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How to download TicketGo – Support Ticket System Free ($16) and Nulled

The TicketGo – Support Ticket System provides an amazing experie­nce. This design is carefully made­ with elegance, use­ful features, and smooth operation. It give­s your online site a higher le­vel effortlessly.


TicketGo – The Support Ticket System is an adequately designed ticket-managing PHP system that facilitates a great user experience for your Clients / Customers / End-User. Accessible by multiple Agents and Admins, this tool helps in managing tickets generated by Clients / Customers / End-User. By adequately managed support you can close the generated tickets.

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Url : Demo Link
Login as Admin : admin@example.com / 1234
Login as Agent : agent@example.com / 1234
Mobile Apps :
Check TicketGo Native Android and iOS apps
as a Premium Addon

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What to expect from Support Ticket System

  • An effective dashboard with a graphical representation of categories and tickets
  • Get insight on several agents as well as open and closed tickets.
  • Facilitates multiple admin usage
  • Generates ease for clients in creating tickets
  • You can add multiple agents to resolve queries
  • End-user can chat with the agent
  • Search tickets by a unique number
  • Make custom your new ticket form
  • Change the ticket status to in progress, on hold, or closed
  • Maintaining personal notes for each ticket
  • Create various categories for easy customer resolution
  • Knowledge Base Module
  • Multiple language access
  • Integration of Cloud Data Storage like Local, AWS, and Wasabi
  • Wizard installation
  • An expressive, elegant syntax using Laravel
  • A user-friendly RTL experience for customers using Arabic, Hebrew, and Urdu-like languages
  • Built with Laravel 9

Salient Features of Support Ticket System

Ease in Ticket Generation

This tool facilitates clients to create tickets and attach files. They can select their query from a well-curated list of FAQs. On the successful generation of the ticket, the unique ticket id is created and the link is sent via mail to the client.

An Effective Dashboard

Get easy access to open and closed ticket statistics. A visual presentation of categories and a monthly generated ticket chart are presented.

Search Tickets

Customers can search for the tickets with their unique ticket id.

Manage Tickets

Add new tickets as and when required. Get a detailed list of all the generated tickets with their respective ticket IDs, categories, subject, status, and essential information. Edit them by adding a new response or changing the status with a simple click.

Maintain a Personal Note for each ticket

You can make notes for each ticket according to the need. This makes following up on queries easier.

Managing Categories

Create categories of the color you want for the easy management of generated tickets. Clients can select from a list of categories for their concerned problems. This makes resolving tickets much easier and simpler.

Chat with Agent

End-user can chat with the agent and the agent will give a response to the user’s query. For push notifications, we have added a pusher configuration.

Add Agent

Add new agents for giving support to your customer, Agent can see all tickets and give a response to them.


Curate a detailed list of Frequently Asked Questions. This is very important for user convenience.

Knowledge Base Module

The Frequently Asked Questions are always convenient no matter what. What about the feature which adds more benefit to that?
Here, this Knowledge Base Module is helping you with the same. You can update the “Knowledgebase Category” according to your requirements and familiarity, and you can give a thorough description under the particular title.

Manage Site Settings

Update your site settings by adding a site logo and choosing a default front-end language. Manage your mail usernames, passwords, and mail encryption along with mail drivers, mail post, and mail host.

Email Notification

An email notification is sent to a client as and when a reply is provided. They can converse ahead if their ticket isn’t resolved.

Custom Ticket form

Stopping on any of the points? No worries. The custom ticket form has made the process of questioning easy and reliable. One can fill up the fields, and upload the files/ images/ documents. Once you submit the ticket, a unique link has been generated for you for further communication which makes the whole process smooth.

Integration of Cloud Data Storage like Local, AWS, and Wasabi

Integration of Cloud Data Storage like Local, AWS, and Wasabi
Protection of your is indeed mandatory. This feature of Cloud Data Storage helps the user with the same.
It facilitates both the internal and external data storage space for backup and archiving, disaster recovery, cloud data processing, and storage tiering based on a range of requirements of costs, availability, performance, recovery, and migration. AWS and Wasabi are third-party authenticated Cloud Data Storage providers that safeguard the data from hacking and are cost-efficient.


Seamlessly connect and enhance modules with a simple setup, streamlining data exchange and boosting platform capabilities.

AI Integration

AI Integration is an advanced software program that employs artificial intelligence to perform tasks, enhancing productivity.


Here you can see what updates came out and did we bring new to the version. Check Changelog


Please send support request here for any issues, questions or suggestions. To save time and get quick feedback, please don’t ask for support in the comments section.

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