Lead Manager Module for Perfex CRM Donwload Free(Nulled)

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Download Free Lead Manager Module for Perfex CRM Nulled

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How to download Lead Manager Module for Perfex CRM Free ($42) and Nulled

The Lead Manager Module for Perfex CRM provides an amazing experie­nce. This design is carefully made­ with elegance, use­ful features, and smooth operation. It give­s your online site a higher le­vel effortlessly.

This is a module for
Perfex CRM

Demo:Click here

Lead manager module allowing various calling methods to connect with the Perfex core leads using latest tools. Unlike manual calling and storing data, this module helps to keep information in a better way for communication hence it will help to convert leads in a more efficient way.

Only one account will be needed to manage all staff calls along with call permission management for individual staff to avoid unnecessary calls.


  • Email- Send/receive
  • Video call via zoom
  • Call via twilio
  • Sms
  • Bulk Sms
  • 2-way sms using twilio
  • 2-Way whatsapp chat using twilio
  • SMS, call, zoom and activity log features for perfex customers
  • Notification for missed, busy, no anaswer calls
  • Individual audio call landing to assigned staff
  • Video/Audio call recording
  • Soft Phone on full CRM
  • One twilio account used Globally for all staff
  • Each staff has own twilio numbers
  • Each staff has own email SMTP/IMAP setting
  • Staff Permission for lead manager
  • Call Mute functionality
  • Add/update Remarks
  • View Remarks
  • Re-direction from lead manager to leads
  • Activity log for call,sms, recording
  • Dashboard
  • View all video call Appointments
  • Incoming/outgoing seprate call duration in activity log
  • Incoming/outgoing seprate staff duration in dashboard
  • Twilio account balance on Dashboard
  • Total twilio incoming numbers on Dashboard
  • Many More

Well organised Api’s document avilable for integration

Change Log:-


        1-Zoom deprecation warning fixed.
        2-Chat/whatsapp page loading issue fixed. 


        Mailbox loading issue fixed!. 


    Fixed purchase key activation issue!. 

Fixed purchase key activation issue!.


    500 internal server error has been fixed. 


    1- Removed JWT zoom integration due to deprecation of API.
    2- Server to server OAuth newly integrated. 


    1- Twilio socket initiate fixed!


    1- 500 error page on conversation page fixed!.
    2- Failed to save setting of mailbox alert fixed!.
    3- Attchments and cc mail not recieve fixed!
    4- if your sent email has empty message kindly check your related email template in setup/email templates menu.


    1- "No purchase belonging to the current user found with that code" error fixed.


 1- 500 pages breaking  after module install fixed.
 2- After CRON configuration on server IMAP email not received fixed.
 3- Whatsapp template in setup menu insertion issue fixed.
 4- After filter on whatsapp page, contacts not loaded issue fixed.


1- Whatsapp using twilio phone numbers.(There is no support avilable without having facebook business approved account for whatsapp features.)
2- Show/hide lead/clients contacts for other staff(permission added)
3- Purchase key Validation added.
4- Email notification with counting.
5- Custom templates added for send email using mailbox
6- Custom Meeting template for both staff and user
7- IMAP port added (while default port is 993 if not added)
8- fixed Send email date time show current system timings
9- Next followup date time as in added format fixed
10- mailbox sent items (not open) fixed
11- IU fixes for CRM version 


1- Icons issue has been fixed as per Perfex New Version.
2- if any IMAP error come it would save in activity log of related staff

Change Log:-


1- Decryption enable for password mailbox
2-Email password field blank (admin/staff must re-enter password for update setting)


IMAP sync with email issue resolved.


1- Mailbox Bug fixed.
2- Staff Profile issue fixed. 

26-02-2022 V-1.0.3

1- Email integration.
2-Bug fixed.


1- view own permission added for staff.
2-SMS menu deprecation issue fixed.
3-view own permission added for customers


SMS issue has been fixed on leads/customer


Fixed migration issue on upgrade module.


1- Added more filters on lead and meetings page.
2- Zoom meetings 2 way sync.
3- 2-way sms integrated for leads and perfex customers.
4- SMS, Call, zoom meetings and activity log features added for Perfex customers.
5- Verify purchase key features added.


confilict twilio phone number and video appointment modal not open fixed


Menu Slug issue fixed


Dashboard filter, incoming issue fixed.
Change status convert to customer issue fixed.


Next Follow up date added in lead table
Some minor bug fixed

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