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Download Free SaleBot – WhatsApp And Telegram Marketing SaaS – ChatBot & Bulk Sender Nulled

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How to download SaleBot – WhatsApp And Telegram Marketing SaaS – ChatBot & Bulk Sender Free ($39) and Nulled

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Disclaimer: Please note that to Get the most out of SaleBot you will need the Official Meta Cloud API access. Plus AI Writer service provided by Open AI , an extra fee for Open AI is required.


Admin Panel:

Password: 123456

Client Panel:

Password: 123456

Landing Page:
















SaleBot-WhatsApp and Telegram Marketing SaaS script

Introducing SaleBot- WhatsApp
and Telegram Marketing SaaS script. Automate your marketing campaign with the Leading SaleBot Script- SaaS-ready WhatsApp Cloud API-based bulk sender, AI assistant, and AI support system. Skyrocket your sales with SaleBot.

Our team of experts has carefully crafted SaleBot to meet all your sales needs. From creating personalized messages to scheduling campaigns, our software does it all. Bulk WhatsApp marketing campaigns ensure high read rates of 95%-98% for your message to reach your target audience. But what sets SaleBot apart from the rest? As we use the official Meta Cloud API, Meta won’t block your campaign account.

Expand your marketing plans with Telegram marketing, a platform gaining popularity by the day. SaleBot makes it simple to launch successful Telegram campaigns. You can easily send unlimited messages to your audience; up to 80% of them will open and read your content. This high open rate guarantees that your marketing is effective and reaches potential customers, not wasted.

Core Features

  • SaaS Ready:- Create your marketing tool and start revenue today
  • Official Meta Cloud API:- Run your campaigns smoothly and never get blocked
  • Multiple Client Team Support:- Managing your campaign is easier with our collaborative team method
  • WhatsApp Campaign :- High read rates of 95%-98% for your message campaign
  • Telegram Campaign:- Send unlimited messages with an impressive 80% open rate
  • WhatsApp Live Chat:- Provide easy live customer support
  • Telegram Live Chat:- Ensuring easy and smooth communication
  • AI Bot :- Get AI-generated automated reply
  • List & Contact Management:- Arrange list & contacts by labeling or categorizing
  • AI Assistant:- Helps write campaign content
  • Lifetime Free Update:- We offer lifelong updates free of cost. Read More…

Technology Used


BackEnd: Laravel


Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Prevention
Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Prevention
Password Hashing
Avoiding SQL Injection

System Requirement

Requires PHP Version: 8.0.2 or Later

Database Support MySQL, Mysqli.

BCMath PHP Extension
Ctype PHP Extension
Fileinfo PHP Extension
Mbstring PHP Extension
OpenSSL PHP Extension
PDO PHP Extension
Tokenizer PHP Extension
XML PHP Extension

More Features

  • Templates Management:- Create and manage message templates from the SaleBot dashboard
  • Contacts Management:- Arrange your contacts by labeling, and categorizing them into particular segments, and initiate contact with personalized communications
  • Notification:- Send WhatsApp notifications based on actions, triggered when specific events occur.
  • Bulk Marketing Campaign:- Send your target audience personalized greetings, messages, promotional offers, and updates.
  • Support Ticket System:- Automated support to ensure better communication and customer support
  • Lifetime Free Update:- We are committed to offering lifelong updates completely free of charge.
  • Payment Gateway:- You will get both offline and online payment gateway.
  • Detailed Delivery Report & Analytics:- Monitor message status with delivery reports: sent, delivered, and read. Get insights into template performance and daily API costs. Read More…

With our WhatsApp & Telegram Marketing SaaS Script, you can take full advantage of the impact of your marketing campaign. Engage your audience like never before by seamlessly integrating SaleBot with your business. With our innovative and adaptable script, you’ll find complete resources designed for your particular marketing requirements. Just get SaleBot and start earning today.

Change log

26 March 2024 V1.1

Added automatic update option from admin panel.
Added Telegram multiple group campaign option.
Added campaign details.
Added campign statistic.
Added reason for failed broadcast message.
Added telegram disconnect option.
Improved chat experience.
Improved single-user template send.
Improved campaign statistic report.
Improve client team management.
Improve front-end content style.
Improve contact import.
Improved installer.
Fixes contact import issues.
Fixes all white-label issues.
Fixes campaign broadcast issue.
Fixes Forgot password.
Fixes confirmation & welcome mail issue.
Fixes timezone issue.
fixes conversation issues.

21 March 2024 V1.0

Telegram Disconnect Option Added
Added Auto-Save WhatsApp Contact From Conversation
Chat User Experience Improvement
Contact Import Improvement
Fixes Subscription & Price Plan Issue
Cron Issue Fixes
Password Change Issue Fixes
Media File Sharing Issue Fixes
Fixed a Few Known Bugs

18 March 2024 V1.0

Update Installer

17 March 2024 V1.0

Initial Release

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