Safecart – Multi-Vendor Laravel eCommerce platform Donwload Free(Nulled)

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How to download Safecart – Multi-Vendor Laravel eCommerce platform Free ($19) and Nulled

The Safecart – Multi-Vendor Laravel eCommerce platform provides an amazing experie­nce. This design is carefully made­ with elegance, use­ful features, and smooth operation. It give­s your online site a higher le­vel effortlessly.

SafeCart is more than just an ecommerce platform; it’s your trusted partner in creating and growing your online marketplace. As the epitome of multivendor ecommerce solutions, SafeCart has been meticulously designed on the robust Laravel framework to cater to the diverse needs of businesses at every stage of their journey.

Whether you’re an ambitious entrepreneur venturing into the world of online commerce, a dynamic startup aiming to disrupt markets, or a well-established enterprise seeking to expand your digital presence, SafeCart is your comprehensive answer. It provides you with the tools and features necessary to not only establish your online marketplace but also to scale it to new heights.

safecart plugin

safecart plugin

safecart plugin

safecart plugin

safecart plugin

safecart plugin

safecart plugin

Why SafeCart Stands Out:

  • Advanced Tax Modules: Our platform simplifies tax management, ensuring that you stay compliant while focusing on your business.
  • Streamlined Shipping: Seamlessly manage shipping options to deliver products efficiently and delight customers.
  • Inventory Mastery: Stay in control of your inventory with advanced tools, eliminating guesswork and costly errors.
  • Product Variation Brilliance: Offer a wide range of product variations to attract a diverse customer base.
  • Discounts That Drive Sales: Boost your revenue with customizable coupons and discounts.
  • Promotional Campaign module: Boost your revenue with customizable campgian by product for certiain date time and with stock

But SafeCart’s capabilities extend far beyond these features. With an intuitive user interface, comprehensive reporting tools, and the ability to support multiple payment gateways for global reach, SafeCart equips you for success in the competitive world of ecommerce.

Whether you’re starting your journey or looking to take your existing marketplace to the next level, SafeCart is your trusted companion. It offers scalability, performance, and a user-friendly experience that will empower your ecommerce ambitions. Join us on the path to ecommerce excellence with SafeCart.

Safecart – Multi-Vendor Laravel eCommerce platform

Safecart – Multi-Vendor Laravel eCommerce platform

Version: 2.0.1
Updated At : March 27th, 2024
Laravel 9x
Required PHP v8.1
Required Mysql v5.7

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online documentation

Frontend Demo: Safecart – Multi-Vendor Laravel eCommerce platform

Super Admin Demo: Super Admin Login

Username super_admin

Password 12345678

User Dashboard Demo:
Customer Login

Username test_user

Password 12345678

Vendor Dashboard Demo:
Vendor Login

Username test_vendor

Password 12345678

Safecart – Multi-Vendor Laravel eCommerce platform
Safecart – Multi-Vendor Laravel eCommerce platform
Safecart – Multi-Vendor Laravel eCommerce platform
Safecart – Multi-Vendor Laravel eCommerce platform
Safecart – Multi-Vendor Laravel eCommerce platform
Safecart – Multi-Vendor Laravel eCommerce platform
Safecart – Multi-Vendor Laravel eCommerce platform
Safecart – Multi-Vendor Laravel eCommerce platform
Safecart – Multi-Vendor Laravel eCommerce platform
Safecart – Multi-Vendor Laravel eCommerce platform
Safecart – Multi-Vendor Laravel eCommerce platform
Safecart – Multi-Vendor Laravel eCommerce platform
Safecart – Multi-Vendor Laravel eCommerce platform
Safecart – Multi-Vendor Laravel eCommerce platform
Safecart – Multi-Vendor Laravel eCommerce platform
Safecart – Multi-Vendor Laravel eCommerce platform
Safecart – Multi-Vendor Laravel eCommerce platform
Safecart – Multi-Vendor Laravel eCommerce platform
Safecart – Multi-Vendor Laravel eCommerce platform


Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Prevention
Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Prevention
Password Hashing
Avoiding SQL Injection

System Requirement

System Requirement
Backend Framework: Built
on Laravel 9x
PHP Composer
Frontend Framework: Built on Bootstrap 4x
Requires PHP 8.1
Requires MySQL 5.7
Supports MySQL, Mysqli.

Safecart Multi-Vendor E-Commerce Platform Key Features:

Vendor Dashboard

Individual dashboards for each vendor, allowing them to manage their products, orders, and track performance.

Product Management

Easy product listing, editing, and inventory management for vendors.
Support for multiple product types, variations, and categories.

Order Management

Efficient order processing and tracking for vendors.
Real-time notifications for new orders, order status updates, and payment confirmations.

Advanced Commission Management

Set individual commission rates, whether percentage-based or fixed, for vendors on a per-order basis. Tailor earnings with precision, offering a flexible and dynamic revenue-sharing model for a thriving e-commerce ecosystem.

Payment Gateways

Integration with popular payment gateways to facilitate secure and diverse payment options for customers and vendors.

Withdraw System

Empower vendors with an effortless earnings withdrawal process. Our platform offers a user-friendly interface, allowing vendors to request payouts effortlessly, ensuring quick and secure access to their hard-earned revenue.


Easily manage funds, streamline transactions, and enjoy a secure, centralized hub for seamless payments and refunds. A hassle-free financial solution for a smarter e-commerce journey.

Coupon Management System Key Feature

Experience unprecedented control over your promotions with our Coupon Management System’s Granular Targeting Options. Tailor coupons with precision by setting them for all products, specific products, or even for targeted categories, subcategories, and child categories. This level of customization empowers you to run highly targeted campaigns, ensuring your promotions reach the right audience for maximum impact and engagement.

Campaign Creation Flexibility

Our platform provides unparalleled flexibility in campaign creation, accessible to both admins and vendors. Admins can orchestrate site-wide promotions, seasonal sales, or strategic marketing campaigns. Meanwhile, vendors have the autonomy to craft targeted campaigns for their specific products or services. Whether you’re steering the entire marketplace or curating your unique corner, our Campaign Creation feature ensures a dynamic and tailored approach to meet diverse marketing needs.

Support Ticket

Safecart includes a Support Ticket System to address the needs and concerns of its users effectively. Both buyers and vendors can easily create support tickets to communicate any problems or queries they have with the platform owner. This feature is integral to maintaining a responsive and supportive environment, ensuring that issues are resolved promptly and efficiently. It exemplifies Safecart’s commitment to providing continuous assistance and fostering a reliable and user-friendly platform.


Safecart’s platform is equipped with a sophisticated Notification System, designed to keep all users – admins, vendors, and buyers – informed about important events. This system logs notifications for various activities, including new orders, product create, update and delete, and wallet transactions. Each user receives timely updates relevant to their role and activities within the platform, ensuring they stay connected and aware of key developments. This feature enhances user engagement and streamlines communication, making Safecart a more efficient and user-friendly multi vendor ecommerce

Admin Role Permission Module

Safecart features an Admin Role Permission Module, allowing main admins to create specific roles and permissions for additional administrators. This module provides the flexibility to define various levels of access and capabilities, tailoring each admin role to suit different operational needs within the platform. Whether it’s managing users, overseeing transactions, or moderating content, this feature ensures that each admin has the appropriate level of control and access. This structured approach to role delegation enhances platform security and efficiency, making Safecart’s management both effective and streamlined.

Blog Module

Safecart’s Blog Module offers a platform for admins to connect with users through articles, updates, and insights. This feature enhances user engagement, provides educational content, and supports community building. It’s also a valuable tool for boosting SEO and driving traffic to the Safecart platform, keeping users informed and engaged.

Facebook / Google Login

Safecart simplifies user access by integrating Facebook and Google login options. This feature allows users to conveniently sign in using their existing Facebook or Google accounts, streamlining the login process and enhancing user experience. It’s a quick, secure, and user-friendly way to access the platform, reducing the hassle of remembering multiple passwords and encouraging easier onboarding.


Safecart includes a comprehensive FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section, designed to provide users with quick and easy access to essential information. This section addresses common queries related to platform usage, services, policies, and troubleshooting, offering an immediate resource for user support and guidance. The FAQ is a crucial tool for enhancing user experience, reducing support ticket volume, and ensuring that users can find answers to their questions efficiently and autonomously.


Safecart incorporates a Feedback feature, encouraging users to share their experiences, suggestions, and concerns. This tool is vital for gathering insights directly from users, whether they are buyers or vendors. It allows the platform to continuously improve, adapt to user needs, and enhance overall satisfaction. The Feedback feature demonstrates Safecart’s commitment to being a user-centric platform that values and acts upon the voices of its community.

Third Party Scripts

Safecart’s platform is equipped with the capability to integrate Third-Party Scripts, enabling admins to seamlessly incorporate tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels, and other scripts. This feature is crucial for enhancing website tracking, understanding user behavior, and optimizing the site based on data-driven insights. Whether it’s for marketing purposes, website performance analysis, or enhancing user experience, the ability to add and manage these scripts directly from the admin panel makes Safecart a more powerful and versatile platform. It empowers admins with the tools needed for sophisticated website management and strategic decision-making.

️ Drag & Drop Page Builder

Qixer comes with drag & drop page builder support. You can drag & drop any any of our prebuild page builder widget to create your own page. you have total control over the script site and pages

️ Drag & Drop Menu Builder

Qixer comes with drag & drop menu builder with mega menu support. You can drag & drop any menu item to short it, Or make it dropdown if you want. There has option to add mega menu and you can also select mega menu items.

️ Drag & Drop Form Builder

Qixer comes with a great feature for your need is Drag & Drop Form Builder, it has text, number, email, select, checkbox, textarea, file etc fields. You can easily customise any form of this script. Also you can set is this field is required or not.

️ Drag & Drop Widget Builder

This Script comes with Widget Builder with 09 pre Made widget. You can build footer widget area with your needed widget. you can also use raw html for widget area, you can show newsletter widget or you can just show an image here. It’s up to you, you have full control over it.

700+ Google Fonts

From admin panel you can acess 700+ google font, you can set any font for your website body or heading

Unlimited Color Scheme

From admin panel you can change all the colors for the website

This script comes with GDPR Cookie. you can change all the content from admin panel

Newsletter Module

Newsletter is a very use full way to stay connected with your audience and keep update your visitor regarding your content, that’s why we have come up with the support of newsletter with this script. you can send mail to anyone from the admin panel or can send mail to all of your newsletter subscriber, we have kept email verify option for all when ever anyone click on subscribe form they will get and email to verify their email.

️ Custom Js/CSS Module

You can add your own JS/CSS code to the script frontend. it will help if if you want to add any script code for tracking susch as facebook pixels.

️ Custom Page With Drag & Drop Page Builder Support

You can build any page with this Dynamically for your need, you have full access to our Drag & Drop page builder, you can buil any thing using it. it has 30+ custom widget to make your life easy

and many more…

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