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Begin an e­xcellent trip with Team Builder — Meet The Team WordPress Plugin. Eve­ry part is carefully made to be fancy and use­ful. It has an amazing user experie­nce. Easily boost your online prese­nce as you enter this fine­ly tuned, great design. Discove­r the top of web design innovation. Each part smoothly joins to boost use­r engagement and satisfaction. Le­t Team Builder — Meet The Team WordPress Plugin be your doorway to digital success. Cre­ativity joins with beauty to redefine­ your online identity.

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Team Builder is a premium multi-use WordPress plugin with main purpose of building awesome team showcase on your website. With this plugin you can build fantastic team showcase in very little time. It’s super easy and fun to deal with Team Builder thanks to powerful admin builder and shortcodes. And the best thing is it’s possible to use this plugin for crafting amazing testimonials or logo showcases as well. Basically it’s great for so many use cases built on image grid basis. Try your imagination and check out live demo!

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  • New! WP Bakery Page Builder support.
  • New! Profile sliding panels with 5 themes and WordPress native visual/html editor.
  • Different layouts: grid, sliders, tables, widgets (more to go).
  • Absolute freedom on design customization: colors, font settings, spacings, arrangement of elements etc.
  • Visual drag and drop admin builder.
  • Fully responsive.
  • Modern skill bars and star bars.
  • Team filtering by departments or any tags.
  • Construct your card: skype, email, phone, website, bio or tagline, location etc.
  • Predefined style presets for each layout.
  • Multi-use plugin: team, logos, testimonials etc. (check live demo).
  • Fancy hover effects on your choice (more to go).
  • Store employees as contacts for unlimited use.
  • Option to open any custom URL by clicking on member.
  • Multiple teams, members and departments.
  • Social icons bar with styling options.
  • Easy to use shortcodes.
  • Intuitive admin UIX with compact and clean design.

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Team Builder is the most beautiful team showcase WordPress plugin with unique most advanced on market admin builder. The last thing is a huge time saver and inspires you to build something fresh and unique. Play with settings, turn On/Off or re-arrange different blocks, style it and place shortcode on your page. That’s it!

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With this plugin you get unbelievable freedom on design customization. It’s possible to build any layout because you can both style and re-arrange blocks/elements. Basically you can build whole ‘About Us’ page using Team Builder only. Just use different templates and construct varied and interesting layout for your WordPress website or blog. You?ll love that handy and powerful admin builder!

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PHP 5.3. or higher.

Known issues:

Due to browser limitations to sending/receiving data there can issue with adding new member to team after some point (like 70+ members in team). We recommend to fragment such teams into smaller ones.

Team Builder — Meet The Team WordPress Plugin - 8


Version 1.5 Latest

- [1.5.7] - Compatibility with latest Revolution slider
- [1.5.6] - Maintenance update
- [1.5.5] Fix: team member editing and PHP notices on PHP 7 sites
- [1.5.3-4] Update: For admin when user can't open employee edit panel more than once
- [1.5.2] Improvement: Grid initially hidden until styles are loaded
- [1.5.1] Feature: Non-admin user access option
- [1.5.1] Improvement: Order employees by Name
- [1.5.1] Fix Panel contact aligning
- [1.5.1] Fix: Reset layout UL default styles
- [1.5.1] Fix: Dropdown conflict with bootstrap JS
- [1.5.0] Feature: search through employees in admin area
- [1.5.0] Feature: optional search field for shortcode
- [1.5.0] Fix: admin UI color buttons hover color
- [1.5.0] Fix: PHP > 5.4 conflicts

Version 1.4.0–1.4.2

- [1.4.2] Fix: Rich text editor loading for employee panel
- [1.4.1] Fix: Rich text editor loading
- [1.4.0] Feature: Sorting by date, custom order or random
- [1.4.0] Feature: Slider autoslide
- [1.4.0] Feature: Adaptive height options 
- [1.4.0] Improvement: remove all members from team in one click
- [1.4.0] Improvement: Pinterest social field for employee
- [1.4.0] Improvement: Employee deletion UX
- [1.4.0] Fix: Display empty cells for table layout with correct width
- [1.4.0] Fix: Limit maximum size for social icons in builder

Version 1.3.1–1.3.4

- [1.3.4] Feature: Employee panels for widget layout added
- [1.3.4] Feature: Choose animation type for Employee panel 
- [1.3.4] Feature: WPML localization ready 
- [1.3.4] Fix: Remove extra padding for grid items 
- [1.3.4] Fix: Paint even rows for table correctly after filtering 
- [1.3.4] Fix: Show round photos in IE & FF
- [1.3.3] Feature: new field "Website Label" for team members (thanks to afterglowdesigns)
- [1.3.3] Feature: "Push all employees" button in team panel 
- [1.3.3] Fix: Rich text editor added to "Add employee panel" 
- [1.3.3] Fix: Load plugin styles and scripts only on shortcode call 
- [1.3.3] Fix: Add independent Font Awesome style to resolve conflicts with other plugins 
- [1.3.3] Fix: Return back panel "Close" button for mobile screen resolution
- [1.3.2] Fix: Issue with WP Bakery Page Builder and plugin's activation
- [1.3.2] Improvement: Minor tweaks on admin page and animations
- [1.3.1] Fix: Hotfix for sliding panels

Version 1.3

- Profile sliding panels (5 themes)
- WP Bakery Page Builder support
- Filling effect for skill bars
- Minor admin improvements

Version 1.2

- Skill bars and star bars
- Option to show member's location
- More social networks added

Version 1.1

- Team filtering
- Option to show member's website
- Option to open any custom URL by clicking on member

Version 1.0.2

- Divider width option (in 1.0.2)
- Minor admin improvements and optimizations (in 1.0.2)
- Fix for links hovering (in 1.0.1)
- Plugin is approved on CodeCanyon

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