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How to download Matcha Shopify Theme – Sabujcha Free ($48) and Nulled

Begin an e­xcellent trip with Matcha Shopify Theme – Sabujcha. Eve­ry part is carefully made to be fancy and use­ful. It has an amazing user experie­nce. Easily boost your online prese­nce as you enter this fine­ly tuned, great design. Discove­r the top of web design innovation. Each part smoothly joins to boost use­r engagement and satisfaction. Le­t Matcha Shopify Theme – Sabujcha be your doorway to digital success. Cre­ativity joins with beauty to redefine­ your online identity.

Matcha Shopify Theme – Sabujcha is a colorful as well as most responsive Shopify theme. This stunning theme looks nice for its simple, clean and modern flat design. It helps you to display your products in a vivid way. No matter all the important options are well organized and user friendly so that you can browse it smoothly. Using this modern theme you can change your site as your free will. This responsive theme is specially designed for selling your tea, green tea, coffee, organic drinks, tea accessories, and other tea products.

Matcha Shopify Theme
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Besides, Sabujcha provides everything you need, that’s why it is easy to customize your green tea website. It brings more choices for you. You will get all possible items in this new theme. Definitely, it ensures tons of features which are unique and modern. There are 2 new Home versions along with single RTL Version, Quick Install, Shopify Builder, Theme Colors, Notification Bar, Quick View, Multiple Banner, Newsletter, and Instafeed. It also comes with Facebook comment, Our Services, Google Analytics, Cross Browser, and Well Documentation and so on.

Hopefully, this cross – browser optimized Sabujcha – Matcha Shopify Theme is the best eCommerce theme to promote your products. Enjoy it now!

Main features:

  • Quick Install
  • Shopify Builder
  • Theme Colors
  • Newsletter Popup
  • Notification Bar
  • Ajax Popup Cart
  • Ajax Wishlist
  • Quick View
  • RTL Support
  • Slideshow
  • Multiple Currency
  • Feature Product
  • Product With Carousel
  • Multiple Banner
  • Instafeed
  • Brand Logo
  • Newsletter
  • Testimonial
  • Our Services
  • Footer Content
  • Disqus comment
  • Facebook comment
  • Product review
  • Product Video
  • Custom Tab
  • Shortcodes
  • 15+ Preloader
  • Google Analytics
  • Fully Responsive
  • Cross Browser Optimization
  • Well Documentation

change log

Version: 1-1-7 — DATE: 16 – January – 2023

  -  Sticky cart issue has been fix.
  -  Banner responsive issue has been fix.
  -  Minor CSS Issue Fixed.
  -  Currency Updated.
  -  Minor Responsive CSS Issue Fixed.
  -  Product page has been update
  -  Product Grid has been update.

Version: 1-1-6 — DATE: 14 – September – 2022

- Product Page Updated
- CSS issue fixed
- Product Customizer updated
- New Product Section Added

Version: 1-1-5 — DATE: 23 – April – 2022

    - Online Store 2.0 Doc Update
    - Minor CSS issue fixed
    - Minor Resposive CSS Issue Fixed.
    - New Banner Section Added

Version: 1-1-4 — DATE: 22 – September – 2021

    - Online Store 2.0 All demo Presets ready 
    - CSS issue fixed

Version: 1-1-3 —-—-DATE:05 – Aug – 2021

    - Migrated to Shopify Online Store 2.0
    - More flexible, and more maintainable
    - Sections on every page 
    - Drag & drop on every page
    - password Page Added
    - product unit price Added 
    - CSS issue fixed.

Version: 1-1-2 —-—-DATE: 27 – June – 2021

  -  Minor CSS Issue Fixed.
  -  Minor Responsive CSS Issue Fixed.
  -  Added jquery migrate.
  -  Updated Wishlist.
  -  Recommended App.

Version: 1-1-1 —-—-DATE:10 – February – 2021

1. Fixed:
- CSS Issue
- Minor Responsive Issue Fixed
2. Updated:
- Customizer
- Copyright

Version: 1-0-9 —-—-DATE:08-July-2020

1. Added: New Home Layout 
2. Added: Categories Section
3. Added: Banner New Style
4. Minor Responsive Issue Fixed
5. Minor CSS Issue Fixed

Version: 1-0-8 —-—-DATE:28-April-2020

1. Added: New Home Layout 
2. Added: Slider Three Section
3. Added: Product Grid New Style
4. Minor Responsive Issue Fixed
5. Minor CSS Issue Fixed

Version: 1-0-7 —-—-DATE:23-Oct-2019

1. Added: New Landing Page 
2. Added: Fixed Banner Section
3. Added: Video section New Style
4. Minor Responsive Issue Fixed
5. Minor CSS Issue Fixed

Version: 1-0-6 —-—-DATE:16-Sep-2019

1. Added: New Home Layout 
2. Added: Categories Banner Section
3.Added:  Video section New Style
4. Updated: Slider Two Options & Color Support
5. Minor Responsive Issue Fixed
6. Minor CSS Issue Fixed

Version: 1-0-5 —-—-DATE:22-Aug-2019

1. Added: Countdown special product Section
2. Added: Categories Product Banner Section
3. Updated: Slider One Color Support
4. Minor Responsive Issue Fixed
5. Minor CSS Issue Fixed

Version: 1-0-4 —-—-DATE:03-July-2019

1. Added: Footer Social Widget
2. Updated: Customizer

Version: 1-0-3 —-—-DATE: 21-June-2019

1. Added: Shopify Newsletter
2. Fixed: Minor CSS Issue 
3. Updated: Customizer
4. Color supprot: Breadcrumbs

Version: 1-0-2 —-—-DATE: 25-January-2019

1,Fixed              :Slider fixed
2.Fixed.             :Newsletter fixed
3.Updated         :Responsive Has Been Updated.

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