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Create Your Own Ai Face

Kotlin Android Source Code + Python Flask Backend Source Code


The application has 2 main features:

  • You can select a photo from your gallery, and the program will generate 6 unique AI character images based on your face. You can save these images to your gallery and share them.
  • You can select a photo from your gallery, erase the object you want to change in the image. For example, if someone is riding a bicycle in the picture, you can use the eraser tool within the program to remove the bicycle. Then, by typing “Motorcycle” in the prompt and pressing send, the AI engine will replace the erased object with a motorcycle on your behalf.

What’s in the Application?:

  • In-app purchases are available.
  • You can log in with an email and password.
  • Unity ads are included.
  • Admob ads are included.
  • You have 6 image editing trial attempts every 24 hours (unless you purchase token or lifetime access).
  • The app boasts a great UX and UI design, providing a visually appealing user experience.

What Do You Get When You Purchase?:

  • You will receive the source code for the app.
  • You will also receive the backend source code.

What Service Do You Receive When You Purchase?:

  • If you provide Play Console authorization, I can provide you with the .abb file and prepare the app for publishing.
  • I will set up the backend server.
  • I will be responsible for fixing any errors that occur in the app, but I will not add any additional features. Since you will have access to the source code, you can work with any Android developer of your choice.
  • I will add the Unity ad identifier.


Application Screenshots

(More available upon request. Serious buyers, please contact.)












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