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Social Links Analytics is a simple and easy to install php script.
You can track URL Facebook and Pinterest statistics about link provided by public API’s.
In addition, user can create own urls statistic and share it to a friends using social services, or email.


  • Url’s Facebook statistics
  • Url’s Pinterest count
  • Developer API
  • Multi-URL Dashboard
  • Possibility to share statistic

Applications demo

Social Links Analytics

Installation & Documentation & API

Online documentation


Important! You can upload (copy and open in a new tab) file to your server and run it via browser to see whether you can run Social Links Analytics on your server.

  • PHP version (5.6.0 or higher)
  • PCRE extension
  • SPL extension
  • PHP cURL extenstion
  • PHP MySQLi extension
  • PHP MySQL Native Driver extension
  • Script execution time must be greater than 10 seconds.
  • You can not run this script on a free web hosting because their IPs banned on Pinterest, Facebook because of a spam
  • Your server must not block $_GET variables containing dots and hyphens. Make sure mod_security is disabled

Change log

v 2.1 – 2023.12.01

  • PHP 8.2 support
  • Updated Facebook API
  • Added Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions pages to meet Google Ads 16 January 2024 requirements
  • Updated sharing buttons

v 2.0 – 2021.04.05

  • Updated Facebook API
  • Updated jQuery Library
  • PHP 7/8 Support
  • MySQL strict mode support

v 1.9 – 2020.04.23

  • Updated Facebook API

v 1.8 – 2019.06.10

  • Removed deprecated APIs: Stumbleupon
  • Removed deprecated Gplus+ button
  • Updated Pinterest API

v 1.7 – 2018.05.21

  • Removed deprecated APIs: Gplus+, LinkedIn

v 1.6 – 2017.06.15

  • Facebook API upgrade to latest version

v 1.5 – 2016.09.04

  • Added Facebook Graph API support to pull likes, shares, comments count.
  • Improved LinkedIn checker

v 1.4 – 2016-01-09

  • Twitter API has been closed (As of 21st November 2015, Twitter has removed the “Tweet count endpoint” API.).
  • Delicious API has been closed
  • Updated Cookie EU Law Javascript plugin

v 1.3 – 2015.08.20

  • EU Cookie Law. More information can be found here
  • Linkedin API compatibility

v 1.2 – 2014.01.27

  • Fixed. Shared count in Pinterest

Version 1.1: Script automatically adds “http://”, if protocol not found

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Download Free Social Links Analytics Nulled

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