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How to download PixelDesk – Support Ticket System With OpenAI Free ($19) and Nulled

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Introducing PixelDesk, the next-generation AI-powered Support Ticket System designed for seamless and intuitive customer support management. With PixelDesk, customers can effortlessly create their accounts, submit support requests, and experience a sleek messaging interface.

This innovative solution is the pinnacle of customer support and management for Laravel applications. It efficiently tracks and resolves customer issues by categorizing them based on type, priority, and category. PixelDesk ensures swift service delivery while maintaining a comprehensive log of all customer requests. Elevate your customer support game with PixelDesk’s Support Ticket System, offering a consistent and exceptional support experience for your clientele.


Key Features

AI-powered Replies & content management
Anonymous Chat via Email
Ticket Reply Management
Dynamic Webpage Management
Customizable Roles Management
Custom Fields Configuration
Agent System Integration
Live Chat with Agents
Multi-channel Live Notifications (Slack, Browser, Email, SMS, Pusher)
Customer Login with Captcha Security
Social Media Login (Gmail, Facebook)
File Uploads Management
Automation Functions for Streamlined Operations
Knowledgebase Articles
Notification and Email Templates
Customizable Pages
Map/IP-based Automated Ticket Assignment
Automated Ticket Assignment Functions (Best agent, Location-based, Group-based, Category-based)
Ticket Categorization System
Reporting Capabilities

Demo Access

Admin/Agent Panel: https://pixeldesk.kodepixel.com/admin

Admin Username: admin || Password: 123123

Agent Username: agent || Password: 12345

User Panel: https://pixeldesk.kodepixel.com/

User Access:

Username: demo@pixeldesk.test  || Password: 12345


Server Requirements

  • PHP >= 8.*
  • GD PHP Extension
  • Ctype PHP Extension
  • BCMath PHP Extension
  • Fileinfo PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • JSON PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • XML PHP Extension

Laravel Easy Installer

Installing the PixelDesk ticket management system is a breeze with our user-friendly, step-by-step Laravel wizard installer. No programming knowledge is necessary; simply follow the comprehensive documentation provided to effortlessly install the system.

Enhanced Security Measures

PixelDesk, our cutting-edge support ticket application, empowers you with robust security features. Safeguard your system by effortlessly managing access to your application through country whitelisting and blacklisting capabilities. Defend against potential threats such as DOS attacks and prevent CSRF attacks, ensuring a secure environment for your support ticket operations.

Clean UI

The redesigned admin dashboard UI for this support ticket exudes professionalism and a clean aesthetic. Offering three distinct dashboard designs, including two tailored for admin panel users and one specifically crafted for customers, this interface elevates the user experience to a new level of sophistication and functionality.

Important Information

Image Sources: Please be aware that all images used are solely for DEMO purposes. They are not integrated into the template and are NOT included in the final purchase files.

Support Terms

Kindly note that our support team responds to requests as long as the support purchase period remains active. Our support service is provided according to the product/item support policy. To continue receiving support services, it’s necessary to extend or renew support for the item.

For Support: https://support.kodepixel.com


Version 1.7 [April 6, 2024]

## New Features:

1. Added a new trigger action allowing replies based on specific conditions.
2. Implemented dynamic ticket status fields with multi-language support
3. Introduced ticket department management functionality.
4. Added system operating hours; users can now see support agent availability based on operating hours.
5. Enhanced privacy controls:
    - Users can now delete their own tickets.
    - Agent names are now private in ticket replies.
    - Improved message seen privacy.
6. Implemented drag-and-drop functionality for the knowledge base, organized by department.
7. Added new notification options for superadmins for live chat.
8. Implemented a table-based ticket view page for both admin and user panels.

## Fixes:

1. Fixed an issue in the Admin panel where live chat messages couldn't be deleted.
2. Resolved the trigger lock cycle problem occurring with timeframe triggers.
3. Addressed the primary key issue with triggers.
4. Fixed the problem of duplicate ticket IDs.
5. Optimized queries and code for better performance.

Version 1.6 [March 8, 2024]

Resolved a 500 error with User Ticket details.
Fixed the issue with updating global templates.
Solved the problem with Ticket Bulk Delete.
odified the system upgrade function.
Made minor UI adjustments to fix a bug in the live chat feature.

Version 1.5 [March 5, 2024]

Live Chat in Admin Panel
Enhanced Ticket Creation Form
New Trigger System Integration
Implemented OTP System for Ticket Creation and Search
Integrated New AI Model
Article Live Search 
Envato and azure social auth added. 
Force SSL configuration added. 
Security Captcha added in the ticket submission form. 
Maintenance Mode add. 
Fixed a minor bug in the AI content generator function. 
Fixed a minor ui issues in category section
Code Optimization

Version 1.4 [January 15, 2024]

Tiket Reply optimize
Cron Job Issue Fixed
Article Optimize with frontend
Mail notification fixed for all reply
Chat option update
Code Optimize and Query Optimize
Add new Installation & update system with purchase key verify

Version 1.3 [December 29, 2023]

Bug Fixed
Fixed user dashboard 500 error
Fixed user existing ticket list open issue

Version 1.2 [December 27, 2023]

New Features
Ticket Management Enhancements:
Edit, delete, and draft options are now available for ticket messages, providing users with increased flexibility and control over their communication.
Ticket Sound Notifications:
Stay informed with the new sound notification feature for tickets, ensuring users never miss critical updates or messages.
Controllable Ticket Priority Field:
Users now have greater control over the ticket priority field, allowing for more effective and personalized management of support requests.
Web Visitor Feature:
Introducing the new web visitor feature, enhancing communication and engagement with visitors directly on your platform.
Security Enhancement:
Added a robust DOS attack prevention mechanism to bolster security and protect against potential threats.
Customizable Ticket Fields:
Enjoy more customization options for ticket custom fields, providing a tailored experience to meet unique business requirements.
Bug Fixes
minor bug fixes and performance enhancements have been implemented to ensure a seamless and efficient user experience.
Fixed a minor UI issue in the FAQ section

Version 1.1 [December 10, 2023]

New Features
Article Live Search
Envato and Azure social authentication added
Force SSL configuration added
Security Captcha added in the ticket submission form
Feature 5: Maintenance Mode added
Bug Fixes
Bug Fix 1: Fixed a minor AI content generator function bug
Bug Fix 2: Fixed a minor UI issue in the category section

Version 1.0

Initial Release

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