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This modern style radio player is a powerful and and extremely customizable plugin with Shoutcast, Icecast and Radiojar support and offers large amount of customization options and layout possibilities. Use the player anywhere in the page, stick it to page bottom or open the player in a popup window and listen music continuously across your webpage. Player responsive nature will adapt to any screen size and any device, whether you are on desktop browser, tablet or on your mobile phone.

Player is packed with a huge amount of features and customization options from different layouts, skins, color customization, social sharing, API, radio history, playlist support, and more…

Schedule Add on

Using Schedule addOn for Modern Radio Player For WordPress you can schedule any content to play on daily or weekly basis with predefined times during the day.

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Updates / Changelog

VERSION 4.4 [14.4.2024]

 - [UPDATE] php 8.3 compatibility

VERSION 4.35 [17.3.2024]

 - [UPDATE] volume seekbar incorrect size in popup 
 - [UPDATE] fixed skin missing playback rate button
 - [UPDATE] fixed skin volume icon broken 

VERSION 4.3 [7.1.2024]

 - [UPDATE] compatible with Schedule AddOn 

UPDATE 4.26 [4.1.2023]

 - [FIX] popup close init
 - [UPDATE] pointer events

VERSION 4.25 [22.11.2023]

 - [FIX] embed does not have player specific css file
 - [ADD] navigator share

UPDATE 4.2 [5.11.2023]

 - [FIX] server url in stats not to show undefined if url not exist
 - [UPDATE] add visualizer position (top / bottom)
 - [UPDATE] set logo default as css contain insteads of cover

VERSION 4.16 [3.11.2023]

 - [FIX] saving of some values in player manager

VERSION 4.15 [8.10.2023]

 - [FIX] css missing in popup window
 - [UPDATE] translation for error messages (radio offline etc)

VERSION 4.11 [5.8.2023]

 - [UPDATE] support for multiple custom template files.

UPDATE 4.1 [27.7.2023]

 - [FIX] prevent body horizontal scroll show when mini player animates back to normal player 
 - [FIX] playback rate toggle button not working if playback rate array contained strings
   [FIX] stations button opening station list if no stations available
 - [UPDATE] improved player semantics and seo
 - [UPDATE] add CSS media hover
 - [ADD] choose what player css skins to include in page (saves including css for all player skins)

UPDATE 4.02 [8.2.2023]

 - [FIX] ad manager, empty ad fields not required

UPDATE 4.01 [12.1.2023]

 - [FIX] history list missing artist

UPDATE 4.0 [2.1.2023]

 - [FIX] if you copy embed url that already contains player query url parameters, they will get doubled
 - [FIX] statistics not sorting by time played 

 - [UPDATE] converted player to javascript  
 - [UPDATE] set api key for Audiodb artwork
 - [UPDATE] on close popup window, show player in page again 

 - [ADD] option to insert advertising content into the player (Adsense, Amazon Affiliates, Commission Junction etc... any HTML) 
 - [ADD] option to auto open popup window
 - [ADD] option to autoplay when player comes into viewport
 - [ADD] option to minimize player to page bottom when user scrolls the page
 - [ADD] playback rate button in controls  
 - [ADD] option to convert to mini player in some skins
 - [ADD] option to use default browser scroll in playlist 
 - [ADD] HLS support 
 - [ADD] option to change player icons
 - [ADD] play audio adverts during radio playback 
 - [ADD] block editor for shortcode

UPDATE 3.65 [24.12.2022]

 - [FIX] icecast metadata url

UPDATE 3.6 [24.9.2022]

 - [FIX] artwork using cors when cors is disabled
 - [UPDATE] facebook share no longer requires api key
 - [UPDATE] whatsapp share  

UPDATE 3.51 [12.1.2022]

 - [FIX] radio stations not loading in player sometimes

UPDATE 3.5 [29.12.2021]

 - [FIX] artwork skin player cover not resizing properly
 - [FIX] default player artwork not set in artwork missing in some cases
 - [CHANGE] some skins reduced for simplicity 

 - [UPDATE] some admin ajaxify  
 - [UPDATE] more share networks added
 - [UPDATE] new callbacks (radioStartLoad, radioEndLoad)
 - [UPDATE] loadRadio api method

 - [ADD] song statistics (top played song daily, weekly, monthly, top played song per user)
 - [ADD] embed player option
 - [ADD] shortcode generator
 - [ADD] custom shortcodes with multiple radio stations
 - [ADD] create playlist from query string parameters
 - [ADD] templating system (design your own player skin from php, html, css) 
 - [ADD] optional audio visualizer while radio plays
 - [ADD] optional pills (tags) or select element with a list of radio stations to load while the radio plays

UPDATE 3.05 [7.12.2021]

 - [FIX] ios artwork not working
 - [UPDATE] option to show full title instead of splitting artist - title by dash character

UPDATE 3.0 [22.10.2021]

 - [FIX] when changing order of the stations in playlist manager by dragging, load first station in the player on start
 - [FIX] not working on ios
 - [ADD] option to use PerfectScrollbar instead of mCustomScroll in playlist 
 - [UPDATE] audiodb option for player artwork 
 - [UPDATE] option to close station list when select new station and go back to history list (was closed by default before)
 - [UPDATE] if history is not used, history title button is removed from playlist
 - [UPDATE] css update, moved to external files, only color settings remain 
 - [ADD] option to show server info (title, listeners, url etc...)  
 - [ADD] loading radio message when radio is loading
 - [UPDATE] display message when radio station is offline
 - [UPDATE] display message when radio metadata is not available 
 - [UPDATE] keyboard controls improve 

UPDATE 2.45 [14.7.2021]

 - [FIX] toggle volume

UPDATE 2.41 [29.12.2020]

 - [ADD] Specify your own radio metadata and history url

UPDATE 2.36 [9.5.2020]

 - [FIX] Radiojar history not synced

UPDATE 2.35 [19.4.2020]

 - [UPDATE] Shoutcast SLL improvements 

UPDATE 2.32 [13.2.2020]

 - [FIX] Icecast artist not showing

UPDATE 2.31 [29.1.2020]

 - [UPDATE] get artwork from radiojar metadata

UPDATE 2.3 [11.1.2020]

 - [UPDATE] SSL fix and more precise artwork cover results

UPDATE 2.21 [24.12.2019]

 - [FIX] radiojar fix

UPDATE 2.2 [19.12.2019]

 - [ADD] radiojar support
 - [UPDATE] support for multiple streams from a single server (SID)
 - [ADD] whatsapp share
 - [ADD] new skins (artwork, modern)

VERSION 1.1 [1.12.2019]

 - [FIX] duplicate player, playlist function jquery not defined

UPDATE 1.1 [6.9.2019]

 - [UPDATE] option to remove player shadow

UPDATE 1.05 [5.8.2019]

 - [UPDATE] improved icecast metadata parsing

VERSION 1.03 [23.7.2019]

 - [FIX] duplicate playlist

VERSION 1.0 [27.05.2019]

 - first release

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