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How to download The Shop Multivendor Add-on Free ($24) and Nulled

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Note: The Shop Multivendor Add-on isn’t an independent system. This Addon is available only for The Shop – PWA eCommerce cms. If you do not purchase The Shop – PWA eCommerce cms yet then click here for purchasing

Note: After activating this addon Multivendor system will be available.

Purchase today! & use The Shop Multivendor Add-on for your eCommerce business which is only developed with the most efficient eCommerce CMS named The Shop – PWA eCommerce cms. This addon provides Multivendor functionality for The Shop – PWA eCommerce cms. Sellers can register, purchase created subscription package & upload their products.

How does it work?

  • The Shop – PWA eCommerce cms should be pre-installed in your server
  • Purchase The Shop Multivendor Add-on for The Shop – PWA eCommerce cms from codecanyon
  • Download and install the addon to your The Shop – PWA eCommerce cms addon manager
  • It’s done!

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The Shop Multivendor Add-on - 17

version : 2.4 (30/10/2023)

- From now on, admin can assign delivery boy if the Seller Order Manage by Admin option is enabled

version : 2.3 (25/09/2023)

- Bulk delete option is added in the products, orders, and upload files sections
- Now sellers can purchase package by using offline payment

version : 2.2 (04/09/2023)

- Notification section is added in top bar

version : 2.1 (20/06/2023)

- From now admin can manage sellers product
- From now admin can manage sellers orders
- From now sellers have to send verification info to admin to verify

version : 2.0 (23/05/2023)

- Added bulk import and export option in product section
- Add digital product option
- Compatible with The Shop v2.5
- Important bug fixing

version : 1.9 (05/04/2023)

- Seller can order tracking information
- Compatible with The Shop v2.4

version : 1.8 (19/03/2023)

- Compatible with The Shop v2.3

version : 1.7 (14/02/2023)

- Compatible with The Shop 2.2

version : 1.6 (26/01/2023)

- Fixed some bugs

version : 1.5 (14/09/2022)

- Added support for The Shop CMS 1.9

version : 1.4 (04/07/2022)

- Introducing Offline Payment system

version : 1.3 (15/06/2022)

- Introducing POS system

version : 1.2

- Has been compatible with THE-SHOP CMS version 1.4

version : 1.1

- The shop refund addon support added.
- Login as seller (for admin).
- Seller earnings log improved
- Minimum purchase amount added in cart for shop.

version : 1.0

- Initial release

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