Donwload Free Janu – Dating App : Live Streaming App : One to One Video Calling App (Fake Users) Nulled

What is included:
– Android App Source Code
– Backend (Admin Panel) Source code (Codeigniter)
– Database file (SQL)
– Documentation To Setup and configure the project


Janu is an app template for Dating Apps with amazing features like Video Calls, Live Streams and Fake Chatting, in-app purchases and many more Anyone can create their own beautiful app within couple of hours with no programming knowledge.

Janu - Dating App : Live Streaming App : One to One Video Calling App (Fake Users) - 1

Admin Panel Demo:
username : test_admin
password : testlive@2020

Demo Apk:


Good question, and should be. We can think of that does the fake app works on playstore?. According to our research, 95% of all the apps in dating category are fake. You can check even trending list. And they are making thousands of $. So this template will help you to create that kinda app, very easily without any kind of additional costs and high rated real time calling SDKs.

Check the demo apps and let us know your thoughts.

(This package includes Android app + Admin Panel)

Talk with us: Skype:RetryTech

Janu - Dating App : Live Streaming App : One to One Video Calling App (Fake Users) - 2



Janu app features:

  • Splash Screen

  • Elegant and unique UI of all time

  • Fina matches
  • Admob ads integrated

  • Beautifully designed native ads

  • Calls by paying coins
  • In-app purchase to purchase coins

  • Send stickers while calling and enjoying streaming

  • Automatic incominf calls

  • Fake chat text
  • Beautiful profile page

  • Offer packages of coins
  • Push Notifications

  • Automatic sending random messages

  • Chat supports texts, voices, images

    And lot more….

Janu Admin features:

  • Dashboard

  • Add countries

  • Add media to the countries

  • Add Fake comments

  • Create fake chat profiles

  • Create fake chat messages

  • Add Gift categories and Gifts

  • Add coinpackages

  • Add offer coin packages
  • Manage app settings: (Privacy policy URL, More apps URL, Terms of use URL)

  • Manage Ad-Units

    And lot more…

To make this app running, You will require additional services listed below. Some of them might be paid as well. Please pay attention to their pricing details on their websites as well. We don’t provide refunds in case buyers don’t know about these requirements.

  • Web Hosting (Recommended with cPanel )
  • Domain name
  • Firebase Plan(FCM & Analytics) :
  • Google Play Console or Apple Developer Programme (To publish the app)





27 Feb 2024
Library Upgrades
Minor Bug Fixes

30 Jan 2024
Minor Bug Fix in Coin Purchase

20 Jan 2024
Bug Fixes & Library updates

4 Apr 2023
Permission issue fixed
Delete My Account Option Added

4 Apr 2023
Android 13 Compliant
Log in with FB removed
Email/Password log in option added
Performance improved

18 November 2022
Razorpay option removed: Only In-app purchase by google
Livestream UI issue fixed

3 November 2022
Screenshot prohibition removed : Screenshots can be captured 

23 August 2022
Report/Block option added in the Chat screen

7 June 2022
Documentation Update

11 May 2022
Data-table issues fixed at admin panel

4 April 2022
Block Option added (It is fake and doesn't affect really)

22 March 2022
android:exported="true" Added in manifest file

1 Feb 2022
Typo Mistake in Report popup has been resolved

1 Oct 2021
n-app purchase was going success even user cancel (Bug fixed)
Crash on chat screen resolved (Android Project)

13 Aug 2021
Crash on chat screen resolved (Android Project)
Facebook Audience Network Removed As they Supports Bidding Only

4 Aug 2021
Billing library updated to v3 (Official Library by google play)

27 July 2021
Unwanted ads removed from the places that were seems to be generating unwanted clicks

30 June 2021
Removed ads from live stream card swipes
In app purchase Billing library updated
Test ads bug solved
Admin panel bugs solved like field names for ad units
Currency can be changes from file easily in android project
Added "Ad" tag in the native ad layouts

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Download Free Janu – Dating App : Live Streaming App : One to One Video Calling App (Fake Users) Nulled

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