Point of sale to WooCommerce add-on for SalePro POS & inventory management php script Donwload Free(Nulled)

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Download Free Point of sale to WooCommerce add-on for SalePro POS & inventory management php script Nulled

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How to download Point of sale to WooCommerce add-on for SalePro POS & inventory management php script Free ($21) and Nulled

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SalePro WooCommerce add-on is an optional premium add-on for the SalePro POS & inventory management laravel php script. This add-on is installed in your SaleProPOS software as a module. It helps you with synchronizing products, categories, stocks, orders & taxes between your WooCommerce store and SalePro application.

What does it do

Export product information from SaleProPOS to WooCommerce Store
  • Product details like- Product Name, Price, Inventory, Category, tax information, and other details need to be inserted only on your SaleProPOS system.
  • Whether you already have those inserted or you insert new ones, when you click Synchronize Products button, all info gets imported to your WooCommerce store and you don’t have to insert them again
Export order details from WooCommerce store to SaleProPOS
  • With a click of button sync order from your WooCommerce store to SaleProPOS.
  • Inventories automatically get adjusted.
  • Customer information automatically gets synced & orders get into the customer account.
  • Special Tag to highlight the WooCommerce Order.
Export categories from SaleProPOS to WooCommerce store
  • Categories are also inserted only on your SaleProPOS system and gets imported to WooCommerce when you click the sync button.
  • This saves you from adding categories in WooCommerce separately.
Map Taxes
  • Map tax from POS to Woo.
  • Products will have tax applied to it as per POS.
Sync Logs

All synchronization details are logged, like –

  • When last synced.
  • Who synced.
  • What was synced.

Who is it for

If you have an offline store running SaleProPOS & want to diversify your income with an online/eCommerce store built with WooCommerce without having to worry about inserting product details, categories, inventories, orders in multiple applications, look no further. This add-on makes it easy for you by connecting both these platforms and syncing all the required details.


Link: https://salepropos.com/demo/login

Username: admin

Password: admin

How to install

Super easy one click installation. You’ll see WooCommerce add-on along with other available add-ons listed on ‘Add on’ page in your SalePro app. Click the buy now button, add purchase code and after the purchase verification, it will be automatically installed on your SalePro installation. For more information, please visit documentation – https://salepropos.com/demo/documentation#addon

Support & Updates

Support of this items is included with the support of SaleProPOS. You’ll receive automatic update notification on your SaleProPOS dashboard whenever an update for this add-on is available. Or you can visit the add-on page in your SaleProPOS app and if update is available, you’ll see update button for this add-on. You can then click the update button and this add-on will be updated automatically!
Support Link: https://lion-coders.com/support

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