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Are you in search of a robust classified CMS? Look no further than the highly advanced Themeqx PHP Laravel Classifieds, a PHP classified script that is tailored to meet your needs. With numerous powerful features and a free blog that supports multiple languages, this responsive platform is designed using Laravel PHP Frameworks and bootstrap CSS and is based on the latest Laravel 10 framework. Impressively, it boasts built-in social login, Amazon S3, SEO, and Microdata features, which are sure to impress you.

Looking to attract more customers to your ads? With our advanced classifieds platform, you can now easily add YouTube or Vimeo videos to your ads, making them even more engaging and eye-catching. And with our convenient one-click theme-switching feature, you can easily update the look and feel of your website. We’re constantly releasing new and modern themes to keep your website looking fresh and up-to-date. Currently, our platform comes preloaded with two sleek and professional themes to choose from.

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Themeqx Advanced PhP Laravel Classified ads cms - 2

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Some Features

  • Premium Ads Support
  • Urgent Ads Support
  • Multiple themes (We will release theme regularly, currently there are two themes integrated)
  • You tube or Vimeo video as feature video
  • Image count or video at ad preview box
  • Related ads in ad details
  • DISQUS Comment for ads details page (Control in your hand)
  • SEO and Microdata ready for better search engine rank
  • Report from frontend for guest or registered users, if they think the ad is offensive
  • Blog Integrated
  • Unlimited categories and brand create, edit, delete
  • Slider (Bootstrap carousel in the homepage, you can switch it off or on from the admin panel)
  • Location (Create, edit, delete)
  • Contact message will save into database
  • Switching file storage between Local and Cloud without losing previous resource (Images, files)
  • Page management (You can create any page, such as About Us, Terms and conditions, etc)
  • Quick Sign In
  • Icon changeable for top categories (Font-Awesome Included)
  • Clean and Modern Design
  • Multilingual Support
  • PayPal Integrated
  • Stripe Integrated
  • Google Adsense supported
  • Bootstrap 3 Css Frameworks
  • SEO optimized
  • Translation Support (You need to add language from the admin panel))
  • Facebook Login
  • Google Plus Login
  • Email Notifications
  • Social Share for Ads
  • Well commented code.
  • Fully Responsive
  • Image or Text, both support in Logo
  • Amazon S3
  • Anti-fraud payment algorithm, made by Themeqx Team
  • Free update and support
  • and much more..

Before purchase, Please make sure your server meets the following requirements

  • PHP >= 8.1
  • Ctype PHP Extension
  • cURL PHP Extension
  • DOM PHP Extension
  • Fileinfo PHP Extension
  • Filter PHP Extension
  • Hash PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PCRE PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Session PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • XML PHP Extension

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Password: 123456

Change Log

Version Transform Your Website­ with the Elegance of Themeqx Advanced PhP Laravel Classified ads cms . Imagine a design that exude­s sophistication, effortlessly guiding visitors on their journe­y. That’s the power of [Original Title]. We­’ve meticulously crafted a use­r experience­ that’s both delightful and functional. No more struggling – with [Original Title], you can e­levate your online pre­sence without breaking a swe­at. It’s like having a design fairy godmother sprinkle­ her magic on your website. Ge­t ready to captivate your audience­ and leave a lasting impression that goe­s beyond just appearances. [March 27, 2023]

* Updated to Laravel 10 for better performance and security
* Improved performance by optimizing code and database queries
* Updated models structure to ensure better scalability and maintainability
* Added a single-click database import feature to simplify the installation and setup process
* The updated user interface to improve user experience and modernize the design
* Added support for additional languages to expand the user base and increase accessibility
* Improved search functionality to provide more accurate and relevant results
* Enhanced security measures to protect user data and prevent malicious attacks
* Updated third-party libraries and dependencies to ensure compatibility and stability
* Added new features and options based on user feedback and requests
* Optimized code for faster load times and improved website performance
* Improved documentation and user guides to provide more comprehensive and helpful information.

Version 5.0 [April 28, 2020]

* Updated Laravel Core 7.8
* Fixed a Few duplicate routes
* Fixed MBString Issue

Version 4.0 [01 October, 2019]

* Updated Laravel to v.6.0
* Updated stripe SDK to v.7.2
* Improved Performance 2X
* Removed datatables from the core
* Removed Form generate from the core, used HTML form instead
* Fixed few database column issues
* Database query optimized
* Deleted some unused variable
* Fixed few currency issues
* Fixed few database column issues
* Fixed Multiple price show issue

Version 3.3.4 [01 May, 2019]

1. PHP 7.2 and 7.3 supported
2. Fixed some unused variable
3. Fixed known bugs

Version 3.3.3 [13 August 2018]

1. Security Update
2. Fixed known bugs

1. Fixed: ajax request during states and city search at admin dashboard, Location Settings
2. Fixed: Known bugs
1. Fixed: a language translation issue in at details page
3. Improved: performance
4. Fixed: Known bugs
1. Update: Updated core laravel version to 5.4
2. Update: Social Login Package Socialite
3. Improved: performance
4. Fixed: Known bugs
1. Update: some of the features improved
2. Fixed: some bug
3. Improved: performance

Version 3.1 [01 April 2017]

1. Update: all of the package and its dependencies
2. Fixed: Social Loggin issue

Version 3.0 [15 March 2017]

1. Fixed: blog query issue. We have checked post status with an integer, but it will be data type number as the string. So Laravel able to query from enum field type

Version 2.9 [11 March 2017]

1. Fixed: a curly bracket issue in the footer
2. Fixed: pages in the menu

Version 2.8 [11 January 2017]

1. Upgraded: Upgraded to Laravel version to 5.3
2. Added: Easy installation wizard
3. Added: Ad id beside ad slug, for preventing Unicode error, it will be open now only for ad id and generate nice URL
4. Added: customer can choose for only one country, and country list dropdown will be hidden if there only one specific country select, as well as multiple countries will be same as previous
5. Added: After user registration, success and error message will be show
6. Added: user email now can be verified via settings, if you active this, the user must verify their email address after registration. Without this, s/he can't Log In
7. Fix: some bug
8. Improve: performance and reduce some query

Version 2.7 [14 November 2016]

1. Fixed: some bug.

Version 2.6 [9 November 2016]

1. Fixed: a little bug at ads preview box and ad details page

Version 2.5 [7 November 2016]

1. Added: Manually mark feature ads from admin, as well as urgent ads
2. Added: urgent ads with chargeable, it's more profitable for website owner
3. Added. First image feature in ads. If you don't mark any of image during ad create. then the first image will be featured image
4. Added: Vimeo and Youtube Video as the feature for ads. It will show in ad details page. Remember, if you add video, then image gallery will be disabled for that ads
5. Added: A brand new theme. with more user interaction and profitable with nice UI and design. switch theme instantly applicable in the site
6. Added: Image count in and video indicator at ad preview box in modern theme
7. Changed: a nice ui progress bar during image upload in ads
8. Performance improved
9. Some small bug fixed

Version 2.0 [28 October 2016]

1. Added: Change country in profile edit
2. Added: Add Additional Admin
3. Added: Block Admin
4. Added: Related Ads in Single Ad page
5. Change: Public directory content to application root
6. Added: Currency List in General Settings
7. Fix: Paypal payment confirmation callback route
8. Fix: Currency input in Paypal and Stripe payment form
9. Improve: Lots of features
10. Fix: Several bug fix

Version 1.5 [21 October 2016]

1. Fixed: Dashboard object not found error, weird behavior
2. Fixed: IE and Chrome image thumbnail issue
3. Fixed: Save button suddenly is frozen in chrome
4. Lot of query optimized and performance improved

Version 1.4 [19 October 2016]

1. Fix: Slider full width
2. Fix: Terms and condition page link at user registration page
3. Added: Phone number validation at user registration page
4. Added: Full country list dropdown at user registration page
5. Fix: Browser compatible issue
6. Fix: some minor bug

Version 1.3 [17 October 2016]

1. Fix: infinity loading for slider and ads image upload (cause directory permission denied)
2. Fix: error handled if there is no city
3. Fix: dynamic currency sign in ad posting page
4. Fix: others Bug

Version 1.2 [15 October 2016]

1. Performance improved
2. Fix: some minor bug

Version 1.1 [14 October 2016]

1. Added Enable /Disable Language Switcher feature from the main menu, go to settings>language to get it
2. Fixed some minor bug

Version 1.0 [10 October 2016]

1. Initial release 

Version 3.2 [31 May 2017]

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The Themeqx Advanced PhP Laravel Classified ads cms provides an amazing experie­nce. This design is carefully made­ with elegance, use­ful features, and smooth operation. It give­s your online site a higher le­vel effortlessly.

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