Vodoma – Fastest Multipurpose Shopify Theme Donwload Free(Nulled)

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Download Free Vodoma – Fastest Multipurpose Shopify Theme Nulled

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How to download Vodoma – Fastest Multipurpose Shopify Theme Free ($69) and Nulled

Begin an e­xcellent trip with Vodoma – Fastest Multipurpose Shopify Theme. Eve­ry part is carefully made to be fancy and use­ful. It has an amazing user experie­nce. Easily boost your online prese­nce as you enter this fine­ly tuned, great design. Discove­r the top of web design innovation. Each part smoothly joins to boost use­r engagement and satisfaction. Le­t Vodoma – Fastest Multipurpose Shopify Theme be your doorway to digital success. Cre­ativity joins with beauty to redefine­ your online identity.

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Vodoma provides everything an e-commerce website needs. With Vodoma, your site’s performance will be improved to the highest level, the multiple languages feature will help you reach all customers on the world. You can create great banners by yourself to promote your products. The smart upsell, cross-sell, and search suggestion with highlight text will help customers find the products they need easily, and lots of features will make your store is awesome and unique. That will help create comfort for customers when they shop on your site. Of course, your sales will skyrocket to a level you can’t imagine.

Welcome to Vodoma Shopify theme

Vodoma - Fastest Multipurpose Shopify Theme - 4
Vodoma - Fastest Multipurpose Shopify Theme - 5
Vodoma - Fastest Multipurpose Shopify Theme - 6

Vodoma - Fastest Multipurpose Shopify Theme - 7High performance Shopify theme
High performance Shopify theme
Whatever device your website is viewed on, Vodoma will ensure your store loads fast and perfectly. This includes meeting the parameters and dimensions of any device without interrupting the user’s experience and without needing any further input from you or your developer.

  • Test with Google Pagespeed Insights: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?hl=en&url=https%3A%2F%2Fbt-vodoma-1.myshopify.com%2F&tab=desktop
  • Test with GTMetrix: https://gtmetrix.com/reports/bt-vodoma-1.myshopify.com/kgFQNbm0
  • Test with WebPageTest: https://www.webpagetest.org/result/210609_AiDcAM_8fbaef4331446f908df746d99aaafce8
  • Note: store speed may be affected by installed apps, your custom theme code, and the size of images and videos.

    Customers are more likely to buy from a site in their own language. Going multilingual lets you reach customers all over the world—and bump up your sales, without touching a single line of code.

    RTL layout
    Display the site in RTL layout by specified languages. That will help your site is shown in LTR and RTL layouts parallel. Ex: display the site in LTR for English, and RTL for Arabic. View the demo at https://bt-vodoma-corvette.myshopify.com/ar

    48+ home styles
    Vodoma with more than 40 multi-purpose-built demos that all include a range of impressive features and robust designs. Besides, you can own lots of strong features to build banner, mega menu, flexible collection list, product layout, and more

    Vodoma - Fastest Multipurpose Shopify Theme - 8 Easy to add a single product section to the home page with some clicks. There are 6 different styles to help you display the single product section in your own way. Click here to view the demo.

    10+ header styles
    Vodoma supports 10+ header desktop styles and 5+ header mobile styles and unlimited footer styles, customers will feel your shop professional and unique in the first second of seeing Header and Footer make by yourself.

    5+ mobile header styles

    Full SEO support
    Vodoma supports full SEO in header and paragraph text, alt tags, building links, title tags, meta description, open graph, canonical, responsive site meta tags. Attracts potential customers to your eCommerce store, your store to be visible on the first page of the search engine.

    Google Rich snippets

    Banner Creator Pro Section
    No need skill technical, no need any apps, Vodoma supports Banner Creator and Layer banner with thousands of options, easy to config, drag & drop, build-in professional banner.

    Powerful product block
    Vodoma supports multiple product section layouts: only slider layout, slider + view all feature layout, only grid layout, grid + load more feature, grid + view all feature, grid + infinity scroll.

    Mega menu
    Vodoma supports drag & drop items, show image banner, background, products, and also link-list. You can mix all items together to build-in unique your private menu.

    Vodoma - Fastest Multipurpose Shopify Theme - 9
    Mobile Mega menu: Create an impressive mobile mega menu in a short time with lots of content types.

    Collection page
    Vodoma supports different styles for your choice: Infinity scroll, Minimal, Pagination, Sidebar, List, Grid Large, medium & small shop styles

    Collection tree
    Show different sub of categories for each collection page. Only drag & drop collection items to build your collection tree on your store.

    Vodoma - Fastest Multipurpose Shopify Theme - 10Big update v1-3-0 - Collection filter auto
    No need to add product tags for a hundred of products, the “Collection filter auto” feature will get and show product option values automatically. That will help customers browse and find products that match their demands easily. This feature also works fine on the search result page.Click here to view the demo now.

    Product page
    Vodoma supports 9+ product layouts with many styles and types: Basic, Buy together, Variable, Grouped, Gallery, Sticky Details, On sale, Big image, ….Furthermore, Vodoma also supports dynamic product price, next/pre products, sticky quick shop… help boost your sales.

    Vodoma - Fastest Multipurpose Shopify Theme - 11
    Graying out the out of stock options so that customers can realize the out of stock options without clicking them. View demo at https://bt-vodoma-1.myshopify.com/collections/best-seller/products/neutro-silk-blouse, and https://bt-vodoma-1.myshopify.com/collections/popular-this-week/products/backpack-contract-jersey.

    Dynamic product price change

    GEO IP Currency
    Don’t lose any visitors to the wrong currency. Redirect to different stores, locales, or currencies. Now you can use GeoIP Redirect to redirect to checkout in 15+ currencies. Plain and simple.

    Vodoma - Fastest Multipurpose Shopify Theme - 12
    No need to install any Shopify apps to manage product custom fields on the product page. Click here to view the demo.

    Local store pickup

    With the local store pickup feature, you can set up the option for customers to pick up their online orders at your retail store, curbside, or any location that you choose.Click here to view the demo page.

    Pre order product

    Add video to product directly

    3d model on the product page

    Disable right click and copy/paste

    Product unit prices
    If you sell products in quantities or measurements, then you might need to display the price per unit for certain products. When you enter a unit price for a product, the unit price is displayed on the product pages, collection pages, cart page, checkout pages, and order confirmation notifications.

    Ajax search
    Live Search suggestions with unlimited products, articles, and pages. Absolutely no configurations required.

    Recently viewed products
    Display recently viewed product history. Increase the engagement time of the customer and hence conversion ratio.

    Cart hold timer
    Creates urgency for customers to have their cart checked out before the reserved time expires. Flexible options to alter the timer duration that caters to your business needs.

    Blog page
    Vodoma supports 3 blog layouts that you can choose the best blog layout for your purpose.

    Compatible with popular Shopify apps
    Vodoma is compatible with almost Shopify apps: Oberlo, Dropshipping, Loox, Yotpo, Alireview, Klaviyo, Ryviu, Mailchimps, …

    Specify the actions after a customer adds a product to the cart
    Vodoma supports multi-actions, you can decide what happens after a customer adds a product to the cart: show popup, go to direct cart page, go to the checkout page, open cart dropdown or canvas sidebar, only show notification, or not do anything.

    Customize buy it now button
    Now you can change the style of payment button as you want: text color, background, border. This feature is only supported by Vodoma and Boostheme’s themes.

    Vodoma - Fastest Multipurpose Shopify Theme - 13Best customer reviews

    Awesome feature keys in Vodoma

    High Customization


    Special Offer

    Frequently update

    Vodoma - Fastest Multipurpose Shopify Theme - 14

Shopify section, personalize and optimized performance theme

Mobile friendly – Responsive shopify theme

Theme features and Functionally

  • Optimized perfomance – High loading speed.
  • Multiple languages: translate products ( title, description, meta title, meta description, option name, option value, variant title ), collection ( title, description, meta title, meta description ), blog ( title, meta title, meta description ), blog post(title, content, meta title, meta description), static page ( title, content, meta title, meta description), link list, shop meta title, shop meta description, payment gateway, theme, checkout page.
  • Free to check and advice for optimizing website performance
  • 10+ header styles
  • Upsell – boost your sale
  • Auto Currency Switches
  • Multiple Header/Footer/Grid Product style
  • Advanced Search : Search all Product, Blog post
  • More view slider for each product grid
  • Multiple cart actions
  • Perfect Preview Drag & Drop section
  • Megamenu Editor Drag & Drop
  • Multiple layouts and setting options for Category page, product page
  • Mobile theme is optimized for mobile devices
  • Comparision feature
  • Animation QuickView
  • Layer banner
  • Banner creator
  • Deal Countdown
  • Sticky Filter sidebar on Categories page in mobile screen
  • Smooth Zoom and media button featured on grid and product pages
  • Change more view from Horizontal to Vertical style or grid layout on Product page
  • Ajax update change Qty in Shopping cart page
  • Ajax Change product images by Swatch option
  • Speed Up Your UX with high performance
  • Size Chart for each product or all product
  • Promotion news management
  • Upsell products
  • Shipping calculate products
  • Notification products
  • Social Share with Adthis
  • Google rich snippets
  • Multiple type and new design for homepage layouts: about us, contact us, services, login, register,checkout pages,…
  • Full Responsive & Retina Ready
  • Easy to setup
  • Allow to configure Product Grid 2 to 4 Columns
  • Show/hidden options in product page
  • Facebook like box
  • Latest twitter
  • Popup newsletter: Mailchimp, Klaviyo and Shopify default
  • Sticky menu
  • Sticky cart on product page
  • Back to top button
  • Support SEO
  • Ajax load product loading
  • Different product ratio
  • Custom product tab on product page
  • Up-sell slider on product page and cart page
  • Cross browser and all platform
  • Compatible all devices

Custom code

CSS – there is always a place to add custom CSS code to your theme(custom file).


  • Icons used in the theme:  free icons from IcoMoon
  • Fonts: Google Fonts (include Montserrat and Playfair Display)
  • Image Sources

    1. https://www.unsplash.com
    2. https://burst.shopify.com
    3. https://google.com


    Version 3.1.4 - Mar 11, 2023
    - Issue when updating payment buttons on the cart page.
    - Improve the performance when customers click quantity controls.
    Version 3.1.3 - Mar 15, 2022
    - Cache issues about compare, wishlist, recently viewed products feature.
    - SEO level in collapsible tabs and main product tabs section.
    Version 3.1.2 - Feb 22, 2022
     - Product page: change the zoom library, add block Shopify attributes.
     - Fix loading snippets in AJAX.
    Version 3.1.1 - Feb 16, 2022
    - Improve performance.
    Version 3.1.0 - Oct 28, 2021
    - Storefront filter on the search result page.
    - Collection and search result page: displays the currently selected options corresponding to the active values of the storefront filter.
    - Validate required custom fields on the product page when clicking the 'Add to cart' button.
    Version 3.0.4 - Oct 25, 2021
    - Structured data markup for Google merchant center on the product page.
    - Optimize LCP element based on the new audit of Google Pagespeed Insights. You can find the new change at https://github.com/GoogleChrome/lighthouse/releases/tag/v8.4.0.
    - Integrate Judge.me markup data on the product page.
    Version 3.0.3 - Sep 09, 2021
    - Fix some RTL issues on the collection and product page.
    - Fix showing custom HTML in Powerful Megamenu section.
    Version 3.0.2 - Aug 26, 2021
    - Filter on collection page: fix an issue when showing categories by using a link list.
    Version 3.0.1 - Aug 15, 2021
    - Optimize loading LCP image.
    - Add lazy loading attribute for images in the product description on the product page.
    - Improve loading product columns section, cart cross-sell section ( on the cart page ) in ajax.
    - Loading mobile navigation in ajax.
    Version 3.0.0 - July 27, 2021
    - Compatible with Shopify 2.0, administrators can add sections everywhere.
    - Drag & drop product information such as title, price, options, tabs, reviews,... on the product page.
    - Show filters from Online store > Navigation on the collection page.
    Version 2.2.1 - July 04, 2021
    - Integrate Judge.me review app.
    - Add a fixed close button in the collection filter on the mobile view.
    - Optimize performance for all pages.
    Version 2.2.0 - Jun 11, 2021
    - Show the Shop Pay Installments banner.
    - Show the "View in your space" button on the 3d model product page on the mobile devices.
    - Add the Hebrew language to available locales.
    - NEW FEATURE: run product slider in the linear autoplay. View the demo at https://bt-vodoma-4.myshopify.com/?_ab=0&_fd=0&_sc=1&preview_theme_id=123490304200.
    - 8 new home styles( fashion 7, fashion 8, Kid style 2, Kid style 3, Supermarket 3, Supermarket 4, Car accessories 1, Car accessories 2 ).
    - Shopify font picker to change the font easily.
    - Optimize performance for the homepage, collection page, and product page.
    - Display all heading tags in the secondary font.
    - Replace all SCSS with CSS.
    Version 2.1.0 - Mar 23, 2021
    - Compress all js files online.
    - Wishlist, compare button in the product grid item on mobile.
    - Remove PWA because Shopify has no longer supports the proxy to run this feature.
    - Collection filter auto: separate multiple values by a comma in meta fields with string type
    - Social sharing with the image that has been uploaded in Online store > Preferences
    - Tooltip on the cart page when removing an item
    - Duplicate description in quick view
    - Klaviyo integration
    - Missing the remove wishlist button on the mobile.
    - Align collection items in the collection list section.
    - Improve facebook pixel tracking.
    Version 2.0.1 - Feb 25, 2021
    - Add the preload LCP image on the home page, collection page, and product page to improve the Google Pagespeed Insights.
    - Improve the wishlist tooltip button.
    - Fix loading products and snippets in ajax because Shopify has ignored some params in AJAX requests.
    - Fix loading products in ajax.
    Version 2.0.0 - Jan 31, 2021
    - Add the bottom mobile toolbar.
    - Customization fields on the product page.
    - Powerful mobile megamenu section.
    - Improve loading product tabs section.
    - Display the review form below product tabs on the product page.
    - Bring the progressive web app back because Shopify allows using the service worker.
    - The register and cancel buttons in the login and register form.
    - The style of the submit button on challenge pages.
    Version 1.3.5 - Dec 31, 2020
    - Font size settings for the link list in mobile and desktop navigation and the Banner Creator Pro section.
    - Remove the PWA feature because Shopify will not support the Service Worker Header in the App Proxy.
    - Update the latest jQuery library
    - Change CSS variables loading to improve performance.
    - Conflict the "sidebar cart class" with other apps
    - Displaying the "mpn" attribute of a variant in product snippets
    - Not show "default title" in the store local pickup modal
    - The links of load more button and infinity loading in the powerful product tabs section
    Version 1.3.4 - Dec 02, 2020
    - Changed: Improve the URLs history when clicking filter or pagination on the collection page.
    - Changed: Collection page: Not collapse filter items that customers are choosing their values.
    - Fixed: clicking the view mode buttons on the search result page.
    Version 1.3.3 - Nov 18, 2020
    - ADDED: the current filter items above product list (visible on mobile and collection with no sidebar on desktop) in the auto filter. View demo at https://bt-vodoma-1.myshopify.com/collections/featured?f=size%3D10.
    - Fixed: product JSON snippet.
    - Fixed: breadcrumbs metadata.
    - Fixed: the view all button in the search suggestion result.
    - Fixed: the current filter item link when enabling the tag filter instead of an auto filter.
    Version 1.3.2 - Nov 09, 2020
    - ADDED: the FAQ section and FAQ template.
    - FIXED: loading cross-sells products on the cart page.
    - FIXED: the no result searching message in Portuguese.
    Version 1.3.1 - Oct 31, 2020
    - ADDED: Local store pickup feature.
    - CHANGED: Defer running the brand slider to improve performance on the home page.
    - FIXED: Fix the param to load dynamic snippets to avoid affecting the Shopify top online store searches report.
    - FIXED: Fix the param of pagination on the collection filter auto & search result with filter pages.
    Version 1.3.0 - Oct 21, 2020
    - ADDED: Collection filter auto on the collection and search result page. Create your filter sidebar without adding product tags for a hundred of products.
    - CHANGED: Improve Product JSON snippet data.
    Version 1.2.3 - Oct 01, 2020
    - CHANGED: Allow customers to click out of stock options to view their information such as price, image, SKU,...
    - FIXED: sometimes asynchronous CSS files are not loaded.
    Version 1.2.2 - Sep 22, 2020
    - ADDED: display the out stock option in grey color and diagonal lines. View the demo at https://bt-vodoma-1.myshopify.com/collections/popular-this-week/products/neutro-silk-blouse, and https://bt-vodoma-1.myshopify.com/collections/popular-this-week/products/backpack-contract-jersey.
    - ADDED: configure the meta title and meta description for the Collections list page.
    - CHANGED: the documentation link in all sections and theme settings.
    - CHANGED: Load CSS files in an asynchronous way to improve the performance.
    - FIXED: double touch to product images to go to the product page on iPhone Pro 11 and Samsung Galaxy Note.
    - FIXED: display price filter in non-English on the collection page.
    - FIXED: load Yotpo review stars in ajax.
    - FIXED: switch color swatches between circles or squares format on the collection page.
    Version 1.2.1 - Aug 12, 2020
    - ADDED: 3 new Halloween and 3 new Christmas home styles.
    - Improve the loading and fix small RTL issues of the collection, search, and blog page.
    Version 1.2.0 - Aug 03, 2020
    - ADDED: the Progressive Web App features. Add the service worker to improve the loading speed, support SEO better, offline experience, and add the home screen button.
    - ADDED: Display product unit prices. View the demo at https://bt-vodoma-4.myshopify.com/products/continental-bakery/?_ab=0&_fd=0&_sc=1&preview_theme_id=83433750608 .
    - ADDED: show the cart terms notification message when customers click the checkout button without ticking the terms checkbox.
    - ADDED: the new home styles: FOOD.
    - ADDED: the new effect for the ADD TO CART button on the product page.
    - FIXED: the megamenu dropdown sometimes has not appeared.
    Version 1.1.9 - July 14, 2020
    - Display the site in RTL layout by specified languages.
    - Add the "Collection Filter section" on the homepage.
    - Add the configuration to turn on/off the lazyload effect.
    - Add 3 new home styles for autoparts and car accessories: Corvette 1, Corvette 2, Corvette 3.
    - Improve the product images slider.
    Version 1.1.8 - June 23, 2020
    - Fix security issues in JS.
    - Improve the blog page ( tags and recent posts block ).
    - Add 4 new home styles: Swimwear 1, Swimwear 2, Super Market 1, Super Market 2.
    - Improve the Text List section to load it faster.
    Version 1.1.7 - June 04, 2020
    - Changed: Improve performance to get a high score in the newest version of Google Pagespeed Insights.
    - Changed: Improve UX when loading the products in AJAX.
    - Added: 3 new Electronics home styles.
    Version 1.1.6 - May 27, 2020
    - Added: 3 new decoration home styles.
    - Fixed: Aligning text and image in the banner text item in the Banner Creator Pro section.
    - Fixed: Calculate the height of the search full-page result.
    - Changed: the lazyload image effect.
    - Changed: text-align in the long texts.
    Version 1.1.5 - May 20, 2020
    - Change the search full-page to search inline full width.
    - Support 3d model on the product page, quick view popup, and single product section.
    - Change the lazyload effect to all images.
    - Fix the issue in the Banner Creator pro section when the template is "Image right - Text left", or "Image left - Text right".
    Version 1.1.4 - May 10, 2020
    - Added: 6 new homepage styles: "Fashion style 2", "Fashion style 3", "Fashion style 4", "Fashion style 5", "Fashion style 6", "Swimsuit".
    Version 1.1.4 - May 06, 2020
    - Added: a new homepage style "Jewelry 2".
    - Fixed: Gift cart and password pages, align footer with dynamic rows. Remove filename from alt of the images in the Banner Creator and Layer banner sections.
    Version 1.1.3 - May 03, 2020
    - Added: Add 6 new home styles.
    - Changed: Display product slider on the homepage in infinite style.
    - Changed: Improve the Instagram image quality.
    Version 1.1.2 - April 24, 2020
    - Added: Pre-order product feature.
    Version 1.1.1 - April 21, 2020
    - Improve the performance to get a higher score on Google Pagespeed Insights, GTMetrix or any performance tools.
    - Added: Protect your content by disabling right click and copy/paste feature ( you can turn on/off this feature by yourself ).
    - Added: add product options, label, cart, wishlist, compare button to the search suggestion result in full screen.
    - Added: new products layout "Slider + View all button" in the Power Full Product block section. 
    Version 1.1.0 - April 01, 2020
    - Added: 4 new mobile header styles.
    - Added: recently viewed products on the collection and product page.
    - Added: cart hold timer on the cart page.
    - Added: quantity input in the header cart.
    - Improve the product page.
    - Improve the cart page.
    - Change the ajax overlay by the top bar loading.
    - Apply predictive search in the search suggestion and the search page.
    - Fixed: loop results in the infinite scrolling search.
    Version 1.0.1 - Mar 23, 2020
    - Add terms & conditions to add newsletter form.
    - Add new preset home styles: Kids, Jewelry, and Beachwear.
    Version 1.0.0 - Mar 12, 2020
    - Initial.

    Tags : clean,clothing,dropshipping,electronics,fashion,fastest shopify theme,furniture,minimal,modern,multipurpose,parallax,responsive,retina,shop,store

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