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LiveSmart AI Video is a standalone web application which combines the amazing capabilities of OpenAI ChatGPT with a video avatar by your choice. Interact with one of the greatest AI generated video avatars having a meaningful conversation on a variety of topics.

This product is based on PHP. For the Node.js based product check this one.

Features and Usages

Combining AI avatars and ChatGPT for video interaction is incredibly resourceful and it allows you to define specific instructions so the avatar can intelligently capture visitor questions and give back highly accurate answers. This allows you to enormously extend the possibility of interaction with AI avatars.


– Provide seamless voice interactions in real-time between users and digital avatars, providing immersive and interactive experiences;
– Integrate the GPT model to enable dynamic and interactive conversations with smart avatars, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction;
Personal assistant for large e-commerce sites, give information about product recommendations and promotions;
– First line support operator to provide initial contact with customers;
Healthcare operator who can check for doctor availability and schedule meetings;
– City sightseeing guide with information about coming festivals, celebrations or events;
Travelling mate who can estimate your shortest route between two points;
Business assistant to remind you about upcoming meetings and schedules;
Airport information about arriving flights or helping you with booking tickets;
– and many more …


Directly start the demo meeting with default avatar, backgound and voice. Please have in mind that avatar can speak English, French and German. For language specific avatars without accent choose from below;
If you want to customize your avatar look&feel, spoken language and natural voice.
– Login to the dashboard with demo/demo;
– Go to Rooms -> Video AI Avatars;
– Choose an avatar and background and start a meeting with it from Start AI Session button;
Choose from these predefined avatars who understand and speak following languages without an accent:
Vietnamese or
Test with these customized avatars:






Requirements and Installation

– PHP 8.1 and MySQL;
– API keys from HeyGen and OpenAI;
Installation is straightforward and easy. Just copy files from videoai folder in the zip file to the folder you need on your server and run the install folder. Follow the instructions, then login to your dash with admin/admin, activate your instance with your purchase code and you are done!

Supported browsers and OS

LiveSmart AI Video is supported on all major browsers:
LiveSmart AI Video - Smart Video Avatars with ChatGPT - 1


LiveSmart AI Video can be integrated in any WordPress site with the included plugin extension. Installing the plugin will add the dashboard in WP admin panel and add possibility to add AI Avatar to any WP page with a shortcode.
Demo WordPress Page

Installation Guide, FAQ and Demos

Requirements and installation guide

Dashboard login, with demo/demo

Live demo

Documentation of the sample API calls

Demo WordPress Page

Copyright and terms of usage


v1.0.4 - Jun 15, 2024
- Added possibility for a single avatar to have many custom skills;
- Updated sample functions to add background images;
- UI and code optimizations;

v1.0.3 - Jun 7, 2024
- Feature requests - added greeting text and optimizations;
- Added news sample function;
- UI and code fixes;

v1.0.2 - May 18, 2024
- Added possibility to change input language and avatar voice;
- Dashboard UI change;
- UI and code fixes;

v1.0.1 - May 15, 2024
- Initial release

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Download Free LiveSmart AI Video – Smart Video Avatars with ChatGPT Nulled

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How to download LiveSmart AI Video – Smart Video Avatars with ChatGPT Free ($39) and Nulled

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