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PixelPhoto is a social timeline application for PixelPhoto PHP Script social network, with PixelPhoto IOS App users can Post & Interact with users feeds and like and comment and more, Now using the application is easier, and more fun !

PixelPhoto app is easy, and secure, and it will be regularly updated.

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Build on Swift 5.2, Xcode 13.0

PixelPhoto PHP v1.3 or higher.

-If you are charging your users or sell in-app purchases you should obtain the extended license

What does Extended license includes?

1-Extra payment systems such as Apple pay.
2-A simple gift from our side ;)

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PixelPhoto IOS - Mobile Image Sharing & Photo Social Network - 3

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PixelPhoto IOS - Mobile Image Sharing & Photo Social Network - 5
PixelPhoto IOS - Mobile Image Sharing & Photo Social Network - 6

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User Features:

  • ِNative Post views.
  • Send, receive messages.
  • Regitration pages and steps.
  • Share and upload images, Videos and more.
  • Offline access to all messages and recent conversions.
  • Image Caching system.
  • Explore New user’s & Friends.
  • Control Your Privacy and Settings.
  • Change Profile information.
  • Explore Lates Posts.
  • ِ30+ new features.
and much more…

Updates Log

iOS v1.0.7 on 30 November 2023
  • [New] Fully app UX/UI Redsigned
  • [Added] Story View UI
  • [Added] Sharing options for post
  • [Added] User Profile Screen Grids and Lists UI
  • [Improved] Store Preview
  • [Improved] Navigation and Tabs
  • [Improved] All screen alert UI
  • [Improved] Search Screen UI
  • [Improved] Chat Screen UI
  • [Improved] Explore Screen UI
  • [Improved] Navigation Bar UI
  • [Improved] Store Screen & Product UI
  • [Improved] Store Screen Filter UI
  • [Improved] Setting Screen UI
  • [Fixed] Add Story Crash
  • [Fixed] Hashtag tab Crash
  • [Fixed] My profile UI issue
  • [Fixed] Followers, Following count issue
  • [Fixed] Settings update issue
  • iOS Version 1.0.6 (Stable) 13 December 2021
  • [Update] Update to the latest Xcode 13.0.
  • [Update] PixelPhotoSDK updated with Xcode 13.0
  • [Added] New SDK Encryption system
  • [Improved] Dark Mode
  • [Improved] UI Modification
  • [Improved] Push Notifications
  • [Update] Optimize Code Quality.
  • [Update] pods updated.
  • [Update]Optimize UI/UX.
  • [Update] Social Login.
  • [Update] Localization.
  • [Fixed] 20+ Reported bugs.
  • IOS Version v1.0.5 (Stable) 20 April 2021
  • [Update] Update to latest Xcode 12.4 .
  • [Update] PixelPhotoSDK updated with Xcode 12.4.
  • [Improved] Dark Mode
  • [Improved] UI Modification
  • [Improved] UIWebviews Removed
  • [Improved] Push Notifications
  • [Added] App color settings.
  • [Added] Filter Store.
  • [Added] RTL Compatibility.
  • [Update] Optimize Code Quality.
  • [Update] pods updated.
  • [Update] Alamofire Updated.
  • [Update] googleAdMob Updated.
  • [Update]Optimize UI/UX.
  • [Update] Social Login.
  • [Fixed] Localization.
  • [Fixed] Major Home Feed crash issue
  • [Fixed] 20+ Reported bugs.
  • IOS Version v1.0.4 (Stable) 2 September 2020
  • [Update] Update to latest Xcode 11.5 .
  • [Update] Updated all Pods to latest version.
  • [Added] Manage Sessions.
  • [Added] Night Mode .
  • [Added] Business Account.
  • [Added] Funding.
  • [Added] Verification.
  • [Added] Widthdrawals.
  • [Added] My Affilities.
  • [Added] Localization .
  • [Improved] UI Modification
  • [Improved] Optimize Search filters.
  • [Improved] Google Login.
  • [Improved] Story system.
  • [Improved] Facebook Login.
  • [Fixed] Fixed UIWebview Appstore issue .
  • [Fixed] Add Post Issues .
  • [Improved] Code Quality.
  • [Update] Chat System.
  • [Update] New UI/UX Design
  • [Fixed] 40+ Reported bugs Fixed.
  • IOS Version 1.0.3 Stable (8 Feb 2020)
  • Update To Latest Xcode version.
  • Added Verification badge
  • Added dark mode
  • Added business account profile.
  • Added private profile
  • Added ability to view fundings.
  • Fixed UI design.
  • Fixed 8+ reported bugs .
  • IOS Version 1.0.2 Stable (27/11/2019)
  • Rebuild the code from scrach.
  • Native video player integration.
  • Fixed 10+ reported bugs .
  • IOS Version 1.0.0 First Release (6/3/2019)
  • Added full Push-notifications system for all kinds of notifications.
  • Added ability to send/reiceve messages.
  • Update ability to post 4 types of posts.
  • Added ability to login via social logins.
  • Added settings prefencess screens.
  • Added Story/Status and view.
  • Added abilty to search for Gifs.
  • Secured the app of illegal uses
  • Added ability to search for users online.
  • High Improvement on performance of the app.
  • Supports now all kind of Host TLS2/TLS3.
  • Added block users system.
  • Added abilty to delete account .
  • Add abilty for full screen.
  • Added font system .
  • Added ability for offset mode.
  • Added Ability To Report posts.
  • Added Native like and comment
  • Request App Permissions system.
  • Added Native Emoji keyboard view.
  • Added Empty state pages and offline pages.
  • Add multilingual system with auto detect android languish .
  • Added ability to display alerts , Toasts , success , errors, loadings , and more..
  • Added ability to handle image download and cache load and speed.
  • Added ability to handel offline mode and bad connections.
  • Registration steps: Added 2 new pages steps.
  • Added regex for numbers & hashtag and Mention.
  • Welcome Page : New page added on the fisrt load .
  • Forget Page: Added ability for users to recover their account via email address.
  • Animations : added Animations on pages and items
  • Materials Design: Total new Design for the app
  • Added Image croper and rotate system.
  • Add Full Documentation install and errors solving .
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