Donwload Free Windows Calculator – Plastic Windows and Doors WordPress Plugin Nulled


Windows Calculator plugin helps to calculate the final cost of PVC plastic windows and order them.

But the plugin isn’t limited by this type of products! Use it, for example, for garage doors, blinds, or anything you can imagine for the plugin’s structure.

It is possible to build mixtures of products, fixed their rates and sizes, establish extra alternatives.

There is a possibility to receive orders via Email or WooCommerce order.


  • Create as many products as you need;
  • Upload any images and add any options for the products;
  • On/off flexible price calculation online;
  • Get orders or inquiries using a contact form;
  • Sell your products using WooCommerce;
  • Use the visual editor to combine products you need in the admin part;
  • Generate order PDF files.


  • Get more new customers (increase the efficiency of your site);
  • Increase the number of successful transactions;
  • Increase the number of repeat sales;
  • Simplify the work of your managers;
  • Increase loyalty of potential customers.



Easy to create products with required images, prices, and settings.

Product example


You will have two product visual editor types:


Place products on the canvas, use drag and drop and scale to create the required view.

Static canvas example


Grid-based canvas for scaling of the products according to their current sizes.

Dynamic canvas example


Create any additional options for different types and pricing you want.

Options example


REQUEST A SANDBOX site to check the admin part and play with all possibilities of the plugin.




  • Elementor;
  • Divi Builder;
  • WPBakery.


Feel free to ask!

Email:         Skype: troll_winner


  • “Contact Form 7” plugin is required for online-ordering via email.
  • The plugin requires PHP 7.0 or higher.


The plugin gets updates and improvements regularly.

= 10.0.0 =
Removed: jQuery base
Removed: "Size unit" setting
Removed: "Size string" setting
Removed: "Variation string" setting
New: Spreadsheet files using for product variation prices update
New: Combination product name setting
New: Combination cart item name setting
New: Min/Max product visual height setting for dynamic canvas
New: Export to HTML feature
Fix: Rare bug of PDF images with get attributes in link
Tweak: Export/import data tools refactoring
Tweak: Scope value formula variables
Tweak: "select2" option type renamed to "select-with-search" 

= 9.4.2 =
Fix: Plugin freeze bug
Tweak: Code improvements

= 9.4.1 =
Tweak: More flexible option image size setting
Fix: Individual product options common setting work bug
Fix: Absent height cart value of a single product
Fix: Products snap size bug
Fix: On/off select type option values bug

= 9.4.0 =
New: WPBakery integration
New: Elementor integration
New: Divi Builder integration
New: Dynamic product width/height formula variables
New: Panel with toggle views
New: Snap size product setting
New: "Show width/height" combination settings
Fix: Custom styles generation bug
Fix: Output WooCommerce order button without active WooCommerce bug

= 9.3.0 =
New: "Available with options" setting cart count and total rule
New: "Available with options" setting more conditions
New: Debug scripts include type setting value
New: Individual product options common setting
New: WooCommerce product calculator shortcode
New: [products_count] formula variable
Tweak: Draggable dynamic canvas items in the admin part
Tweak: Option admin part refactoring
Fix: Texture position for generated thumbnail fix
Fix: Horizontal input element with dynamic canvas bug

= 9.2.0 =
New: "Reflect width/height group" product/input element value setting
New: "Inversely width/height group" input element value setting
New: Number option type calculation
New: Size elements step setting
New: Empty cart message setting

= 9.1.2 =
Fix: Scoped and grouped items work bug
Fix: Change active product variation if hidden by an option

= 9.1.1 =
Fix: Combination with multiple categories work bug
Fix: Hidden options bug
Fix: Empty product table price cells behavior
Fix: Cart PDF product attributes missing name
Fix: Demo-data generation bug

= 9.1.0 =
New: "Available with options" option setting
New: "Available with product variations" option setting
New: "Available with combinations" option setting
New: "Availability rules" option setting
New: Select2 option type
New: Two ways binding of parent/child scopes
New: "Inversely width/height group" product value setting
New: "Display in cart" product value setting
New: "Show with combinations" option category setting
Tweak: Visually hidden products are visible in the cart by-default
Tweak: Code improvements
Fix: Using of a zero product size price is allowed
Fix: SVGs bug on iOS
Fix: License activation bug

= 9.0.0 =
Removed: "Hide width controls" combination product setting
Removed: "Hide height controls" combination product setting
New: Formula based option type
New: "Enable width/height input/slider" combination and product settings
New: Options using rules by products height and width
New: Number option type
New: Slider/input canvas elements
New: Possibility to pass canvas element value in the cart
New: Templates customization admin tool
New: Admin custom styles settings
New: Flexible product images
New: Extra features and possibilities
Tweak: Migrate to Bootstrap 5 framework
Tweak: Assets enqueue improvement
Fix: Coupon work bug
Fix: Text domain loading bug

= 8.0.2 =
Fix: Calculator attached to a WooCommerce product bug
Fix: PDF bugs with PHP v8

= 8.0.1 =
Fix: Code improvements and bug fixes

= 8.0.0 =
Removed: Global WooCommerce integration setting
New: Text option type
New: Save state to URL setting
New: Cart PDF additional CSS setting
New: More calculator controls settings
Tweak: Possibility to output CF7 fields in the PDF file
Tweak: "Show with options" setting refactoring
Tweak: Empty price cells behavior
Fix: WooCommerce cart item attributes with the same name bug
Fix: Generate/export data bugs

= 7.7.1 =
Tweak: Small code fixes

= 7.7.0 =
New: "Price including tax" setting
Fix: Update selection bug among categories select
Fix: Option count bug
Fix: Cart print no texts bug
Fix: Combinations views with toggle bug
Tweak: Small improvements

= 7.6.0 =
New: "Round price to" product setting
Fix: ContactForm7 v5.4 bug

= 7.5.2 =
Fix: Product variation change name bug
New: Visually hidden combination product option

= 7.5.1 =
Fix: "Show with combinations" setting bug

= 7.5.0 =
New: More view settings
New: Deep WooCommerce integration
Tweak: Code improvements
Fix: Cart item static thumbnail bug
Fix: Load combinations via AJAX bug

= 7.4.0 =
Fix: Size unit bug
Fix: The only product with the common pricing type bug
New: Product/combination name setting
Tweak: Save steps layout stage
Tweak: Code refactoring

= 7.3.0 =
New: Price format settings
New: Combination description string output
New: "Store session in the DB" global setting
Tweak: Combination size inputs work refactoring
Tweak: Cart workflow and view refactoring
Tweak: Code refactoring

= 7.2.2 =
Fix: Code fixes

= 7.2.1 =
Fix: The only product sliders bug
Tweak: Code improvements

= 7.2.0 =
New: Steps sorting setting for steps layout
Removed: "Separate combinations categories step" setting
Fix: "Area-based multiplication" option type bug
Fix: Admin part options bugs
Fix: Options CSS work bug

= 7.1.0 =
New: Options using rules settings
New: A few strings settings
Tweak: Checkbox options better cart storing
Fix: Options textures rare bug

= 7.0.0 =
Removed: Combinations body view setting
New: More flexible combination and categories view settings
New: Description output type option setting
Tweak: Code improvements

= 6.8.0 =
New: "Multiplication type behavior" option setting
New: "Selected combinations terms" setting
New: "Combinations grid col class" setting
New: "Enable cart print" setting
Tweak: noUiSlider update
Fix: Common pricing type calculations bug on combination change event
Fix: Current selection element work bug
Fix: Option influence another option price bug

= 6.7.0 =
New: Option label setting
New: WooCommerce order redirect URL
Fix: Options with the same labels work bug
Fix: Product prices with commas bug
Fix: Order submit in steps mode bug
Fix: Disabled cart in steps mode bug
Fix: Export/import bugs
Tweak: More reliable sliders work

= 6.6.1 =
Fix: "Select" view options texture bug
Fix: Steps view code bug

= 6.6.0 =
New: "Display in cart" option value setting
Fix: Option texture above combination bug
Fix: Hidden options work bug
Fix: Woocommerce cart item generated thumbnail bug
Tweak: Combination admin interface refactoring
Tweak: Code refactoring

= 6.5.1 =
Fix: Products sliders overlapping bug
Tweak: More code filters

= 6.5.0 =
New: "Show with option" product variation setting
Tweak: No options work behavior
Fix: PDF images and special chars bug

= 6.4.0 =
New: Print feature refactoring
Tweak: Cart work refactoring
Fix: Small bugs

= 6.3.0 =
New: Export/import data feature
New: Dynamic canvas type with floating product sizes

= 6.2.0 =
New: Step layout nav walk type setting
New: Common pricing multipliers affect setting
Fix: Show with product variations setting bug
Fix: Texture within individual "select" option bug

= 6.1.0 =
New: Area/perimeter/width/height based addition option type
New: Perimeter based multiplication option type
New: Hidden option type
Tweak: Migrate to Bootstrap 4 framework
Tweak: Better product options calculation
Fix: Code bugs

= 6.0.3 =
Tweak: Price calculation time buffer adjustment
Tweak: Small work improvements

= 6.0.2 =
Fix: Edit cart item bugs
Fix: AJAX-loading combinations bug

= 6.0.1 =
Fix: Without Woocommerce bug

= 6.0.0 =
New: Option "image max-width" setting
New: Image options lightbox link
Fix: Option's "Show with combinations" setting work bug
Tweak: Change selection data on product variation change
Tweak: Deep code refactoring

= 5.1.0 =
New: "Use canvas controls" product options for multi-product combinations
New: New combination items - "Elements" 
Tweak: noUiSlider update
Tweak: Documentation update

= 5.0.1 =
Tweak: Better integration with WC product prices
Tweak: Code refactoring

= 5.0.0 =
New: Options more flexible influence
New: Visually hidden product option
New: Width/height step setting
New: Hide controls setting
Tweak: Tax output on combination price, cart item and selection block
Tweak: Price calculation optimization
Tweak: Options admin part improvement
Tweak: Order item thumbnail replaced by generated
Fix: Decimal individual sizes bug
Fix: Long decimals bug
Fix: Price tables bug of the demo data generation
Removed: "Influenced combinations" option post setting
Removed: "Size rounding step" product setting

= 4.5.0 =
New: "Show with product variations" setting for options
New: Save/load preset controls
Tweak: Buttons icons added

= 4.4.0 =
New: Max scope size value
New: Order thought email details template

= 4.3.1 =
Tweak: Apply option's CSS to the resulting image
Tweak: Reset state on repeat click
Tweak: Selection update improvement
Fix: Contact Form 7 order cart bug

= 4.3.0 =
New: Option item description as a string
New: Default individual product sizes
New: Count min/max options
Fix: Price tables parsing bug
Tweak: Deep code refactoring

= 4.2.1 =
New: Combination categories description output
Fix: Woocommerce product edit controls bug
Fix: Individual prices table parsing bug

= 4.2.0 =
New: "Disable cart" option
Fix: Demo generator preset bug
Fix: Price update by sliders bug

= 4.1.0 =
New: "Apply CSS on option select" option
New: "Product image output type" option
Tweak: Example images are updated
Fix: Email order bug

= 4.0.1 =
Fix: Combination category change bug
Fix: Demo data preset bug

= 4.0.0 =
New: Product's individual prices storing
New: Product visibility option
Fix: Coupon removing fix
Tweak: Steps layout style update
Tweak: Documentation update

= 3.4.0 =
New: Editable items in the cart
New: "Fill" option texture placement value
Tweak: Code refactoring

= 3.3.1 =
Fix: Woocommerce product WinCalc type missing
Tweak: Code refactoring

= 3.3.0 =
New: Cart item thumbnail generation from the selected combination.
!Important note: to make the feature work correctly in Mozilla Firefox browser it's necessary to update the product
images from the "image-examples/products" folder if you are using them.
New: Product size step setting
Tweak: noUiSlider version update
Fix: Order modal opening bug

= 3.2.0 =
New: WC products price range fields
Fix: Options visibility rules bug
Fix: Admin canvas bug

= 3.1.1 =
Fix: Add to WooCommerce cart bug
Fix: Price calculation bug

= 3.1.0 =
New: Individual product options
New: Option visibility dependency conditions
New: Price step setting for the common pricing type
Fix: A few admin warnings
Fix: Options textures appearance bug
Fix: Sliders options update bug
Tweak: Code refactoring and boosting

= 3.0.0 =
Fix: Price with tax calculation bug
Fix: Cart big data bug
Tweak: Cart and code deep refactoring

= 2.17.1 =
Fix: Combination data in the cart bug
Tweak: Rounding the price to at least of two digits

= 2.17.0 =
New: Taxes calculation
New: Options texture overlay
Tweak: Code refactoring
Tweak: Admin part refactoring

= 2.16.1 =
New: Canvas product tools: clear, copy, order
Tweak: Scripts including control
Tweak: Code refactoring

= 2.16.0 =
New: Option types: area size based addition, width based addition, Height based addition
New: Loading combinations via AJAX
Tweak: Options price influence order

= 2.15.0 =
New: Option item description field
Tweak: Demo data preset update
Tweak: Better code reliability

= 2.14.1 =
Tweak: Better code reliability

= 2.14.0 =
New: Products and combinations description
New: "Checked" option for checkable "Options" items

= 2.13.0 =
New: Image checkbox option type
Tweak: Smooth individual pricing algorithm
Tweak: Steps layout refactoring
Tweak: Code refactoring

= 2.12.0 =
New: "Combinations body view" setting
Tweak: WooCommerce products in the demo data generator
Tweak: Views refactoring
Fix: Rare "add to cart" redirect bug
Fix: Print images bug

= 2.11.3 =
Tweak: Better individual prices flexibility
Tweak: Better mobile view
Fix: Cart price output fix

= 2.11.2 =
Fix: Missed product data in the order admin part
Fix: Rare cart bug
Tweak: Better mobile view

= 2.11.1 =
Fix: Float products prices bug in Woocommerce cart
Tweak: Demo data preset update

= 2.11.0 =
New: Product sizes chaining to other
Tweak: Better size grouping algorithm

= 2.10.2 =
Tweak: Steps layout work improvement
Tweak: Sliders scripts work improvement
Fix: "Calculate online" option behavior

= 2.10.1 =
New: Image-size setting for options
Fix: Admin part bugs
Fix: Price calculation bug

= 2.10.0 =
New: Steps layout
New: User comment option
Tweak: Code refactoring

= 2.9.1 =
Fix: Calculation bug with leading currency unit

= 2.9.0 =
New: Option visibility based on the active combination
New: Option description field
Fix: WooCommerce integration bug without WooCommerce

= 2.8.0 =
New: Product admin html prices parser
New: Demo data generator

= 2.7.0 =
New: Products width/height grouping
Tweak: Common pricing algorithm simplify
Fix: Cart item creation bug

= 2.6.1 =
Fix: Options missed calculation

= 2.6.0 =
New: Enabling/disabling option influence on specific combinations
Fix: Wrong price calculation
Fix: Prevented "enter" keypress redirect

= 2.5.0 =
New: Image radio option type
New: Options visibility support

= 2.4.0 =
New: Combination categories select
New: Checkbox option count input

= 2.3.0 =
New: Coupon option type
New: Option price output
New: Changing combinations list title according to an active item

= 2.2.1 =
Fix: Product prices saving bug

= 2.2.0 =
New: WooCommerce Integration
Tweak: Views refactoring

= 2.1.0 =
New: Cart item counters
New: Print cart content button

= 2.0.1 =
Tweak: Code refactoring

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Download Free Windows Calculator – Plastic Windows and Doors WordPress Plugin Nulled

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How to download Windows Calculator – Plastic Windows and Doors WordPress Plugin Free ($9999) and Nulled

The Windows Calculator – Plastic Windows and Doors WordPress Plugin provides an amazing experie­nce. This design is carefully made­ with elegance, use­ful features, and smooth operation. It give­s your online site a higher le­vel effortlessly.

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