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Building a Family Tree with Puerto Family Tree PHP Script.
It is more than just a family tree. A new home for family memories.

Make your family tree live with Puerto Family Tree and do not leave it just a memory hanging. build it with the participation of everyone and make it stretch to infinity.

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+ Quick Overview (v1.0):

+ Demo link:
+ Demo Details (admin): Username -> khalid  / Password -> khalid

+ Version 1.5.5 - May 9, 2024
  - Add partner & ex-partner children (
  - Add the registration to plans for visitors
  - Add predefined lastnames from the dashboard
  - Add predefined villages from the dashboard
  - Change logo from icon to png
  - Fix mobile tree issue
  - Fix the installation & Plans issues
  - Fix common customers issues

+ Version 1.5.4 - Jan 14, 2023
  - Add yearly payment plan
  - Add & remove plans from the administration
  - Show users tab for admins only
  - Ability to add rulers (Admins)
  - Add slugify function & fix the SEO urls issue
  - Fix nginx issue
  - Fix the HERITAGE issue
  - Fix common customers issues

+ What is new in v1.5.3 01/10/2022)
  - return to the old partner view
  - fix the album image delete button 
  - fix common bugs

+ What is new in v1.5.2 (29/5/2022)
  - add the minimize icon for every knot
  - dd family for the partner (check the demonstrating video:
  - add labels for partner and ex-partner
  - fix bugs

+ What is new in v1.5.1 (03/5/2022)
  - Change mailing system to SMTP 
  - General bug fixes from customers emails

+ What is new in v1.5 (18/10/2021)
  - add RTL support
  - add/edit/delete multi language from dashboard
  - more mobile friendly (menu to be bottom in mobile)
  - fix the banning user issue
  - fix the language encode issue
  - fix the image upload issue
  - general bug fixes from customers emails

+ What is new in v1.4 (01/2/2021)
  - Add SAAS ready version
  - Add plans in dashboard
  - Paypal Payments
  - Payments page in dashbard
  - Create users from dashboard
  - Add ads
  - Change language from dashboard
  - Fix bugs

+ What is new in v1.3 (15/10/2020)
   - change site color from the administration
   - drag to scroll
   - Zoom in and Zoom out
   - pdf export
   - Full translated
   - Fix the family tree view by password
   - Fix the BBcode problem
   - Fix the Delete family member
 and all his children
   - Fix the changing avatar and image issue
   - Fix heritage issues

+ What is new in (v1.2):
   - Users System with full management.
   - Full dashboard (With statistics and site manage).
   - Notifications system.
   - Add moderators who can manage a specific family tree.
   - Link users to a family member (node) to edit it.
   - Connect a family tree with other relatives’ families (Heritage members of a family to another).
   - Search system.
   - Registration either open, need to be approval or verification by email address.
   - Add Families either open or need to be approved by admin.
   - Forget password system.
   - Hide/Unhide registration form.
   - Add pages from the dashboard.
   - Remember registration data to login with it.
   - URLs beautify
   - Pagination system.
   - Fix some problems

+ What is new in (v1.1)
   - Pictures Album for each member with beautiful view touch
   - New Ex-Partner (divorces) knot
   - Adding Marriage Date
   - beautiful date picker for birth date, death date, and marriage date
   - Social media for each person
   - Social media share button


Some of Puerto Family Tree Features:

  • Advanced Family Tree System
  • Unlimited Family Members
  • Full Dashboard (Statistics, Pages…)
  • Support multiple Partners & Children.
  • Heritage family, Link user to a node
  • The moderators who can manage a specific family tree
  • Forget Password, Email Verification
  • Notifications, Search, Album…
  • Multi-Languages system.
  • Full management (add, edit, delete).
  • Public & Private View Protected with Password.
  • Clean Code & Well Documented
  • Secured Image Upload script.
  • Beautiful HTML5 and fully responsive design
  • Quick & Easy Installer

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