Donwload Free Vegi (Web) – The Ultimate Grocery – Food – Milk Ordering PHP Laravel Script & Admin Panel Nulled

What is included:
– Web Source Code (Laravel)
– Backend (Admin Panel) Source code (Laravel)
– Delivery Boy App source files (Android)
– Database file (SQL)
– Documentation To Setup and configure the project


Vegi – The Ultimate Grocery – Food – Milk Ordering web PHP Laravel script
 – is a web app which can be used for the single vendor store. Using this app you can easily manage your online orders and delivery boys. Admin can easily manage all the orders until it gets completed and cash on delivery orders too. This script can be used for any kind of categories like Grocery Shop, Grocery Shops, Vegetables Shop, Meat Delivery, Food Delivery and many things.

– This Package Containes Vegi customer website, Vegi Backend (Admin) and Android project of Delivery boy
– Delivery Boy is mandatory for the orders to be assigned to the delivery boys



  • Elegant UI
  • Very easy to interect Home page
  • Promotional banners
  • Search with price filters
  • Manage offline cart
  • Manage wishlist
  • Payment options Stripe/Cash on delivery
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Manage orders
  • See all the reviews of other customer
  • Multiple product options
  • Raise a complaint
  • Geo Taging while ordering with customer location
  • Add FAQs from admin panel whenever needed


  • Create product categories
  • Add products to categories with multiple purchase options
  • Manage quantity units (Kg, Gm, Ltr, Piece)
  • Create and manage discount coupon codes (Flat/Upto)
  • Manage orders with their status (Processing, Confirmed, On Hold, Completed, Cancelled)
  • Create and Manage delivery boys accounts with their pending payments
  • Manage complaints
  • Manage promotional sliders
  • Add availability addresses (City/Area)
  • Send notifications
  • Manage shipping charges
  • Manage Misc. settings like Order Prefix, Complain ID prefix, and required Links


  • Sign-in using the credentials created & provided by admin
  • See the pending deliveries
  • Start the delivery with one click
  • See the route of the delivery location with google map route Api
  • See the list of delivery items
  • Complete the cash on delivery after getting the money
  • Hold the order with appropriate reason
  • Availability Switching On/Off
  • Wallet (Amount to pay to admin)

And lot more to explore and lot more on the way..

VEGI – Web App Demo

VEGI – Admin Panel
User : test
Password : test@123

VEGI – Customer Android Demo

VEGI – Delivery Boy Android Demo
User: captain1
Password: captain1

To make this app running, You will require additional services listed below. Some of them might be paid as well. Please pay attention to their pricing details on their websites as well. We don’t provide refunds in case buyers don’t know about these requirements.

  • Web Hosting (Recommended with cPanel)
  • Domain name
  • Firebase (FCM & Analytics) :
  • Required Payment Gateway Platforms (To accept payments)
  • Google Cloud Platform: Map Route Direction API (For Delivery Boy) :






7 June 2022
Documentation Update

21 Oct 2021
Map Loading issue fixed while adding address
Loader showing fixed and better than before
Instant count update on item when adding to cart from pop-up

2 Oct 2021
Delivery boy android app added with this package (Bug fixed)

5 Jan 2022
Minor bug fix

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Download Free Vegi (Web) – The Ultimate Grocery – Food – Milk Ordering PHP Laravel Script & Admin Panel Nulled

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