UltimatePOS to WooCommerce Addon (With SaaS compatible) Donwload Free(Nulled)

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Download Free UltimatePOS to WooCommerce Addon (With SaaS compatible) Nulled

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How to download UltimatePOS to WooCommerce Addon (With SaaS compatible) Free ($49) and Nulled

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UltimatePOS - Complete ERP application available at codecanyon UltimatePOS - Complete ERP application available at codecanyon


New version 4.1 released January 29, 2024. Change Log

Support of this items is included with the support of UltimatePOS Advance

Open online WooCommerce shop in minutes & keep it in sync with your POS application. 

  • No need to manually update products in multiple application (POS & Online Shop)
  • No need to manually update stocks.
  • No need to manually update orders from WooCommerce to POS.
  • No need to manually add/update categories in POS & Online shop.

Control all of this from one single application.

Before you Purchase: 

  1. Note that this is not a Standalone application, it is an “Optional” extension to UltimatePOS Advance
  2. This module is compatible with SaaS/Superadmin module.

UltimatePOS Advance is one in All Software with:

  • Stock or Inventory Management
  • POS (Point Of Sale)
  • Service & Invoicing 
  • It can be used for
    • All Services
    • Fashion & Clothing
    • Departmental Stores
    • Medical
    • Footwear, Liquor shops, Sanitary & Hardware
    • Salon & Spa
    • Home Appliances & Digital
    • Restaurants & many more …
  • Retails, WholeSale, Consulting.

Features in UltimatePOS to WooCommerce module:

  • Synchronization: 
    • Sync categories from UltimatePOS to WooCommerce.
    • Sync Products from POS to WooCommerce.
      • Single Products
      • Variable Products & its variations.
    • Sync Orders from WooCommerce to POS.
    • Map taxes between POS & WooCommerce
  • API Settings: Setting to provide WooCommerce API details.
  • Configurable Product Sync Option.
    • Configure the “Selling Price Group” for WooCommerce shop.
    • Configure the fields to sync while creating new product & updating products in woocommerce.
    • Configure the Products price including or excluding tax.
  • Sync Log
    • Details sync log.
  • Compatible with SaaS/Superadmin module: Option to add this module as a part of subscription packages.
  • One Click installation.
  • Complete setup guide.

More updates coming soon…


Link: https://pos.ultimatefosters.com/login?demo_type=woocommerce

Username: woocommerce_user

Password: 123456

Support Link: http://ultimatefosters.com/support/

Complete Documentation: Document



Version Log

New release – V3.0 May 19, 2021

  1. Minor fixes & improvements

New release – V2.9 May 19, 2021

  1. Webhook sync fixes

New release – V2.8 May 2, 2021

  1. Sync of delivery status option added in settings
  2. Sync improvement

New release – V2.7 March 4, 2021

  1. Option to select order status added
  2. Fixes & improvements

New release – V2.6 Dec 21, 2020

  1. NEW:Automatic daily Product sync

New release – V2.5 Sep 9, 2020

  1. FIX: Product sync fixes
  2. FIX:Order sync for registered customer fixes

New release – V2.4 Aug 25, 2020

  1. NEW: If sync quantity is disabled for products, the option for Manage-Stock & In-Stock (True, False, Don’t Update) to be sent to WooCommerce website.

New release – V2.2 June 9, 2020

  1. Customer address sync improvements
  2. Products & Order sync improvements

New release – V2.2 June 9, 2020

  1. Sync Improvements

New release – V2.1 May 20, 2020

  1. Image sync issue
  2. Product quantity showing out-of-stock if unchecked in woocommerce settings.
  3. Product sync improvements for large number of products

New release – V2.0 February 27, 2020

  • Compatible with UltimatePOS 3.0
  • Many fixes & improvements

New Release: V1.1 – 8th November – 2019

  1. Improvements in syncing of products images
  2. Added configurable option to sync Description with Short/Long/Both description in woocommerce

New Release: V1.0 – 27th August – 2019

  1. Syncing of product images from POS to WooCommerce (Enable it from API Settings)

New Release: 8 July, 2019

  1. Support for Orders Webhook: Orders Created, Update, Deleted or Restored. Powerful feature for real-time order update in UltimatePOS from WooCommerce.

New Release: V0.8 – 9th April

  • Reset Sync of Products & Categories
  • Improvements & fixes.

New Release: 13th February

  • NOTE: before updating make sure you have the latest version of UltimatePOS – 2.12
  • Synchronization Improvements
  • Minor fixes

V0.6.1 – 12th December

  • NEW: Sync product description
  • Sync process improvements & Fixes


  1. Initial Release

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