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My Bazar Single Vendor & Multi Vendor Laravel eCommerce Website CMS PHP Script can be used as either a full-featured multi-vendor marketplace. Multi vendor Laravel ecommerce built with simplicity in mind, while being feature rich, with a clean and easy to extend codebase. It’s optimized for performance, and easy management with all kinds of advanced features. My Bazar is built on top of the Laravel PHP framework.

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Live Demo

Customer Panel

Username: or customer

Password: Pa$$w0rd!

Seller Panel


Password: seller22

Admin Panel

Super Admin:

Password: superadmin22


Password: admin22


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  • User Management
  • Role Management
  • Permissions
  • Page Builder
  • Menu Builder
  • Product Management
  • Order Manage
  • Review Manage
  • Payment Gateway Management
  • Rating Approval
  • Promotion & Discount Setup


  • Multi-Language
  • Multi-Currency
  • Mega Menu
  • Dynamic Slider
  • Wishlist
  • Multi-Level Category
  • Social Sharing
  • Customer Review
  • Unlimited Verint (Colors, Sizes, Other Attributes)
  • Product Video
  • Discount
  • Promotion
  • Live Search Option
  • Ajax Pagination
  • Custom Error Page
  • Order Tracking


  • Customer Profile
  • Order List
  • Set Default Shipping Address
  • Set Default Billing Address
  • Login with Both Email or Username

Highlighted Feature

  • Clean & Modern Frontend and Admin Interface
  • 100% Responsive Design
  • Product Attribute Option
  • Ajax Preload Load
  • Email Notification
  • Unlimited Color Option
  • Support Modern Browser and Cross-browser Compatibility.
  • Announcement & Popup Module.
  • Regular Updates Facilities.
  • Lifetime Free Update.
  • Premium and Quick Support.

Payment Methods

  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • Razorpay
  • Cash On Delivery


  • PHP >= 8
  • BCMath PHP Extension
  • Type PHP Extension
  • Fileinfo PHP Extension
  • JSON PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • XML PHP Extension
 Version 3.5  ( 09//02/2024 )

   1. profile update issue fixed
   2. product variation issue fixed 
   3. product wise stock report 
   4. Website offer notice added  
   5. Server upload image issue fixed 
   6. Note: After upload cPanel if image not showing just do  ( enter) 
   7. Improve some codes.
 Version 3.4  ( 26/08/2023 )

   1. Currencies issue Fixed update 
   2. product Search update 
   3. Code more optimized 
   4. Wholesale product serch & edit update 
   5. Category Brand design update 
   6. Product price  Search design update 
   7. Improve some codes.
 Version 3.3  ( 03/08/2023 )
   1. Home page UI update 
   2. product details page ui update 
   3. variation product issue fixed
   4. Delivery currier added
   5. Discount price issue fixed
   6. single vendor & multivendor user can use
   7. Top category Menu added
   8. add to cart issue fixed
   9. Buy now issue fixed
   10. cancel order issue fixed
   11. invoice seller name added
   12. shipping charge issue fixed
   13. seller profile banner issue fixed
   14. Fix some minor bug.
   15 . Improve some codes.
   16. admin password issue fixed
   17. coupon issue fixed

 Version 3.2  ( 10/07/2023 )
    1. Fixed some storage files issues.
    2. Fix some minor bug.
    3. Improve some codes.
 Version 3.0.1  ( 19/04/2023 )
    1. Fix some minor issues.
    2. Improve some codes.
    3. Product edit issue fixed. 
 Version 3.0.0  ( 03/04/2023 )
    1. Fixed database issues.
    2. Stock management.
    3. Product variation issues fixed.
    4. Product specifications pdf issues fixed.
    5. Product video issue fixed.
    6. Fixed some design issue.
    7. Fixed some responsive issue.
    8. Optimize some codes.
    9. Fixed some known issues.
    10. Vat issue fixed.
    11. Removed extra assets.
    12. Seller notifications.
    13. Admin notifications.
    14. Installation issues fixed.
    15. Documentation updated.
 Version 2.1   ( 21/02/2023 )
1. Seller registration issue fixed.
2. Image Optimized
3. Minor Bug Fixed
4. Load Optimized
 Version 2.0.0  ( 15/02/2023 )
1. Queries Optimized
2. Database re-design
3. Seller commissions bug fixed
4. Order table issue fixed
5. Seller report issues fixed 
6. Product variation added
7. Embed the product specification pdf
8. Product validation(Backend & Frontend) 
9. Fixed product issues
10. Forget password issues fixed
11. Product details(Frontend) page fully Dynamic
12. Fixed cart and checkout issues
13. Coupon issue fixed
14. Order return feature added for customer
15. Improve blog functionality
16. Customer profile image validation 
17. Profile Update feature added for customer
18. Seller profile update issue fixed
19. Pages active/inactive issue fixed
20. Courier feature added
21. Seller create and update issue fixed(Admin)
22. Withdraw system 
23. Order status update and commission issue fixed(Admin)
24. Improve product category feature
25. Fixed some known issues
 Version 1.0.4  ( 04/06/2022 )
1. database uploading bug Fixed
2. API order Bug Fixed
3. Language Bug Fixed
 Version 1.0.3  ( 01/06/2022 )
1. Coupon - Product wise
2. Coupon - On total purchase
3. Multi Language
4. RTL support
5. Add unlimited language.
6. Language - custom dictionary
7. Bugfix on duplicate items in Wishlist
8. API added
9. Minor Bug fix
 Version 1.0.2  ( 02/05/2022 )
Added international currency
 Version 1.0.1  ( 07/04/2022 )
Improve product cart
Added  payment Gateway
Added UAE dirham currency
Added Indian Rupee currency
Version 1.0.0
Initial Release

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