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How to download Skynet – Multipurpose Business CMS Free ($19) and Nulled

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New Version 4.1
(How to Update? Contact me)

1. Updated PHP Version (Now Cpanel requires minimum PHP version 8.1).
2. Updated Laravel Version 10.
3. Updated Payment Gateways Version.
4. Updated all other Packages Version.
5. Made product SKU optional.
6. Fixed the Announcement popup issue.
7. Made WhatApp number optional.
8) Added user delete option in ISP.
9) Fixed other small issues.

Skynet – Multipurpose Business CMS. It’s all in one package. It gives you infinite possibilities to make your site.  If you have planned to buy a multipurpose business CMS You can choose Skynet as the most suitable platform.

You can use it for : Agency website, Business website, Corporate website, Construction website, Organization website, IT solutions website, eCommerce website, online store, Shopping cart, Job board, Broadband provider website, Internet service provider, ISP, wifi business, Portfolio website, Resume website, CV and many more. There are lots of themes & home page designs available. It was also compatible with Desktop, laptop, mobile, and also compatible with major browsers.

This CMS is developed using the popular PHP framework Laravel . So, it can easily be customized by other programmers. Developers will be able to understand the source code easily and can modify the database and files if needed. The source code of this script is very easy and clean. The interface is user-friendly. Non-technical users can modify every content, photo, etc.


Skynet - Multipurpose Business CMS - 1

Skynet - Multipurpose Business CMS - 2

1. Multipurpose Website & Business CMS

Core features :

\\ 9 Home Page Theme
\\ Unique, Modern & Responsive Design
\\ Ecommerce System
\\ Physical & Digital Product Selling Option
\\ 3 Payment Gateway Added
\\ Multi-Currency System
\\ Drag & Drop Menu Builder
\\ Preloader Management System
\\ Multi-Language System
\\ Gallery Page (Photo & Video)
\\ Jobs Posting & Apply Job System
\\ User Dashboard, User Login & Register
\\ Portfolio Page
\\ Service Page
\\ Blog Page
\\ Team Page
\\ Faq Page
\\ Quote Page
\\ Hero Area Background Video
\\ WhatsApp & Call Button
\\ Admin Role Permission
\\ Messenger Chat System.
\\ Disqus Comment System
\\ Google Analytics
\\ Live Chat Option (
\\ Subscriber Settings
\\ Advance SEO Option
\\ Custom CSS add Option
\\ Announcement Popup
\\ Maintenance Mode
\\ Section & Page Active / Deactive Option
\\ Cookie Alert
\\ Dynamic Page Create Option

2. Broadband & Internet Service Provider Laravel CMS

Core features :

  • Clean and Organize Home Page.
  • Unlimited Color Change Option
  • RTL Support
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Dynamic Page Create Options
  • Cookie Alert
  • Custom CSS.
  • Live Chat Option (
  • SEO Settings
  • Active & Deactive any Section and Page
  • Customer Module
  • Unlimited Package Create Options
  • Product Sell Option (Ecommerce)
  • Bill Pay Option With (PayPal & stripe)
  • Wifi Speed Check Option
  • Personal Blog
  • Currency Only USD (Multi-Currency not available)
  • Unlimited Branch Create Option
  • Media & Entertainment


– Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Prevention
– Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Prevention
– Password Hashing
– Avoiding SQL Injection

System Requirement :

– PHP >= 8.1.0
– BCMath PHP Extension
– JSON PHP Extension
– Mbstring PHP Extension
– OpenSSL PHP Extension
– PDO PHP Extension
– Tokenizer PHP Extension
– XML PHP Extension
– Ctype PHP Extension
– Fileinfo PHP extension

Support Time ?

(GMT+6) : 1:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Note: The update is free. Auto-update system not available. We need to update this script Manually. Contact us to get free update.


v4.1 ( 19 October 2023)

1. Updated PHP Version (Now Cpanel requires minimum PHP version 8.1).
2. Updated Laravel Version 10.
3. Updated Payment Gateways Version.
4. Updated all other Packages Version.
5. Made product SKU optional.
6. Fixed the Announcement popup issue.
7. Made WhatApp number optional.
8) Added user delete option in ISP.
9) Fixed other small issues.

v4.0 ( 4 November 21 )

- Permalink Change Option (You can change the main slug).
- New Ecommerce Theme Added.
- Bulk Delete Option Added.
- 3 New Theme Added.
- Gradient Theme Added.
- Dark Theme Added.
- Paystack Payment Gateway Added.
- Cash on Delivery Added.

v3.4.2 ( 21 August 21 )

- Faster Than Before.
- Fix Portfolio Slider Issue.
- Fix Frontend Style Issue.
- Optimize Database Table.
- Fix other small bugs. 

v3.4.1 ( 10 July 21 )

- Fix  Job Details Page Issue.
- Fix Payment Methods Deactive Issue
- Fix Currency & Shiping Delete issue.
- Fix Subscriber Update Issue.

v3.4 (1 July 21 )

- Now 3x Faster than Before !!
 - Add Advance SEO Option.
 - Meta Tag & Description for Every Page
 - Sitemap Generator  Option
 - Add text editor in Job add & Edit page.
 - Fix date picker in Job add & Edit page.
 - Dashboard RTL input issue fix.
 - Google Captcha deactivate issue fix
 - New advanced installation system added.
 - Fix other small bugs.

v3.3 ( June 20, 2021 )

- Add Ecommerce System
- Add Physical & Digital Product Selling Option
- 3 Payment Gateway Added
- Add Multi-Currency System
- Rewrite full Menu & New Menu Design for Mobile.
- Add Drag & Drop Menu Builder
- Add Preloader Management System
- Improve Multi-Language System
- Add Gallery Page (Photo & Video) 
- Add Jobs Posting & Apply Job System
- New Admin Dashboard System with more Features 
- Add User Dashboard, User Login & Register
- Add Admin Users Management Option
- Improve Page Visibility Option
- Add Messenger Chat System.
- Add 2 New Theme
- New Blog Page Design
- New  Testimonial Design
*** NOTE : All Changes In  (Multi-Purpose CMS) Version ***

v3.2 ( 24 April 21 )

- Add Google recaptcha (Multi-Purpose CMS).
- Hero Area Background Video Option Added (Multi-Purpose CMS).
- Maintenance mode Added  (Multi-Purpose CMS).
- WhatsApp & Call Button added in Frontend  (Multi-Purpose CMS).

v3.1 ( 1 April 21 )

- Fix some bugs (Multi-Purpose CMS).
- Fix design issue (Multi-Purpose CMS).

v3.0 ( 16 March 21 )

- Add multi-purpose website with 4 new unique themes
- Add new personal portfolio, resume, cv theme.
- Add many more awesome features.

v2.0 ( 7 February 21 )

- Fix Stripe payment issue.
- Send mail to all subscribers option added.
- Add Customer Module.
- Package buy email notification with Invoice.
- Bill pay email notification with Invoice.
- Manual Bill pay option added.
- Admin dashboard small change.
- Frontend small changes.

v1.0 ( 1 February 21 )

- Initial release.

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