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How to download ReviewBucket – Business review bundle WordPress Plugin Free ($29) and Nulled

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ReviewBucket is a business reviews bundle WordPress plugin which allows you to display user reviews and feedback on your website site, from multiple platforms like google, Facebook, yelp using API. Also, you could show any kind of reviews like Trip Advisor, Trustpilot, etc using custom review options. A beautiful feature emoji reaction review also provides this plugin to get user feedback quickly. ReviewBucket WordPress plugin helps you to grow your business trust.

reviewbucket social reviews

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review badge

review badge

review badge

Features List:

  • Allow you to Display Multiple Platforms Reviews
  • Allow you to Display Push Notification
  • Google rating Push Notification
  • Custom Push Notification
  • Google place review api integrated to show google reviews
  • Facebook API integrated to show facebook reviews
  • Yelp api integrated to show yelp reviews
  • Trustpilot api integrated to show trustpilot reviews
  • Custom review create options
  • Any kind of review create and show options
  • Emoji reaction review options
  • Allow user to provide reaction
  • Different type of review style
  • 13 Grid and Slider style
  • Responsive Layout
  • Support Elementor Page Builder
  • Support WP Bakery Page Builder
  • Support shortcode for all type of reviews
  • Nice settings options
  • Easy shortcode generate options
  • Translation ready
  • Easy to use it in both Free and Premium WordPress Themes
  • Well Online Documentation
  • Free Unlimited update

ReviewBucket - Business review bundle WordPress Plugin - 1

emoji review

review badge

google place review

social review wordpress plugin

social review WordPress plugin

Update and Change logs

 06 April 24 V 2.8.5
1. Added Group Review badge Elementor Widget
2. Added Group Review badge Shortcode
3. Added Group Review badge wpbakery widget
4. Fixed Emoji reaction CSS issue 
5. Fixed WordPress 6.5 compatibility issue
 06 March 24 V 2.8.4
1. Fixed Google no reviews found issue
2. Fixed PHP Error 
3. Added new slider style
4. Added latest Elementor compatibility support
5. Added latest WordPress compatibility support
6. Fixed some other issue
 15 January 24 V 2.8.3
1. Fixed Plugin conflict issue
2. Improve the Google API working system 
3. Added 5+ Google reviews fetch option in the initial time
4. Fixed some CSS Issue
5. Fixed some other issue
 13 November 23 V 2.8.2
1. Fixed translation not working issue
2. Fixed data reset issue when Facebook authorize
3. Improved Google Place ID to find system
4. Improved settings option design
31 August 23 V 2.8.1
1. Fixed Notification URL not working issue
2. Fixed some other issues
03 August 23 V 2.8.0
1. Added Module system options
2. Imporive Settings options
3. Fixed the latest Elementor compatibility issue 
4. Fixed the latest WPbakery compatibility issue 
5. Fixed Trustpilot multilingual reviews not showing issues
6. Fixed Plugin page settings url issue
7. Added Trustpilot reviews delete option
8. Rearrange column system
9. Fixed some other issues
23 December 22 V 2.7.4
1. Fixed google custom logo not working in the review badge issue
2. Fixed some other issue
24 September 22 V 2.7.3
1. Add more customization options on the Elementor review badges widget
2. Add more customization options on the Elementor review widget
3. Fixed js error
4. Fixed media upload not working issue
5. Improved code performance
6. Fixed General Settings tab save button not show issue
15 August 22 V 2.7.2
1. Fixed reviewbadge slider not work issue
2. Fixed Google API Not working in reviewbadge issue
3. Fixed wpbakery slider options missing issue
4. Fixed some other issues
12 July 22 V 2.7.1
1. Fixed trustpilot default thumbnail issue
2. Fixed carousel nav and dot not showing issue
3. Fixed some other issue
26 June 22 V 2.7.0
1. Fixed custom reviews query reset issue
2. Improved Google and Trustpilot admin settings system
3. Improved API call system
4. Fixed some other issue
16 June 22 V 2.6.9
1. Fixed undefined  error issue
2. Shortcode slider not working issue
3.Improved shortcode generator
4. Fixed some other issue
28 April 22 V 2.6.8
1. Fixed admin ( Review Badges, Emoji Reaction, Review Notification, Custom Reviews ) css and js issue
18 April 22 V 2.6.7
1. Fixed review slider responsive issue
2. Fixed review grid responsive issue
15 April 22 V 2.6.6
1. Fixed elementor latest version compatibility issue
2. Fixed Facebook token access not work issue
3. Fixed Facebook review URL not work issue
4. Fixed Slider error issue
5. Fixed some other issues
6 April 22 V 2.6.5
1. Fixed trustpilot review title not show issue
2. Fixed some other issues
25 March 22 V 2.6.4
1. Fixed wpbakery slider settings not shown  issue
2. Fixed some other issues
03 March 22 V 2.6.3
1. Fixed function name conflict issue
2. Fixed some other issues
06 February 22 V2.6.2
1. Fixed Trustpilot review not working issue
2. Fixed some other issues
11 September 21 V2.6.1
1. Fixed some themes  css conflict issue
28 July 21 V2.6.0
1. Fixed admin style conflict issue
2. Fixed review widget missing minimum rating select options
3. Fixed minimum rating option not work issue
4. Fixed some CSS issue 
17 July 21 V2.5.0
1. Fixed Fatal error Uncaught Error: Class 'ReviewBucket\Inc\Ajax_Handler
11 July 21 V2.4.0
1. Add google multiple place id add option
2. Add Place select option in google review widgets and shortcode
3. Add google multiple location reviews show option
4. Add Badges type select option ( Custom and API )
5. Add option for Badge show from Google API
6. Add review badges WordPress sidebar widget
7. Add google reviews WordPress sidebar widget
8. Add custom reviews WordPress sidebar widget
9.  Fixed some other issues
29 June 21 V2.3.0
1. Fixed settings page  responsive issue
2. Fixed main js file conflict issue 
3.  Fixed some other issues
12 June 21 V2.2.0
1. Fixed FaceBook (#283) Requires pages_read_user_content permission error
2. Improve settings page tab event
3. Add plugin license activation option
5. Fixed some other issues
16 April 21 V2.1.0
1. Add option trustpilot review show from trustpilot site
2. Add review tab elementor widget to show multiple review in same section
3. Add google review language change option
4. Fixed some CSS issue
5. Fixed some other issues
10 March 21 V2.0.0
1. Add New 4  Badges Style
2. Add New 3 review style
3. Fixed some CSS issue
4. Fixed some other issues
27 February 21 V1.9
1. Add notification background color change option
2. Add notification text color change option
3. Add notification link color change option
4. Add notification top right and top left position option
5. Fixed some CSS issue
6. Fixed some other issues
9 February 21 V1.8
1. Add upvote downvote reaction option
2. Fixed some other issues
01 October 2020 V1.7
1. Add New emoji and like unlike reaction review style
2. Add emoji border color change option
3. Fixed some CSS issues
4. Fixed some other issues
17 June 2020 V1.6
1. Add google review badges and google notification custom icon option
2. Add new review slider style ( Style 9 )
3. Fixed some other issues
20 April 2020 V1.5
1. Add new feature google rating push notification
2. Add new feature custom rating push notification
3. Add more customize options in elementor widget 
4. Add review badges sidebar widget
5. Add google review sidebar widget
6. Add facebook review element in WP Bakery
7. Fixed some other issues
05 March 2020  V1.4
1. Improve google review api fetching system and reduce api request
2. Update Documentation
3. Fixed some issues
4. Add emoji shortcode copy tool tip 
5. Fixed rating number filtering issue
20 Desc 19  V1.3
1. Add new emoji reaction style.
2. Improve emoji create option
3. Change Admin design.
4. Fixed some other issues
11 Desc 19  V1.2
1. Fixed WPBakery  badge not working issue
2. Fixed some CSS issue
6 Desc 19 V1.1
1. Fixed some css issue
2. Add new review style

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