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ProWriters is an application that empowers you to sell your writing services online. Moreover, its bidding feature allows you to act as a middleman, providing both customers and writers a platform to collaborate.

The application incorporates writing service management software, featuring an ordering system and a website developed with the Laravel Framework. This system facilitates order placement and payment collection from your customers while enabling task execution by your writers. Additionally, it offers a bidding feature, allowing your customers to select the most suitable candidate for their projects.

Quick Features Overview:

  • Set up services & pricing and bill your customers based on various factors such as writer levels, word count, urgency, and more
  • Receive orders and collect payments from your customers and execute the work through your writers
  • Choose between direct ordering and bidding options, or even utilize both methods
  • Business Content Writing, Academic Writing, or any Fixed Price Services

Built with Laravel Framework

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Login as Admin

Password: 123456

Login as Writer

Password: 123456

Login as Customer

Password: 123456

Login as Editor

Password: 123456


Prowriters - Features

Prowriters - Role wise features

Payment Gateways:

Prowriters - Integrated Payment Gateways

Feature Description:

Manage Services

Provide academic or business content writing services or any fixed-price offerings to your customers. Set up pricing and bill your customers based on various factors such as writer levels, word count, urgency, and more. Additionally, create optional services and link them to your primary offerings.

Direct Orders

Receive detailed orders from your customers, including comprehensive information and file attachments. Upon receiving an order, the system automatically sends an email notification to the email address you have predefined. Easily manage your orders, assign them to writers, and track their progress through various statuses.

Bidding Requests

Enable your customers to request bids from writers and choose the most suitable candidate. Earn a commission from the revenue generated. The admin can set the commission rate from the panel.

Accept Payments (online & offline)

Facilitate online payments seamlessly through Stripe, Paypal, Braintree, and numerous other payment gateways. Generate an unlimited number of offline payment methods directly from the admin panel and accept payments effortlessly through them.

Discount Coupon

Generate discount coupons and enable your customers to utilize them during the order placement process.

Wallet for your customers

Give your customers the option to have a wallet. Users can top-up their wallets and spend the balance to place orders later whenever they want.

Customer Panel

Offer your customers a dedicated panel upon signing up. Within this panel, they can seamlessly place new orders, track their existing orders, communicate with writers, download files, review services, top up their wallet balance, view transaction history, and more.

Writer Joining Request

Writers can express their interest in joining as a writer by registering on the system and uploading their resume. The admin can monitor each applicant and officially enroll candidates as writers. Upon enrollment, the system automatically sends a notification email to the writer containing their login information.

Writers Panel

Approved writers receive access to a dedicated panel where they can view their assigned tasks, communicate with customers, browse for work opportunities, request payment for their work, send messages to the admin, and much more.

Writer Management

Easily manage an unlimited number of writers by creating a comprehensive list. Upload profile photos and maintain detailed records of their bios, skills, and other relevant information. Effortlessly search for writers based on their areas of expertise as needed.

Assign Task

When a new order is received, select the most suitable writer from your pool and assign the task to them. Track its progress through various order statuses and receive notifications for each milestone achieved.

Writer Task Selection

Enable your writers to browse through available tasks and select those that best match their skills and interests. You have the flexibility to toggle this option on or off as needed.

Customer Rating

Empower your customers to rate your service upon completion of their order. This valuable feedback helps you assess your performance and the effectiveness of your writers.

Internal Messaging

Communicate directly with writers or collaborate with your team using our thread-based internal messaging system.


Keep your writers informed by publishing announcements directly within the platform.

Email Notifications

Choose between SMTP and Mailgun to ensure prompt delivery of notification emails. Easily configure email settings directly from the admin panel.

Currency Customization

Personalize your currency settings including digit grouping symbols and formatting options.

Income Statement

Access detailed Profit/Loss reports based on your selected date range to track financial performance.

Ready Website

Benefit from a pre-built website that can be customized to your preferences. Easily adjust text, include custom header/footer scripts, and optimize page titles, descriptions, and keywords directly from the admin panel.

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