fix Ads Sdk issue on Google Play Developer Console
- Fix radio stopped when phone status is idle
- Fix white blank color when radio image have transparent background

Your Radio App v5.4.0 (10/08/2022)
- Redesign UI (Change Swipe Tab to Bottom Navigation Menu)
- Add 2 New Ad Networks (Google Ad Manager & IronSource)
- Remove Mopub Ads (has been acquired by AppLovin)
- Remove Unity Ads (caused Google Play Error Message)
- Add new field in the admin panel (radio / mp3) for audio source
- Show song seekbar if audio type is mp3
- Fix app freeze on certain random conditions

Your Radio App v5.3.6 (24/05/2022)
- Fix padding for Native Ad (Default Style) in the radio list
- Fix Interstitial Ads not showing in category list
- Add radio streaming timeout connection (10 seconds by default)

Your Radio App v5.3.5 (17/05/2022)
- Android Studio Chipmunk | 2021.2.1
- Update Gradle 7.3
- ExoPlayer and Icy Metadata integrated as offline dependencies
- Fix app crash when changing theme on split mode
- Fix or minimize app crashes on certain devices and certain conditions
- Fix minor bugs

Your Radio App v5.3.4 (16/04/2022)
- Android Studio Bumblebee | 2021.1.1 Patch 3
- Add option to display Native Ad in small view in the radio list
- Fix metadata not showing complete if it's contains commas
- Fix or minimize app crashes on certain devices and certain conditions
- Fix minor bugs

Your Radio App 5.3.3 (13/03/2022)
- Android Studio Bumblebee | 2021.1.1 Patch 2
- Update Gradle 7.2
- Update targetSdkVersion 32
- Update ExoPlayer 2.17.0
- Add Backup Ads
- Add New Ad Network (AppLovin Discovery)
- Add AppLovin MAX Native Ad (Manual)
- Fix Zip Path Transversal error caused library on Play Store publication
- Fix minor bugs

Your Radio App 5.3.2 (26/10/2021)
- Android Studio Arctic Fox 2020.3.1 | Patch 3
- Fix crash issue when display Interstitial Ad which contains video and sound
- Fix crash issue when playing m3u8 format
- Fix display false category when edit radio in the admin panel

Your Radio App 5.3.1
- Update ExoPlayer r2.15.1
- Fix layout issue on screen orientation
- Fix player notification not shown streaming do not have metadata on Android 11 or above

Your Radio App 5.3.0
- Android Studio Arctic Fox | 2020.3.1
- Update Gradle Tools & Libraries
- Support Image Album Art Metadata
- Fix Player Notification not showing on Android 11 or above
- Support 6 Ad Networks (AdMob,, Unity Ads, AppLovin's MAX, Mopub, FAN)
- Audience Network Open Bidding (AdMob, AppLovin's MAX or Mopub as mediation partner)
- Add App Open Ad (AdMob)
- Support FCM or OneSignal push notification
- Use FCM topic instead recorded token from database (no longer used)
- Security improvement by replacing admin panel url with server key

Your Radio App 5.2.0
- Build in Android Studio 4.2.1
- Migrate jCenter to mavenCentral
- Min SDK version 21 (Android Lollipop)
- Update ExoPlayer 2.14.0
- Metadata is retrieve from ExoPlayer now
- Migrate Volley to Retrofit for REST API
- Migrate Picasso to Glide for Image library
- Implement load more pagination
- Search history
- Added page for permission agreement at first launch
- Fix slow app issue

Your Radio App v5.1.0
- Build in Android Studio 4.2
- Update Gradle 6.7.1
- AdMob SDK v20
- Improve the UI
- Featured radios & categories
- 4 options Ad Network Providers (AdMob, FAN, StartApp & Unity Ads)
- Add Interstitial Ad on click Radio
- Native Ad on the list radio displayed in larger size
- Fix disappear radio player on resume app after minimized
- Remove unnecessary Manifest permission
- Optional permission to stop playing radio when there is an incoming call
- Custom fonts

Your Radio App v5.0.2
- Add error handling for streaming url with .m3u and .pls extentions
- Fix crash app when metadata is empty in some case

Your Radio App v5.0.1
- Fix the application crash when playing radio streaming with hls format
- Fix display of native ads overlapping in radio list

Your Radio App v5.0.0
- Build in latest Android Studio 4.1.0
- Update targetSdkVersion 30
- Update Gradle 6.5
- Replace AdMob smart banner to adaptive banner
- Implement Native Ad in the radio list
- 3 Option Ad Network Providers (AdMob, Facebook Audience Network, StartApp)
- Implement Remote Ad Network with Switch Ads method
- Ad Network Unit ID and Social menu are managed from admin panel
- Ad Settings Menu with theme option (Primary, Dark and Light Theme)
- Move favorite menu in the 3rd tab of main screen
- New GDPR
- Support split screen mode
- Fix minor bugs

Your Radio App v4.1.1
- Build in latest Android Studio 3.6.1
- Update to latest Gradle Tools and Library
- Fix radio doesn't continue when phone call ends
- Add AdMob Native Ad on close dialog

YourRadio App v4.1.0
- Build in latest Android Studio 3.5.3
- Update to latest Gradle Tools and Library
- Update targetSdkVersion 29
- Migrate to AndroidX
- Add Shimmer Effect when Refreshing Content
- Fix Duplicated Open Activity Screen on Fast Click
- Fix App Crash on Fast Scrolling Up/Down

Your Radio App v4.0.1
- Fix cannot open category item
- Fix home button not working under category detail and search menu
- Fix cannot open incoming notification

Your Radio App v3.1.0
- Build in latest Android Studio 3.1.3
- Comply with GDPR Policy for EEA (European Economic Area) country
- Fix app crash when click stop/play on activity changes
- Fix failed login to admin panel dashboard
- Fix error when category deleted

Your Radio App v3.0.0 
Important Note : This version as new app and it's not compatible with previous or older version, so, using this latest project and admin panel is mandatory.
New Features and Improvement :
- Build in latest Android Studio 3.1.2
- Update to latest Gradle Tools and Library
- Material Design UI Improvement
- Implement Retrofit for Rest API
- Add Load More function
- HLS streaming support
- Support larger data
- FCM notification from Admin Panel
- Implement Google AdMob according Policy Recommendation
- Advanced Search
- Fix NullPointerException
- Optimized to latest Android O
- Admin Panel UI and feature improvement

Removed features :
- Eclipse Project Removed (Deprecated)
- Onesignal Removed
- Social menu Removed

Your Radio App v2.1.2
- Build in latest version of Android Studio and Eclipse
- Update additional libraries to the latest version
- Update latest version of ExoPlayer v1.5.9
- Integrate ExoPlayer to Eclipse Projects
- FCM Push Notification (Android Studio)
- Firebase Analytics (Android Studio)
- OneSignal Push Notification (Eclipse)
- Redesign Admin Panel Dashboard with Material Design UI
- Notification sent from Firebase Console account directly
- Remove push notification menu in the admin panel side
- Stopping the radio when a call is received
- Fix bugs and performance improvement

Your Radio App v2.0.0
- Update Media Player to ExoPlayer for loading radio stream more faster
- Build in latest Android Studio and Eclipse
- Update additional libraries to the latest version
- Add compatibility on Android Marshmallow 6.0
- Navigation drawer menu
- Google Analytics is Available Now
- Add New Settings Menu in Android App
- Migrate Push Notification from Parse to GCM
- Send Push Notification directly from Admin Panel
- Add social media menu in webview

Your Radio App v2.1.0
- Stopping the radio when a call is received
- Add share option menu
- Eclipse Projects is available now

Your Radio App v1.0.0
- Initial release

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