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What’s new updates

  • Code Updated with Android 34 SDK support.
  • Improve app performance.
  • Admob Ads SDK updated.


This app is based on your data (height, weight, age, gender, waist, hip, etc.) and helps you manage your health at your fingertips.

You can calculate your

  • BMI (your Body Mass Index)
  • Daily calorie requirements to lose/gain weight
  • Target heart rate (THR) training zones
  • Ideal weight
  • Body fat percentage
  • Blood volume
  • Blood alcohol content (BAC)
  • Daily water intake requirements
  • Pregnancy Due Date
  • Ovulation Period

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What You Get?

  • Full Android Source Code.
  • Full Document with Screenshot.



Before purchasing, first check out the app features clearly in the demo app. Everything is clearly shown in the demo app. We provide support if any crashes or errors occur in our code. Extended buyers must contact the Author after purchasing.

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Download Free Ultimate Health Calculator Nulled

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