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Puerto Poll Script is an awesome dynamic PHP/MySQL based script which allows you to create polls and display it’s result as many types and colors. It has been built from scratch using the latest web technologies available such as PHP, HTML, and CSS.

Live Demo

+ Login as admin (link)—[username: Admin; password: Admin]

What is new:

+ What is new in v3.0 (16/10/2022):

   - Update all libraries to their latest version
   - Update social media login to the latest version
   - PHP 8 Compatible
   - Voting allowed only for members (enable and disable from the administration)
   - Add description for poll
   - Add ads from the administration
   - add categories
   - add upload thumbnail for polls
   - Fix bugs

Version 2.0 come with a lot of new features such as:

+ In general:
     - Login using social media (twitter, facebook and google).
     - Add Multi Language translation.
     - Support rtl and ltr.
     - Re-organasie stylesheet.
     - Add site statistics.
     - Convert script from mysql to musqli.
     - Responsible design for mobile.
     - Add User details on header.
     - Add avatar pick up on registration.
     - Add "My Profile" link.
     - Add Email address to registration page.
     - Admin username with a deffirent color.
     - Top Polls
     - Upgrade font awesome to latest version 4.5.0.

+ In poll system:
     - Add Social media share button.
     - Add Iframe embed (Exemple:
     - Add expired date option for polls (datepicker).
     - Add hide results option for polls.
     - Add multiple votes for single poll.
     - Delete answers
     - Add poll thumbnail
     - Swetch registration votes from ip to coockies.

+ In cpanel:
     - Specific number of answers for single poll from cpanel.
     - answers truncate from cpanel.
     - add a confirmation alert when delete, lock and unlock a poll.
     - Close rigestration page from cpanel.
     - Desable or enable login by using social media.
     - Specific buttons and icons styles from cpanel.
     - Specific Languages by add, edit and delete.

What our customers are saying about this poll script:

Puerto Poll Script - 4

Some Features:

  • Advanced Polling System
  • Working in any other scrips.
  • Membership System
  • Multi-Languages systeme support RTL and LTR direction, can customize from cpanel.
  • Full management (add, edit, delete).
  • Multiple votes or single votes (checkbox or radio)
  • Polls can expire after a certain number of days, hours and minutes (datepicker).
  • Beautiful iFrame code Embed so you can place your polls on your own website [blogger exemple (link)].
  • Users can also register using social media accounts (support: facebook, twitter and google).
  • Beautiful HTML5 and Animations with fully responsive design
  • 16 Color Schemes
  • Cross-Browser
  • Quick & Easy Installer
  • Extensive Documentation
  • Free Support

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