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Grenmart is a Organic & Grocery Laravel eCommerce Platform PHP Scripts. it has 3 home page variant which fit anyone needs for showcase your small/medium/larage ecommerce business website. It’s highly customisable, it comes with many awesome features, like Drag & Drop Page Builder, drag & drop menu builder, drag & drop form builder, drag & drop widget builder and many more. it’s compatible with Desktop, laptop, mobile and also compatible with major browsers. it has Comes With Advance Tax/Campaign/Shpping/Coupon/Inventory module. you can use this ecommerce script not only for grocery you can use it for any kind of shop you want, we have added advance, campaign / coupon / shipping along with advance inventory management system.

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Changes Logs

Updated: 28th May 2023
Version:: 1.2.0
flutter v3.10.3 compatible
cashfree payment bug fix

Updated: 28th May 2023
Version:: 1.1.0

Browse product without login.
Flutter 3.7.12 compatible.
Multi-language support.
Minor bug fix.

Top Features

User OTP

The mobile app offers User OTP, allowing new users to create an account by verifying their email address using a one-time password (OTP). This feature simplifies the registration process and enhances security by ensuring that only valid users with verified contact information can sign up for the app. Users receive an OTP, which they enter during the signup process to authenticate their account and complete the registration successfully.

User Google Login

The User Google Login feature allows users to sign in to the mobile app using their Google account credentials. With this feature, users can conveniently access the app without creating a separate account. By integrating Google’s secure authentication system, users can quickly and securely log in using their existing Google credentials, eliminating the need to remember additional login information.

User Facebook Login

The User Facebook Login feature enables users to sign in to the mobile app using their Facebook account. This feature offers a streamlined login experience, allowing users to authenticate themselves with their Facebook credentials instead of creating a new account. By leveraging the secure authentication mechanism provided by Facebook, users can effortlessly access the app and enjoy a seamless login process.

OTP Password Reset

The OTP Password Reset feature provides users with a secure and convenient way to reset their account password. In case users forget their password, they can initiate the password reset process. The app sends a unique OTP to the user’s registered email or phone number. After entering the OTP correctly, users can reset their password and regain access to their account, ensuring data privacy and account security.

Homepage Header Slider

The Homepage Header Slider feature presents a visually appealing and dynamic slideshow at the top of the app’s homepage. It showcases featured content, promotional campaigns, or important announcements in a captivating manner. By rotating through a series of images or banners, the homepage header slider grabs user attention, highlights key information, and enhances the overall visual appeal of the app’s homepage.

Homepage Second Slider

The Homepage Second Slider feature displays an additional slideshow on the app’s homepage, following the header section. It offers users further engagement and information by showcasing a range of content, such as new products, upcoming events, or featured campaigns. This feature enhances the user experience by providing a visually engaging element that encourages exploration and discovery within the app.

Homepage Feature Products

The Homepage Feature Products feature highlights a curated selection of products on the app’s homepage. It showcases popular, recommended, or newly added items that may be of interest to users. By presenting these featured products prominently, users can quickly discover and enhancing their browsing and shopping experience within the app.

Homepage Categories

The Homepage Categories feature organises products or content into distinct categories displayed on the app’s homepage. It provides a convenient way for users to navigate and explore different product categories, enabling them to find specific items of interest with ease. By offering clear and intuitive category sections, the app enhances user engagement, facilitating efficient browsing and helping users discover relevant products quickly.

Homepage Campaigns

The Homepage Campaigns feature on the e-commerce app highlights specific product campaigns directly on the homepage. It showcases products that are part of special promotions, limited-time offers, or exclusive campaigns. By featuring these product campaigns prominently, the app creates excitement and urgency, encouraging users to explore and engage with the featured products. This feature allows users to discover unique deals, discounts, or bundles tied to specific campaigns, enhancing their shopping experience and increasing the likelihood of making a purchase. It serves as a gateway for users to access exclusive product offerings and take advantage of campaign-related benefits.

Homepage Specific Single Campaign Product

The Homepage Specific Single Campaign Product feature focuses on promoting a particular product associated with a specific campaign on the app’s homepage. It highlights a specific campaign that the admin specifies for the app.

Product Details Page

The Product Details Page provides comprehensive information about a specific product within the mobile app. It includes essential details such as product description, additional information, customer reviews, available product variants, stock availability, and related products. Users can access this page to make informed purchasing decisions, gather necessary information, and evaluate the suitability of the product based on their preferences and requirements.

Products Order Placement

The Products Order Placement feature allows users to place orders for the products they want to purchase within the mobile app. Users can add items to their cart, review the order details, select preferred shipping options, and proceed with the checkout process to complete the purchase. This feature provides a seamless and convenient way for users to order products directly from the app, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Products Order Coupon

The Products Order Coupon feature enables users to apply discount coupons or promotional codes during the checkout process when placing an order. Users can enter the coupon code provided to avail of discounts, special offers, or other promotional benefits associated with the purchase. This feature allows users to save money and enjoy additional value while purchasing products through the app.

User Shipping Tax

The User Shipping Tax feature calculates and applies appropriate shipping taxes or charges based on the user’s shipping address and applicable tax regulations. This ensures transparency and accuracy in determining the total cost of the order, including any additional taxes or fees associated with shipping the products to the specified location. By incorporating shipping tax calculations, the app provides users with clear information about the overall cost of their purchase.

Cart List

The Cart List feature displays a list of products that users have added to their shopping cart within the mobile app. Users can review and manage the items in their cart, including modifying quantities, removing products. This feature allows users to conveniently keep track of the products they intend to purchase and proceed to checkout when ready.

Favourite List

The Favourite List feature enables users to create a personalised list of their favourite products within the mobile app. Users can mark products as favourites, creating a curated collection of items they are interested in or wish to revisit later. This feature allows users to easily access and track their preferred products, enhancing their browsing experience and facilitating quicker purchase decisions.

User Order List Page

The User Order List Page provides users with a comprehensive view of their past orders within the mobile app. Users can access this page to review details of their previous purchases, including order dates, order status, and order totals. This feature allows users to keep track of their order history, monitor deliveries, and refer to previous transactions for reference or reordering.

User Order Details Page

The User Order Details Page provides users with detailed information about a specific order they have placed within the mobile app. Users can access this page to view order-specific details, including individual product details, quantities, prices, and payment status. This feature enables users to review and verify order information, track shipments, and address any issues or concerns related to a particular order.

User Shipping Address Save

The User Shipping Address Save feature allows users to securely save their shipping addresses within the mobile app for convenient future use. Users can input and store multiple shipping addresses, such as home, work, or other preferred locations, making it easier to select the appropriate address during the checkout process. This feature streamlines the ordering process, eliminating the need for users to re-enter shipping information for each purchase.

Products by Categories

The Products by Categories feature organises products within the mobile app based on specific categories. Users can browse through different categories, such as electronics, clothing, home decor, or beauty, to discover products that align with their interests or needs. This feature enables users to explore a wide range of products within their preferred categories, facilitating a more targeted and efficient shopping experience.

Products by Campaign

The Products by Campaign feature in the e-commerce app allows users to browse and explore products that are associated with specific marketing campaigns or promotions. It organises products based on the ongoing or upcoming campaigns, making it easier for users to discover items that align with their interests or preferences. By grouping products under relevant campaigns, this feature helps users find exclusive deals, limited-time offers, or special collections tied to specific marketing initiatives. It enhances the user experience by providing a focused and targeted approach to product exploration, allowing users to make informed purchasing decisions and take advantage of campaign-related benefits.

Products Search Using Categories, Sub-Categories, Price Range, Ratings

The Products Search feature allows users to search for specific products within the mobile app using various parameters. Users can refine their search by selecting specific categories or sub-categories, specifying a price range, or filtering products based on ratings or reviews. This feature enables users to quickly find products that meet their specific criteria and preferences, enhancing the efficiency of their product search and discovery process.

User Profile Edit

The User Profile Edit feature enables users to modify and update their profile information within the mobile app. Users can edit personal details such as name, contact information, shipping addresses, or profile pictures. This feature allows users to maintain accurate and up-to-date information, ensuring that their profile reflects the most relevant and current data within the app.

User Support Ticket List, Create, and Chat

The User Support Ticket feature provides users with a comprehensive list of their support tickets within the mobile app. Users can create new support tickets to seek assistance or resolve issues, and engage in chat-based communication with the support team to address their concerns. This feature facilitates effective communication between users and the support staff, ensuring prompt resolution of queries or problems.

Dynamic Language Translation

The Language Management feature allows the app administrator to manage and control the language available within the mobile app. The admin can add, remove, or modify language options based on the target audience and localization requirements. This feature provides flexibility in catering to different language preferences and enables the admin to ensure that the app’s content is accurately translated and localized. By managing the language settings, the admin can maintain consistency, quality, and relevance of the app’s content for desired language, ensuring a seamless user experience for users from various linguistic backgrounds.

12+ Payment Gateway Support

The mobile app supports a wide range of payment gateways, including Paypal, Paytm, Stripe, Cashfree, Flutterwave, Instamojo, Razorpay, Mercado Pago, Paystack, Mollie, Midtrans, Payfast, Cheque Payment, Bank Transfer, and Cash on Delivery. This feature provides users with flexibility and convenience in making payments for their purchases. Users can choose their preferred payment method from the available options, ensuring secure and seamless transactions within the app.

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