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Video Player Lite introduction

Video Player Lite is highly customizable video player with lots of adjustable features. It supports self hosted video, audio and image files, 360 reality video and image panorama, Youtube and Vimeo videos and Live Streaming. It can be used as single video player or with playlist support of multiple videos.

Video Player Lite is a powerful video and audio player that supports all kind of embeddable media, from HTML5 video formats to Youtube and Vimeo videos, audio or image files to Apple HLS and MPEG DASH live streaming and 360 virtual reality videos and images.

Player can serve different video quality for both desktop and mobile browers, display video subtitles in multiple langauges, control playback speed, and audio languages for live streaming.

Video Player Lite can contain mixed media inside a playlist, so we can have self hosted videos, Youtube videos and some images mixed inside the same playlist.

Player is packed with a huge amount of features and customization options from different skins, color customization, social sharing, external API, private / password protected videos.

Features and options

  • Multiple skins
  • Open player as ligthbox
  • Responsive and mobile friendly layouts with breakpoints
  • Highly customizable with HTML and CSS
  • Only mp4 video format required for all browsers and devices
  • Media support
    • Self hosted video
    • Self hosted virtual reality 360 video, example here
    • Self hosted images
    • Self hosted image panorama 360
    • Apple HLS Live Streaming m3u8
    • MPEG DASH Live Streaming
    • Youtube single videos
    • Vimeo single videos
    • Self hosted audio
  • Playback options:
    • random playback
    • loop playlist
    • playback speed
    • start / end time
    • multiple playback qualities
    • muted mobile autoplay
    • autoplay in viewport
    • on media end navigate to web url link
    • Media end action (next, loop, rewind)
  • Mix different media types in playlist
  • SVG icons
  • Subtitles support for any media (video, audio, Youtube, Vimeo) in vtt / srt format
  • Remember playback position on page reload.
  • Protect media and video urls with url encryption from source page.
  • Video aspect ratio (fit inside, fit outside, original size)
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Password protected content
  • Use native player on mobile
  • Display poster on mobile
  • Display poster image for Youtube and Vimeo videos
  • Social sharing
  • Support for multiple instances in the same page
  • Minimize video to page bottom on page scroll
  • Swipe video to advance
  • Stick to bottom on page scroll, example here
  • Theater mode (full width video mode), example here
  • Replace wordpress default video player (self hosted, youtube, vimeo)
  • API methods to interact with the player on runtime
  • Callbacks events during video playback

If you are looking of more powerful version of this plugin


Demo examples

Skin pollux


Skin aviva


Skin vega


Skin sirius


Skin flat light


Skin flat gray


Open player in lightbox


Theater mode


Youtube video example


Vimeo video example


Minimize the player to bottom on page scroll


Autoplay when player enters viewable area


Live streaming


Show poster on video pause


Changelog / Updates:

VERSION 5.1 [14.4.2024]

 - [UPDATE] php 8.3 compatibility

VERSION 5.05 [27.11.2023]

 - [FIX] swipe action not working

VERSION 5.04 [7.11.2023]

 - [FIX] subtitle missing off text

VERSION 5.03 [31.10.2023]

 - [UPDATE] autoplay in viewport only loads video poster on page load 

VERSION 5.01 [29.7.2023]

 - [UPDATE] display video subtitles in iPhone native fullscreen

VERSION 5.0 [13.5.2023]


 - [FIX] image with duration not working
 - [FIX] using keyboard controls scroling page (space, page up / down)
 - [FIX] show poster on pause if autoplay is true

 - [UPDATE] converted player to javascript only (no jquery dependencies)
 - [UPDATE] SEO and semantics improvements 
 - [UPDATE] remove Youtube deprecated quality menu  
 - [UPDATE] choose swipe action + swipe tolerance 
 - [UPDATE] option to auto advance to next video on error
 - [UPDATE] tooltip visible while seeking video on mobile
 - [UPDATE] CSS hover and container query
 - [UPDATE] choose what player css skins to include in page  

 - [ADD] minimize on scroll close button

VERSION 4.51 [8.3.2023]

 - [FIX] small admin bugs
 - [UPDATE] Facebook share

VERSION 4.5 [18.1.2023]

 - [FIX] media preload attribute incorrect
 - [UPDATE] WhatsApp share
 - [UPDATE] play video as a Blob

VERSION 4.45 [6.3.2022]

 - [FIX] video description fail to display because of unclosed tag
 - [FIX] change video quality failed if encrpytion was used
 - [FIX] subtitle breakpoint size instead of font_size 
 - [FIX] elements visiblity comparing video width, not whole container width when calculating what icons to show on different screen sizes
 - [FIX] youtube 360 video blocked by transparent div
 - [FIX] hls video subtitles not working
 - [FIX] focus video in theater not working
 - [UPDATE] support for hls 360 virtual reality video
 - [UPDATE] option not to pause video when click share, video info...  
 - [CHANGE] is auto play is true, video poster is skipped by default

VERSION 4.4 [31.12.2021]

 - [FIX] player description breakpoint not saved
 - [FIX] preloder sometimes visible under resume screen 
 - [ADD] video embed screen 
 - [ADD] play videos from OneDrive 
 - [UPDATE] quick shortcode generator for multiple videos

VERSION 4.3 [17.11.2021]

 - [FIX] Apple IOS remember playback position time
 - [UPDATE] specify video quality for mobile for self hosted videos  
 - [UPDATE] support for Vimeo password videos

VERSION 4.11 [4.7.2021]

 - [UPDATE] update Facebook share method

VERSION 4.1 [16.4.2021]

 - [UPDATE] new keyboard controls selector and keyboard controls only active when cursor above the player (now working with multiple players in page) 
 - [FIX] hls load new video 

VERSION 4.05 [23.3.2021]

 - [FIX] live streaming video quality menu duplicating on select quality

VERSION 4.01 [22.12.2020]

 - [FIX] live stream video quality change
 - [FIX] Android click unmute button pauses video 

VERSION 4.0 [16.11.2020]

 - [FIX] global settings not detected when standalone shortcode was used
 - [ADD] new quick mode shortcode creator for video and player 
 - [ADD] live video thumbnails for html5 video while seeking video
 - [ADD] option to show video title above the player
 - [ADD] new shortcode creator for player api in post area
 - [UPDATE] multiple video player instances in page automatically generated

VERSION 3.11 [26.10.2020]

 - [FIX] swipe not working

VERSION 3.1 [19.9.2020]

  - [ADD] Guttenberg support, Classic Editor Shortcode Generator
  - [ADD] Widget support 
  - [ADD] custom javascript for the player 

VERSION 3.02 [20.8.2020]

  - [FIX] 360 video not saved when editing video

VERSION 3.01 [16.7.2020]

  - [ADD] option to show video poster on pause
  - [UPDATE] play 360 video from hls or dash source

VERSION 3.0 [19.4.2020]

 - [FIX] seekbar size calculation 
 - [FIX] mediaEndAction poster keeps duplicating posters
 - [FIX] IOS require double tap on unmute button if controls hidden
 - [CHANGE] video poster is always shown (if exist) regardless of autoplay 
 - [CHANGE] player max width now requires px or % values in field (900px or 70%)
 - [UPDATE] menu items bigger padding for better mobile usability
 - [ADD] option to set custom image preloader over player instead of current css spinner
 - [ADD] player custom classes
 - [ADD] player settings can now be passes with query string (parameters begins with "vpl-")
 - [ADD] create video or playlist from query string parameters   
 - [UPDATE] share specific video in player when used with social networking (direct link to video and current time)
 - [UPDATE] right click context menu update, share url to specific video in player
 - [ADD] resume playback position prompt - ask user to continue watching where left off or start from the beginning 
 - [UPDATE] option to open player from click on any dom element (normal player or lightbox)

VERSION 2.8 [3.3.2020]

 - [ADD] unmute button to unmute the video 
 - [ADD] optional closed caption button in controls to toggle caption state
 - [UPDATE] autoplay in viewport multiple players like facebook
 - [ADD] LIVE indicator in controls for live streams (auto or manual)
 - [ADD] option to disable seekbar to prevent skipping video
 - [FIX] parse vtt with multiline of text

VERSION 2.75 [14.2.2020]

 - [UPDATE] cleaned double autoPlay setting (no more force muted autoplay), autoPlay settings is now reponsible for muted autoplay


This is WordPress plugin.

Using this plugin requires registration to domain. Instructions how to register are available here

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