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Download Free Like Dislike Counter WordPress Plugin Nulled

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How to download Like Dislike Counter WordPress Plugin Free ($20) and Nulled

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Like Dislike Counter WordPress Plugin

Like Dislike Counter WordPress Plugin - 1
Like Dislike Counter WordPress Plugin - 2

Like Dislike counter plugin allows to integrate Like, Dislike Button into your WordPress website to allow your visitors to like and dislike pages, posts, custom post types and comments anonymously. Its very simple to use. Users even don’t have to write a single line of code to setup this plugin. It counts unique likes/dislikes for post/pages/comments.

Plugin Features

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Like Dislike Counter WordPress Plugin - 4
Like Dislike Counter WordPress Plugin - 5
Like Dislike Counter WordPress Plugin - 6
Like Dislike Counter WordPress Plugin - 7
Like Dislike Counter WordPress Plugin - 8
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More Plugin Features

  • Great Interface.
  • Ajax feature to update the data without reloading.
  • Visitors do not have to register or log in to use the Like Button.
  • Like-Dislike on Page, Post, Archive Pages and Comments.
  • Like Dislike count for Page, Post, Archive Pages and Comments.
  • Compatible with WP version 3.0 & above.
  • Easy Backend.
  • Clean Design.
  • Compatible with Multisite.
  • Added automatically (no Code required).
  • Template code ready.
  • Custom Like-Dislike Texts.
  • No Back Link needed.
  • Widget to show ‘Most Liked’ & generate more traffic.
  • 10 pre-designed Templates.
  • Freedom to Upload Custom Icon Set.
  • Different Appearance Settings for Comments & Pages.
  • 24×7 Premium Support.
  • Shortcode to show like dislike buttons within content.
  • Enable/Disable for Post Page, Archive Pages(Tags,Authors,Category,Date etc.) and Comments.
  • Display different icons for Post/Page and Comments.


== ChangeLog ==

== version 4.0.2 ==
1. Removed inline css and added css in separate css file.
2. I have mode on “use strict” in js files. 
3. Used  on(); rather than .click(), .bind(), .hover(), .submit(), etc.
4. Used esc_attr__() function on places __() & _e().
6. Removed @import .
7. Made the demo full working.
8. The localization file should be in English and delivered as a {plugin-slug}.pot file that contains all your translation strings. The plugin can include an actual translation file, but it should not add the or en_US.po because English is implied. 

== version 4.0.1 ==
1. Updated to work with WP5.4

== version 4.0.0 ==
1. Upgraded to PHP7

== version 3.2.1 ==
1. Fixed undefined index issue on front.
2. Fixed cookie issue.

== version 3.2.0 ==
1. Added more custom icon set.

== version 3.1.2 ==
1. Fixed Like Dislike bug on comment section.

== version 3.1.1 ==
1. Fixed Most Liked Widget Like count issue.

== version 3.0.0 ==
1. Added Vote Tracking option (Cookie/IPaddress) in plugin admin settings.
2. Added custom messages control panel in plugin admin settings.

== version 2.1.3 ==
1. Cookie disable bug fixed.

== version 2.1.2 ==
1. Fixed 'remove_submenu_page' error.
2. Fixed few plugin admin settings style for WordPress latest version (3.8.1).

== version 2.1.1 ==
1. Fixed Most like/dislike widget post/page permalink issue.

== version 2.1.0 ==
1. Updated shortcode Functionality.
   Now use shortcode for like - dislike : [like_dislike like_text="Like it" dislike_text="Dislike It" like="show" dislike="hide"]

== version 2.0.1 ==
1. Fixed xml file warning issue.

== version 2.0.0 ==
1. Updated Admin panel look & feel.
2. Added seprate apperance settings section for post/page and comment.
3. Added Like Dislike meta section.
4. Added new templates for Like Dislike Button.
5. Fixed Few jQuery and Ajax issues.

== version 1.2.2 ==
1. Fixed like dislike click issue in IE.

== version 1.2.1 ==
1. Fixed settings page parse error issue.

== version 1.2.0 ==
1. Added new option for using either template code or automatic insert for like dislike button.
2. Fixed Like Dislike button bug on comment section.
3. Fixed Widget Code for adding 's' for more than 1 like (as in 1 like, 2 likes etc..).
4. Added code in like dislike widget for showing likes and dislikes counts for post types.
5. Server XML version check function fix.
6. Added function to track plugin version.
7. Fixed Undefined variable issue

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