Lumia – Multipurpose Shopify Theme OS 2.0 – Multilanguage – RTL Support Donwload Free(Nulled)

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Download Free Lumia – Multipurpose Shopify Theme OS 2.0 – Multilanguage – RTL Support Nulled

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How to download Lumia – Multipurpose Shopify Theme OS 2.0 – Multilanguage – RTL Support Free ($48) and Nulled

Begin an e­xcellent trip with Lumia – Multipurpose Shopify Theme OS 2.0 – Multilanguage – RTL Support. Eve­ry part is carefully made to be fancy and use­ful. It has an amazing user experie­nce. Easily boost your online prese­nce as you enter this fine­ly tuned, great design. Discove­r the top of web design innovation. Each part smoothly joins to boost use­r engagement and satisfaction. Le­t Lumia – Multipurpose Shopify Theme OS 2.0 – Multilanguage – RTL Support be your doorway to digital success. Cre­ativity joins with beauty to redefine­ your online identity.

We are glad to present you our the most perfect Shopify 2.0 theme, which supports Sections Everywhere with high metric scores by Google page speed insight. This is the most mobile-oriented theme that will be convenient on any of your devices.

Lumia - Multipurpose Shopify Theme OS 2.0 - Multilanguage - RTL Support - 1

Lumia - Multipurpose Shopify Theme OS 2.0 - Multilanguage - RTL Support - 2












Lumia - Multipurpose Shopify Theme OS 2.0 - Multilanguage - RTL Support - 3

Lumia - Multipurpose Shopify Theme OS 2.0 - Multilanguage - RTL Support - 4

Lumia Shopify theme was featured item

Lumia Shopify theme was featured item

Lumia - Shopify Theme

General Features

  • 3D Variants Ready
  • Additional Product Options – new
  • Advanced Faq
  • Auto Renew Countdown
  • Banners
  • Banners Synchronized With Products
  • Сaching Everything
  • Cart Product Edit On The Fly – new
  • Checkout Order Note
  • Colorization
  • Dark / Light Mode Toggler – new
  • Extended Products Filter
  • Extended Search
  • Fonts
  • Free Shipping
  • Frequently Bought Together – new
  • Images Aspect Ratio
  • Infinite Blog Posts
  • Infinite Collection Products
  • Infinite Products On The Product Page
  • Megamenu
  • Mobile Convenient Interface
  • Objects Image Hover
  • Previous Next
  • Product Subscriptions – new
  • Product Options
  • Quick Shop
  • Quick Vendors Filter
  • Recently Viewed Items – new
  • Sections Blocks Sort
  • Sections Everywhere
  • Shipping Calculator – new
  • Collection Sidebar Hide and Fixed Mode
  • Sitemap
  • Skins
  • Sticky Add To Cart
  • Subcollections – new
  • Translated Admin Panel – new
  • Theme Styles
  • User Experience
  • Wishlist

You can read more about available Lumia theme features in documentation.

Sections Everywhere Ready. Huge selection of section widgets:

  1. Banners
    1. Banners / Constructor
    2. Styles on the fly
    3. Banners / preset 1 (Cars ex. boxed 2×2)
    4. Banners / preset 2 (Fashion ex. fullwidth 2×1)
    5. Banners / preset 3 (Fashion ex. fullwidth 3×1 with white box)
    6. Banners / preset 4 (Fashion ex. fullwidth 4×1 with short white box)
    7. Banners / preset 5 (Fashion ex. fullwidth 2×1 with white box)
    8. Banners / preset 6 (Shoes ex. fullwidth 2×1)
    9. Banners / preset 7 (Toys ex. fullwidth 2×1+1×1)
    10. Banners / preset 8 (Toys ex. fullwidth 2×1)
    11. Banners / preset 9 (Bags ex. fullwidth mosaic 2+2)
    12. Banners / preset 10 (Electronics ex. mosaic 4×1)
    13. Banners / preset 11 (Pets ex. 4×1)
    14. Banners / preset 12 (Nutrition ex. fullwidth 3×1)
    15. Slideshow / Constructor
    16. Slideshow / preset 1 Classic Style 1
    17. Slideshow / preset 2 Classic Style 2
    18. Slideshow / preset 3 Fullheight style 1
    19. Slideshow / preset 4 Fullheight style 2
    20. Slideshow / preset 5 Boxed style 1
    21. Slideshow / preset 6 Ellipse
    22. Slideshow / preset 7 Ellipse Fullheight style 3
  2. Blog Posts
    1. Blog posts / Constructor
    2. Blog posts / preset 1 Default
    3. Blog posts / preset 2 Modern
    4. Blog posts / preset 3 Compact
  3. Brands
    1. Brands / constructor
    2. Brands / preset Default
    3. Brands / preset 1 (4×3 grid-carousel)
    4. Brands / preset 2 (6×1 carousel of circles)
    5. Brands / preset 3 (6×1 carousel of rectangles)
    6. Brands / preset 4 (6×1 carousel of bordered circles)
  4. Categories
    1. Categories / Constructor
    2. Styles on the fly
    3. Categories / preset Big
    4. Categories / preset Informative
    5. Categories / preset Title inner
    6. Categories / preset Title inner (rectangular)
    7. Categories / preset Title inner (rectangular) fluid
    8. Categories / preset Title under (4 in row)
    9. Categories / preset Title under (6 in row)
    10. Categories styled
  5. Categories With Subcategories
    1. Categories expanded
    2. Categories With Subcategories + Slider
  6. Chart
  7. Contact Us
    1. Contact Form / Constructor
    2. Contact Form / preset 1 Feedback form + Map
    3. Contact Form / preset 2 Map + Feedback form
    4. Contact Form / preset 3 Only Feedback form
    5. Contact Form / preset 4 Only Map
  8. Faq
    1. FAQ / Constructor
    2. FAQ / preset 1 Classic tabbed
    3. FAQ / preset 2 Full list
    4. FAQ / preset 3 Alternate
    5. FAQ / preset 4 Modern tabbed
    6. FAQ / preset 5 Modern full list
  9. Featured Product
    1. Product single / Constructor
    2. Product single / preset 1 Central image (Toys ex.)
    3. Product single / preset 1 Central image reversed (Toys ex.)
    4. Product single / preset 2 Side image (Bags ex.)
    5. Product single / preset 2 Side image reversed (Bags ex.)
  10. Gallery
  11. Icons With Text
    1. Icons / constructor
    2. Style on the fly
    3. Icons / preset 1 Horizontal
    4. Icons / preset 2 Vertical
    5. Icons / preset 1 Horizontal with backgroound
    6. Icons / preset 2 Vertical with backgroound
  12. Image With Text
    1. Text with image / constructor
    2. Text with image / preset Pets
    3. Text with image / preset Shoes
    4. Text with image / preset Toys
    5. Text with image / preset Cars in footer
    6. Text with image / preset Cars in header
    7. Text with image / preset image on the right
    8. Text with image / preset image on the left
  13. Instagram
    1. Instagram / Constructor
    2. Instagram / preset 1 Grid of circles
    3. Instagram / preset 2 Grid of squares
    4. Instagram / preset 3 Grid of squares
    5. Instagram / preset 4 Carousel of squares
    6. How to get Instagram access token
  14. Lookbook
    1. Lookbook / Constructor
    2. Lookbook/ preset 1 Fullwidth 3×1
    3. Lookbook/ preset 2 Boxed 2×2
    4. Lookbook/ preset 3 Boxed 3×1
    5. Lookbook/ preset 4 Fullwidth 4×2 no space
  15. Product Carousel With Tabs
  16. Product Carousel
    1. Products carousel / Constructor
    2. Products carousel / preset 1 Default
    3. Products carousel / preset 2 Small banner
    4. Products carousel / preset 3 Wide banner
    5. Products carousel / preset 4 Countdown
    6. Products carousel / preset 5 Compact heading
    7. Products carousel / preset 6 Carousel 2×1 with wide card
  17. Product Grid
    1. Products grid / Constructor
    2. Products grid / preset Default
    3. Products grid / preset 1 Fullwidth carousel of grids
    4. Products grid / preset 2 Mini
    5. Products grid / preset 3 Mini with banner
  18. Quote With Image
    1. Product reviews / constructor
    2. Product reviews / preset Toys
  19. Recently Viewed Items
  20. Product Reviews
    1. Product reviews / constructor
    2. Product reviews / preset Toys
  21. Testimonials
    1. Testimonials / Constructor
    2. Store testimonials / preset 1 Carousel
    3. Store testimonials / preset 2 Carousel with banner
  22. Social Media
  23. Video
    1. Youtube Video
    2. Vimeo Video

You can read more about Lumia theme sections in documentation.


Version 4.0.0 from 2024-03-20 (visual browsing)

- ADDED: Visual inventory status in the product swatches
- ADDED: Crossed soldout variants in the product swatches
- ADDED: +2 New skins: MakeUp, Sweets Store
- ADDED: Option to show only products on advanced search (without articles and text pages)
- ADDED: Language selector option - truncate or not truncate language names
- ADDED: Option to show hide the footer group links by default on mobile
- ADDED: Option to enable/disable a subscription badge on the product card
- ADDED: Sale price for product cards - Modern
- ADDED: Section background image for mobile option
- ADDED: Section background color option
- ADDED: New section Categories Accordion
- ADDED: New layout for Blog Posts section - Preset 4 Accordion
- ADDED: New layout for Instagram section - Preset 5 Grid of squares Mixed
- ADDED: New layout for Features list section - Cards
- ADDED: New layout for Categories section - Preset Title inner (shaped)
- ADDED: New layout for Slideshow - Preset 11 Boxed (Sweets ex.)
- ADDED: On-scroll animation effect
- ADDED: Visual progress for the back-to-top button
- ADDED: Boxed mode for the sticky header
- IMPROVED: 'From' price in the product
- IMPROVED: Mobile view of the navigation layer
- IMPROVED: Wishlist delete action
- IMPROVED: Product page optimization for Safari browser
- IMPROVED: Customer account page templates
- IMPROVED: Ticker gallery captions
- FIXED: Header style  5 mobile search
- FIXED: Slider pagination when section has a bottom separator

Version 3.0.1 from 2023-12-31

- IMPROVED: Product card options (vertical scroll)
- IMPROVED: Games skin (horizontal scroll)
- IMPROVED: Product quantity in product cards; 
- IMPROVED: Product card options
- IMPROVED: Logo in header sticky;
- FIXED: Wishlist deleting of absent variants
- FIXED: Search page options filtering

Version 3.0.0 from 2023-12-06 (visual browsing)

- ADDED: New skin Natural Cosmetics
- ADDED: New skin Games Electronics
- ADDED: new categories section Categories / preset Title under (circle, 8 in row)
- ADDED: new slideshow section Slideshow / preset 10 Modern (Games ex.)
- ADDED: new ticker section Ticker - Large
- ADDED: new ticker section Ticker - Large + Countdown
- ADDED: new banners section Slideshow / preset 10 Modern (Games ex.)
- ADDED: Revers option for section Products grid - Mini horizontal with banner
- ADDED: New style for Collapsible FAQ
- ADDED: New Faq preset section Faq / preset 6 Tabbed list - Collapsible Style 2
- ADDED: News section Gallery - Ticker
- ADDED: News options for default Gallery section Ticker mode
- ADDED: new banners section Banners / preset 15 (Cosmetics ex. mosaic 2+3+2)
- ADDED: Video support in all banner sections
- ADDED: New section Features list - Circle
- ADDED: "Before -> After" support for all image + text sections
- ADDED: Option to hide empty categories in navigation
- ADDED: All sections custom background image support
- ADDED: Localization for date in blog
- IMPROVED: Product price 'from' in products with diff prices

Version 2.2.3 from 2023-11-20 (visual browsing)

- ADDED: Section decorators system
- ADDED: Font-size interface in sections Single product
- ADDED: Ukrainian localization
- ADDED: Custom product badges
- ADDED: New section on the default home page
- IMPROVED: Slideshow image quality when boxed mode
- IMPROVED: SEO  h1 on the collection page
- IMPROVED: Footer payments quality
- IMPROVED: Collection options Enable sorting / Enable sidebar
- IMPROVED: Lookbook image quality when 1 per row
- IMPROVED: RTL support is added for localization he-IL
- IMPROVED: Text with Image sections - added image bg loader colorization
- FIXED: Wishlist dropdown was empty when header layout 5 was enabled

Version 2.2.2 from 2023-10-26 (visual browsing)

- ADDED: Option 'View product' instead of 'Add to cart' for product cards
- ADDED: Additional navigation only for Mobile and option to divide desktop and mobile navigations
- ADDED: 3rd level navigation support for categories dropdown in header layout 2
- ADDED: Collections autoloader in all categories sections
- ADDED: Option to make collections sidebar always visible (strictly)
- ADDED: Opacity for categories section layout - Big circles
- ADDED: New advanced section Search with different presets
- ADDED: Option to show prev next products on mobile
- ADDED: Full control of product swatches design - customize as you need
- ADDED: New sticky header for header 5
- ADDED: Section lookbook - 1 per row option
- IMPROVED: Product card - Combined layout

Version 2.2.1 from 2023-10-17 (visual)

- ADDED: Full product inventory control - show/hide quantity fields in different product cards
- ADDED: Option show/hide checkout agreement (I agree with store policies) individually on the product page
- ADDED: Option individual colorization for categories sections
- ADDED: Compact sticky add to cart (auto enabling for products with only one default variant and with disabled icons in the sticky)
- ADDED: Complementary products support for frequently bought together widgets. Sync with Search & Discovery app - recommendations.
- ADDED: New Faq preset - collapsible answers
- ADDED: Option individual colorization for Single product sections

- ADDED: Frequently bought together widget is enabled by default without setup on the product page and in the cart
- IMPROVED: Section categories - layout Informative
- IMPROVED: pre-connect disabled if no Google fonts enabled
- IMPROVED: Cover image for video sections
- FIXED: Collection sidebar filter if only categories filter enabled
- FIXED: Option - Enable soft appearance of sections

Version 2.2.0 from 2023-10-08

- ADDED: Option to search only products (without info pages and blog articles)
- ADDED: Option to show/hide collection description globally
- ADDED: New planet icon + option to show icon instead of 'Lang, Currency' text on mobile in burger menu
- ADDED: Option for fast megamenu catalog popup loading
- ADDED: Option to disable product image zoom
- ADDED: New product card layout - Combined
- ADDED: Extended colorization control of  bottom navigation on mobile 
- ADDED: Collapsible answers option in the faq sections
- ADDED: Options for open search on mobile
- IMPROVED: Closed / Open state of the collection sidebar filter
- IMPROVED: Shipping calculator
- FIXED: Product crossed-out options when a product has three options

Version 2.1.9 from 2023-09-29

- ADDED: Badges support in the footer navigation
- ADDED: Options to control announcements-bar height/font-size on mobile/desktop
- ADDED: New X icon instead of old Twitter icon
- ADDED: Independent method to reload theme cart and show side popup - best solution for 3rd part apps that have add-to-cart functionality
- ADDED: Per row options for icons section
- ADDED: Image icons support for icons section
- IMPROVED: Sections Subtitle font-size control
- IMPROVED: Price template for modern product card
- IMPROVED: Sidebar categories filter
- IMPROVED: Tags filter on the product page

Version 2.1.8 from 2023-09-24

- ADDED: Autodisabling checkbox 'I agree with store policies' if dynamic 'buy now' button is disabled
- ADDED: Individual grid banners and slideshow banners captions colorization
- ADDED: Color options for product name, and product price (regular and old) on the product page
- ADDED: Promo mod - option to truncate product name
- ADDED: Option to set buttons rounding on/off (is not inherited from global rounding)
- IMPROVED: Product images cover mode
- ADDED: Slideshow autoplay speed control
- ADDED: Custom icons svg to all icons widgets
- IMPROVED: Product cards cover off mode
- IMPROVED: Ask about the product popup - added current product(variant) name and SKU information in the question automatically
- IMPROVED: Brands sections - added only Grid layout (default is the carousel of grids)
- FIXED: Bottom mobile navigation control

Version 2.1.7 from 2023-09-21

- ADDED: New 5 sections
- ADDED: New skin T-Shirts
- ADDED: Vendor products link on product page
- ADDED: Tags filtering on the product page
- ADDED: Option to show arrows for megamenu 1st level parent items
- ADDED: Option to show/hide collection grid per row interface
- ADDED: Option to paste custom SVG icons into the icons sections
- ADDED: Interface to set carousel brands grid on mobile
- ADDED: Option to show short product links without a collection name
- ADDED: Collection tags filtering from the product page
- ADDED: New section - Text with image / preset image on the right (no spaces)
- ADDED: Button add to cart height option on the product page
- ADDED: Option hide/show quantity selector in the sticky add to cart on the product page for desktop
- ADDED: Option to show megamenu catalog popup on Event: Click or Mouseover
- IMPROVED: Product page wishlist button click animation
- IMPROVED: Spanish localization for the promo products section
- IMPROVED: Product card option - Disable hover layer
- IMPROVED: Adding to cart process with disabled header mini cart
- IMPROVED: Product options color groups changing on click event
- IMPROVED: Cart page layout on mobile
- IMPROVED: Text with image sections
- FIXED: Recently viewed products - were the visible empty cards of the unavailable products

Version 2.1.6 from 2023-09-07

- collection.json template update

Version 2.1.5 from 2023-09-07

- ADDED: Ajax add to cart on product page - on/off
- ADDED: Add to wishlist button on the product page on the right side to the main add to cart buttons
- ADDED: Inner horizontal product tabs
- ADDED: Option to show/hide price 'from'
- ADDED: Hide on mobile option for products carousel
- ADDED: Compact mode for product carousel when 1 slide per row
- IMPROVED: Subcollections
- IMPROVED: Categories grid - added links on previews 
- IMPROVED: Brands carousel - increased limit for automatic loading vendors from Shopify
- IMPROVED: Products carousel - added card hover image changing when 1 product per row
- FIXED: Currency TRY
- FIXED: Product add to cart action in section Single product, Product carousel (1 per row), and lookbook

Version 2.1.4 from 2023-09-01

- ADDED: Custom payment logos
- IMPROVED: Banners mosaic grid
- IMPROVED: Address zip validation
- IMPROVED: 'View all' button control in sections
- IMPROVED: Brands limit extended for megamenu
- FIXED: Close/open filter in memory
- FIXED: Cart 'quantity increased' status

Version 2.1.3 from 2023-08-28

- ADDED: Full control of bottom mobile navigation
- IMPROVED: Pre-order
- IMPROVED: Sort by price in grid
- FIXED: Product horizontal quantity field
- FIXED: Main product image
- FIXED: SEK currency price
- FIXED: Edit line item qty

Version 2.1.1 from 2023-08-23

- ADDED: Option to show/hide taxes information under the price on the product page
- ADDED: Slider video loop option
- ADDED: Option to show/hide checkout button in the header cart
- ADDED: Icons section preset 3 - bordered
- ADDED: Header cart option - remove currency code
- ADDED: Arrows for product tabs
- IMPROVED: Mobile sticky 'add to cart' button adds a product to the cart if there are no product variants else scrolls to variants selection
- IMPROVED: Cover mode for product images
- IMPROVED: RTL mode for product carousel - 1 per row
- IMPROVED: Product quantity interface for soldout products
- FIXED: Show currency codes option
- FIXED: Many in-stock status colorization
- FIXED: SEK price currency
- FIXED: Gallery section when more than one

Version 2.1.0 from 2023-08-11

- ADDED: New slider section
- ADDED: New mosaic banners section
- ADDED: New products grid section with fixed banner
- ADDED: New products carousel section with 1 per row product
- ADDED: Option to show/hide catalog dropdown in mobile
- IMPROVED: Product short descriptions

Version 2.0.7 from 2023-07-31

- ADDED: Product inventory control
- IMPROVED: Shipping calculator

Version 2.0.6 from 2023-07-24

- ADDED: Get help header popup in mobile view
- IMPROVED: Recently viewed items section - enabled sold-out products
- IMPROVED: Collection product grid per row selector
- UPDATED: Cart item order

Version 2.0.5 from 2023-07-18

- ADDED: Megamenu - dropdown layout Columns - added option 2-5 per row
- ADDED: Option to hide list mode in the collection products grid
- IMPROVED: Product carousel section button description
- IMPROVED: Contact map & form section
- FIXED: Collection top featured filter on the all products page

Version 2.0.3 from 2023-07-14

- ADDED: Product page gallery cover mode
- ADDED: Gmap and WhatsApp icons to Social media section
- IMPROVED: Images quality for high store width
- IMPROVED: Mobile catalog navigation
- IMPROVED: Blog post sections
- IMPROVED: Faq section - Modern layout
- UPDATED: Shipping calculator currency to the latest requirements
- FIXED: Price filter

Version 2.0.2 from 2023-07-03

- ADDED: Option to use original image width or custom width for product media zoom
- ADDED: Option to check by default checkbox 'I agree to the store policies'
- ADDED: Option to show currency information to quickly differentiate the currency sign, e.g. $ USD, $ COP, $ CAD, etc
- IMPROVED: Header gets help popup
- IMPROVED: Currencies that use comma decimals
- IMPROVED: Google product structured data
- IMPROVED: Product images quality for the fullwidth store on the collection page
- CHANGED: Support icon in header settings popup

Version 2.0.1 from 2023-06-30

- ADDED: More sale ticker options
- ADDED: Header get help popup option to enable/disable
- ADDED: Custom mobile width for setting up when enabling 1 and 2 products cards per row
- ADDED: Ready aspect ratio presets for product images: portrait, landscape, square, and custom (default is square)
- IMPROVED: Product price output
- IMPROVED: Collection layout
- IMPROVED: Collection filter categories - added active status
- IMPROVED: Banners link
- FIXED: 3rd level in the navigation of section 'Categories tree + slider'

Version 2.0.0 from 2023-06-25

- ADDED: Trustoo Product & Ali Reviews app compatibility
- ADDED: Self-hosted video section autoplay option
- ADDED: Auto-selecting header settings icons
- ADDED: Option to hide informative boxes icon+text in the  bottom 'sticky add to cart on product page
- ADDED: Option to set transparent product images in product cards
- ADDED: Readmore buttons to all image + text sections
- ADDED: Option enable/disable pjpg optimization for product images
- ADDED: Latvian language support
- ADDED: App Appstle℠ Loyalty & Rewards overlaps buttons theme style compatibility
- ADDED: Auto mute in the video sections - Autoplaying videos only work if they are muted
- ADDED: New header widget with contact information
- ADDED: New settings for product cards
- ADDED: Static shipping information in the header cart (if your country does not support Shopify shipping carriers)
- ADDED: New categories sections - carousels
- ADDED: Option to disable sections animated appearance on scroll
- ADDED: Collection filter sidebar new block - categories (3 levels)
- IMPROVED: Sortable product custom html block
- IMPROVED: Megamenu boxed layout
- IMPROVED: Video section 'shop now' button on mobile
- IMPROVED: Canonical tags for Google Search Console
- IMPROVED: Removed hover effect on touch screens in mobile phone
- IMPROVED: Announcement bar sliding if a single announcement only
- IMPROVED: Vendors limit in the megamenu dropdown - layout Boxed
- FIXED: 'Add a note' localization

Version 1.2.9 from 2023-05-25

- ADDED: Video section option to show linked button 
- ADDED: Electronics slider autoplay
- ADDED: Megamenu collection links quick view
- ADDED: Sortable product page block 'Custom HTML' with global static content and dynamic source support
- ADDED: Sortable product block 'Icons Info'
- ADDED: Option to show linked button on video sections
- ADDED: Show/Hide title option in sortable product block 'Short description'
- IMPROVED: Single product section
- IMPROVED: Color swatches
- FIXED: Pinterest icon in social media

Version 1.2.8 from 2023-05-19

- FIXED: Theme Styles / Skin presets and Typography presets import

Version 1.2.7 from 2023-05-18

- ADDED: 3 layouts for prev next products
- ADDED: Options to show the main product in frequently bought together products module
- ADDED: Header 1st level navigation desktop/mobile font-size options
- ADDED: SEO h1-h2 sections with only heading
- IMPROVED: Product availability status
- IMPROVED: Quick view on mobile
- IMPROVED: Global products aspect ratio
- IMPROVED: Product variant swatches
- UPDATED: Documentation offline and online
- FIXED: FBT list layout truncating titles

Version 1.2.6 from 2023-05-16

- ADDED: Limiting posts count in blog posts sections
- ADDED: Option to use original youtube, Vimeo, and HTML video players without cover images
- ADDED: Header cart items inventory notifications
- ADDED: 3-5 columns options for boxed layout in megamenu
- ADDED: Advanced product availability information
- ADDED: Option to use default youtube and Vimeo and browser players without a cover image
- IMPROVED: Variant's picker

Version 1.2.5 from 2023-05-10

- ADDED: Option to show sale badge and sale ticker globally and individually per product
- IMPROVED: Wishlist and Recently Viewed Products
- IMPROVED: Disabling add to cart in the product cart

Version 1.2.4 from 2023-05-09

- IMPROVED: Product swatches tooltip (now is shown only on image swatches hover)
- IMPROVED: Rte content
- IMPROVED: Product swatches tooltip
- IMPROVED: Faq modern layout
- IMPROVED: Product card when add to cart button is disabled
- ADDED: Mobile header burger alignment (left and right)
- ADDED: Option 'Hide add to cart button on the product page
- ADDED: Different apps compatibility
- FIXED: Theme Styles
- FIXED: Memory overflow due to script countdown

Version 1.2.2 from 2023-05-03

- IMPROVED: Option hide quantity on product page
- IMPROVED: Option "Hide out of stock items" on the collection page search popup
- IMPROVED: Enable / Disable filtering on the product page
- IMPROVED: Horizontal product card, if add to cart button, is disabled
- IMPROVED: Section heading if the layout is 'left' alignment
- ADDED: Reward app compatibility and others
- ADDED: Products grid sections with center alignment

Version 1.2.1 from 2023-05-02

- ADDED: Sections heading font size option
- ADDED: Options to hide quantity in the product card
- ADDED: Product page hide quantity option
- IMPROVED: Search popup product placeholders
- IMPROVED: Recently purchased products popup
- FIXED: Section products grid 'Per row' option
- FIXED: Horizontal product card cover mode

Version 1.2.0 from 2023-05-01

- ADDED: Shopify apps jQuery noConflict
- ADDED: Text + image section reverse option
- IMPROVED: Shipping calculator
- IMPROVED: Product card image quality on the screens with DPI 1.0
- IMPROVED: Google Fonts
- IMPROVED: Login popup animation
- IMPROVED: Richeditor content
- IMPROVED: Typography options and theme style presets
- UPDATED: Header-5 layout navigation 1st level uppercase for fixed mode

Version 1.1.9 from 2023-04-29

- ADDED: Self-hosted video in a slideshow
- ADDED: Section Video Self-Hosted
- ADDED: Theme Styles for badge ticker (in product cards)
- ADDED: Theme Styles for section ticker
- ADDED: Hide out-of-stock products  option in the main section of the collection page
- IMPROVED: Announcement bar
- IMPROVED: Product reviews apps sync
- IMPROVED: Product card cover enable/disable option
- IMPROVED: Product card aspect ratio settings

Version 1.1.8 from 2023-04-25

- ADDED: Option disable min height for quick shop popup
- ADDED: Option to select the custom icon for header settings block
- ADDED: Product Cards Sale Ticker
- ADDED: Section Ticker
- IMPROVED: Rivyo Product Reviews & QA app compatibility

Version 1.1.7 from 2023-04-23

- IMPROVED: Catalog mode
- IMPROVED: Product compare at price
- ADDED: Option to hide some filter options from the collection filter sidebar
- FIXED: Collection price filter

Version 1.1.6 from 2023-04-22

- Fixed Bags and Toys skin import

Version 1.1.5 from 2023-04-22

- Minor changes to slideshow presets

Version 1.1.4 from 2023-04-21

- ADDED: Newsletter popup animation
- ADDED: Rivyo Product Reviews & QA app compatibility
- IMPROVED: Product buy now button layout
- IMPROVED: Quick search tags in search popup enabling/disabling
- FIXED: Single(Featured) product sections
- FIXED: Mobile bottom sticky on product page

Version 1.1.3 from 2023-04-20

- FIXED: Logo in header layout 2,3,4,5,6

Version 1.1.2 from 2023-04-19

- FIXED: Product main tab description

Version 1.1.1 from 2023-04-19

- ADDED: Copyright edit moved from file to theme settings
- ADDED: Slideshow button link target="_blank" option
- ADDED: Announcement-bar section target="_blank" option for links
- IMPROVED: Mobile optimization for carousel with tabs
- IMPROVED: Mobile optimization for carousel with tabs
- IMPROVED: Products grid center alignment by default
- FIXED: Wishlist prompt in the header cart when wishlist disabled
- FIXED: Slideshow button custom text

Version 1.1.0 from 2023-04-18

- ADDED: Pickup enable/disable option
- ADDED: Search popup option to disable start product carousel
- ADDED: Logo  desktop/mobile width option
- IMPROVED: Slideshow autoplay control
- FIXED: Sticky header login icon when Accounts are disabled in Shopify globally
- FIXED: Wishlist disabling

Version 1.0.9 from 2023-04-14

- Minor rtl improvement for slider autoplay control

Version 1.0.8 from 2023-04-14

- ADDED: Category filter in megamenu catalog popup
- ADDED: Banners slider autoplay
- ADDED: Option sticky header always visible
- ADDED: Collection products grid fullwidth option
- Minor improvements

Version 1.0.6 from 2023-04-11

- ADDED: Header cart reservation
- ADDED: Option to show at once checkout button in mobile header cart
- ADDED: Fixed bottom button in mobile catalog popup
- IMPROVED: Mobile header cart

Version 1.0.5 from 2023-04-09

- IMPROVED: Shopify Inbox app compatibility

Version 1.0.4 from 2023-04-07

- ADDED: 3rd part Apps blocks placement option on the product page
- FIXED: APP sections width
- FIXED: Theme verification on the 'Coming soon page'
- ADDED: Categories section option auto equal height for cards
- FIXED: language and country selectors were visible on mobile even if they were disabled globally
- ADDED: Option to disable button 'Categories' in 'Header 2' layout
- ADDED: app compatibility
- ADDED: Inbox app compatibility
- ADDED: Other app compatibilities
- IMPROVED: Quick View media gallery
- FIXED: Minor issues

Version 1.0.3 from 2023-04-04

- IMPROVED: Shipping calculator form
- ADDED: Settings drawer enable disable option
- ADDED: Limit for infinite related products on the product page
- FIXED: Product custom tab metafield with HTML content
- FIXED: Price in header cart
- UPDATED: Extended Instagram token api token for a longer time for theme demonstration of Instagram widget

Version 1.0.2 from 2023-04-01

- IMPROVED: Gray product page main image background was replaced with white by default

Version 1.0.1 from 2023-04-01

- FIXED: Product card old price format
- FIXED: Product page 404 

Version 1.0.0 from 2023-03-30

- Release

* Images from demo are not included in theme files.

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