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QuizHour is a complete quiz app for Android & iOS built on the flutter framework. It has a web admin panel for controlling the app which is also built on flutter. Firebase is used as a backend of the app which is a fast & secure database solution from google.
You can build your own quiz app from this. Add your own content and publish your Android and iOS apps and earn through ads or selling points with in-app purchases.

Quizhour - Flutter Quiz App for Android & iOS with Admin Panel - 1 Quizhour - Flutter Quiz App for Android & iOS with Admin Panel - 2 Quizhour - Flutter Quiz App for Android & iOS with Admin Panel - 3 Quizhour - Flutter Quiz App for Android & iOS with Admin Panel - 4

– Version: 2.1.0 – See the changelogs at the bottom of this page

– Last update: 08 March 2024
– Files Included: Full Flutter Source Code (iOS, Android, Web Admin)
– Compatible with Flutter latest version 3.19.x
– This is an Exclusive Product Licence from Envato

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It has lots of animations and impressive UI designs which will help to engage the users and provide a better user-friendly app performance. We have used a points-based user model where users need points to play quizzes. Users can earn points by playing quizzes and watching video ads. There is also a leaderboard for the users.

What will you get

  • Complete source code of the app for both iOS & Android
  • Complete source code of the web admin panel
  • Step-by-step online installation documents for both admin and app
  • Lifetime updates for free

Top 5 Reasons to Buy This App

  • Pixel perfect & elegant design with lots of animations
  • Run on both iOS & Android devices
  • Single codebase, super fast loading & great performance
  • Rich functionalities & regular updates.
  • Clean, Structured & easily readable code and save at least three months of development time.

What’s New in Version 2.0?









Notable Features

quizhour app features

quizhour app features 1

quizhour app features 2

App Features

Splash Screen: In-built animated splash screen.

User Registration/Login: Users can’t access the app contents without login/registration. We have used email, google, Facebook, and apple logins.

Users Avatars: Users can select their favorite avatars. We have included 17 different user avatars. You can change them if you want.

Point-Based User Model: We have used point based user model where users need points to play any quiz. The reward for correct answer and penalty for incorrect answer feature is also applied. If the admin wants, new users can get free points after their registration. Users can also earn points by watching rewarded video ads.

Animations: This app has full of animations. We have used inbuilt animations from flutter and also used animation files from Lottie. You can change all the custom animations with your Lottie files.

Video Support: Quiz description supports HTML texts including texts, images, videos, etc. Network videos and youtube iframe videos both are supported by native video players.

Interactive Push Notifications: We have used the firebase push notification service which is completely free. Admin can send push notifications directly from the admin panel to all android & iOS users in just one click. Push notification’s body also supports HTML text. That means HTML texts, images and videos will be supported too.

Cached Image & Data: Used cache image service to save online images to a local database for a faster experience. Images & databases can be accessible even offline.

Backend Service: We have used firebase as a backend of this complete project which is fast and secure.

Custom Security Rules: We have included custom security rules for the backend database which will secure the data from hackers. So, you don’t have to worry about database security.

Monetization: We have used Admob ads for monetization maintaining AdMob policy. A banner ad at the bottom of the quiz screen, An Interstitial ad after completing each quiz, and rewarded video ads for generating rewards for the users.

In-App Purchases: Points store feature is also added where you can sell points to your users with In-App Purchases at Google Play Store and Apple Appstore. (An extended license is required for this feature).

Multi-language Support: The app has multi-language support. You can use any language. We have added 10 prebuilt language files.

RTL Support: RTL support for RTL-type languages like Arabic, Hebrew, etc.

EU Data Protection Policy: EU data protection policy has been applied. Users can delete their accounts and data from the app anytime they want.

Sound and Vibration Support: Added sound and vibration feature in the quiz screen. Users can turn on/off the sound and vibration. You can use your custom sounds.

Categories & Sub-categories: Questions are divided into categories and sub-categories where sub-categories will be represented as quizzes.

Bookmarks: Users can bookmark any questions. This feature can be enabled/disabled from the config file

Special Categories: You can add two special categories and their contents in the home tab. This feature can be controllable directly from the admin panel.

Points History: Users points history to check users points informations

Question Types: Texts only, Image, Audio and Video Questions.

Option Types: Four options, two options(true/false) & options with image.

Beautiful On-Boarding Screens – Introduction screens to define the features of the app.

Firebase Analytics: To access the real-time activity of the users.

State Management: Provider

Local Database: Hive and Shared Preferences.

Admin Features

admin features

The admin panel is also built on the Flutter framework. No custom domain and hosting is required for the admin panel. You will get them free from Firebase.

Dashboard: Statistical overview of the users, categories, quizzes, questions, featured items & notifications.

Notifications: You can send notifications directly from the admin panel. The notification body supports Html texts, images, and videos.

Administrative Control: Assign editors, disable/enable users from the app, edit points, enable/disable specific features, etc.

Ads Control: Enable/Disable specific ads and points.

Contents: Add/Edit/Delete all types of content.

Clean Code




  • Admin Panel :
  • Android Demo : Google Play Store
  • iOS Demo : App Store(TestFlight)

This is a 100% complete app for production use. Just configure the admin panel & app, add your own content and it will be yours. That’s it.


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v2.1.0 – 08 March 2024

- Redesigned admin layout - A fresh new look, faster and smoother than before [admin]
- Added the ability to import CSV questions (Upload questions in bulk) [admin]
- Added a separate tab for purchases history and added purchases count [admin]
- Added new question type - Fill in the blanks with draggable options
- Added the ability to sort categories [admin]
- Added user registration and purchases bar chart [admin]
- Fixed home tab null issues [app]
- Fixed issues on deleting accounts and logout [app]
- Quizscreen next button placement and banner ads improvements [app]
- Fix: Notification bar subtitle with show actual body content instead of 'Click to read more details' text
- Fix: Image link validation in text fields were not working [admin]
- 10+ bug fixes and UI improvements
- Updated with Flutter latest version 3.19.x [app and admin]

v2.0.2 – 19 November 2023

- Updated with flutter latest version 3.16.x [app and admin]

v2.0.1(hotfix-1) – 17 October 2023

- Updated with flutter latest version 3.13.7 [app and admin]

v2.0.1 – 20 August 2023

- Fixed Youtube video player issue (app)

v2.0.0 (hotfix-1) – 26 June 2023

- Fixed count issues on updating quizzes and questions. [admin]
- Fixed an issue where the timer on the quiz screen was always visible. [app]

v2.0.0 – 22 May 2023

- Added material 3 support [app]
- Added quiz and question order [admin]
- Added audio and video questions
- Added image options
- Added question explanation
- Added question bookmark [app]
- Added completed quizzes history
- Added completed quizzes checkmark [app]
- Added points history
- Added user information view from admin panel [admin]
- Added the ability to show 2 special categories and its quizzes in the home tab and which are controllable from the admin panel.
- Added the ability to enable/disable optional features easily.
- Added In-App-Purchase feature and points store: Ability to sell points to users (Extended license required)
- Added the ability to edit user points from the admin panel [admin]
- Fixed text wrapping issues on smaller screens [app]
- Fixed font size issue in quiz details screen
- Fixed the loading issue in the splash screen when users deleted their accounts.
- From now, the Featured section will show featured categories instead of quizzes. [deprecated]
- Fixed 10+ bugs
- App UI Improvements
- Admin UI Improvements
- Updated with Flutter latest version v3.10.x
- Updated all packages and more..

v1.0.6 – 30 April 2023

- Updated with the flutter latest version 3.7.x

v1.0.4 – 01 February 2023

- Updated with the flutter latest version 3.7.x

v1.0.3 (hotfix)– 25 January 2023

- Fixed the loading issue in the splash screen

v1.0.3– 17 January 2023

- Initial Release

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