GeniusCart – Single or Multi vendor Ecommerce System with Physical and Digital Product Marketplace Donwload Free(Nulled)

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Download Free GeniusCart – Single or Multi vendor Ecommerce System with Physical and Digital Product Marketplace Nulled

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How to download GeniusCart – Single or Multi vendor Ecommerce System with Physical and Digital Product Marketplace Free ($39) and Nulled

The GeniusCart – Single or Multi vendor Ecommerce System with Physical and Digital Product Marketplace provides an amazing experie­nce. This design is carefully made­ with elegance, use­ful features, and smooth operation. It give­s your online site a higher le­vel effortlessly.

Become successful in eCommerce Industry depends on Entrepreneurs planning, Hard Work, Store Features, Good support and mostly the marketing cost to attract new customers.

If you are looking for Single eCommerce store or Multivendor eCommerce Store then This Online Store is the all in one solution for you. This Software has been developed for the people who wants to create an online store which can sell everything! Regular online store can sell only one type of product such as physical product, Digital Product or License key product. But in this software you will have the ability to sell everything in one MegaStore or you can create separate Store for each category. So, you can run any types or online store such as Fashion Store, Jewellery Store, Electronic Store, Grocery Store, Ebook Store, Software license key store or all products in a single eCommerce store.

This Online Store has a great affiliate marketing features for the store owner where the entrepreneurs can convert every visitor or customer to his affiliate marketer. Anyone can join and promote your eCommerce store in different channels for affiliate income and this feature will generate tons of new visitors every in every minute and you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars!

This is not the end! Beside all the common eCommerce features, This E-Commerce Script has many exclusives features which are not available in most eCommerce stores and it is the most powerful script from our team! You can use this system as single vendor store and if you want to grow your business in futures as a multivendor store then you can make your store single vendor to multivendor store in a minute from admin panel. There are other tons of exclusive feature such as Whole sell, Commission based product selling, Subscription based product selling, Order tracking, Dynamic coupon, Product stock, Invoice management, Premium Packaging, Real-time notification, Multiple admin and stuff, Secret login by admin, Multiple Currency, Multiple Language, Messaging System, Real customer rating etc.

This Online store will make you successful for sure in eCommerce Industry as well as it will save thousands of marketing cost and you don’t need any coding skill.

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Admin Panel:

  • Standard Dashboard Statistics
  • Total Pending and Processing Orders number showing
  • Showing the numbers for completed orders
  • Showing the total numbers for products and customers
  • Showing the numbers for total posts
  • Showing some Statistics for thirty days and all time
  • Get Recent Orders & customers informations from the dashboard
  • Get Information for Reecent Products and popular products
  • Showing sales graph for last thirty days
  • Get Top Referral and most used information in chart
  • Get all the Orders Information with details data
  • Get all the Pending and Processing orders
  • Get Completed and Declined orders information
  • Country and Tax Management features
  • Get Tax Calculation opportunity
  • Subscription and Withdraw Earning management
  • Manages Comission earning
  • Dynamic Category Management
  • Able to create new product
  • Get and manages all the products
  • Deactivated and Catalogs product management
  • Advanced Product Settings
  • Get and manages all the affiliate products
  • Able to create new affiliate products
  • Bulk product upload and manage opportunity
  • product reviews and comments management
  • Standard Coupon Management
  • Manages All the Customers
  • Customers Withdrawal Management
  • Handling all the Transaction of the System
  • Manage Customer default image
  • Customer Deposit Management
  • Manages All the Vendors
  • Vendors Withdrawal Management
  • Vendor Subscription Management
  • Handle Default Background Color
  • Manages All the Vendor Verifications
  • Pending Verification Management System
  • Create and Able to manage all the Vendor Subscription Plans
  • Manages All the User Tickets
  • Disputes Management
  • Blog Category Handling
  • Blog Post Management
  • Logo, Favicon, and Loader Management
  • Owner Site Theme Management
  • Manages Shipping and Packaging Methods
  • Pickup Locations Handling
  • Standard Website Contents Management
  • Country and State Management
  • Manages Footer Informations
  • Affiliate Informations Management
  • Login Page Image Settings
  • Update Default Image Settings
  • Website Maintenance Management
  • Manages Slider and Service Section
  • Arrival Section management
  • Manages Deal of the day and parteners contents
  • Advanced Home Page Customization
  • FAQ page Management
  • Contact Us page Management
  • Other Pages handling
  • Sendiio Configurations Handling
  • Able to Configure the Getresponse Setting
  • Email Templates Management
  • Opportunity to Configure the Email
  • Group Email Sending Feature
  • Sendiio Configurartions
  • Payment pieces of information Management
  • Manages Payment Gateways
  • Smart Currency Management
  • Advanced Tax Management
  • Social Links Management
  • Manages Facebook Login Settings
  • Manages Google Login Settings
  • Website and Admin Panel Language Settings
  • Font option management
  • Staff Management Feature
  • Able to manage all the Subscribers
  • Website Role Management and Clear Cache Feature
  • Edit Profile and Password Changing System
  • Password Recovery System

User Panel

  • Smart Dashboard Statistics
  • User Registration System
  • Total Balance and affiliate amount showing
  • Account informations showing
  • Total and Pending order number showing
  • Get all the recent orders informations
  • Affiliate Information Handling
  • Standard withdrawal feature
  • Advanced deposit system
  • Get all the Transactions with details
  • Rewards management
  • Order Tracking System
  • Favorite Sellers Management
  • Able to get connected with the other users through the message option
  • Able to create Ticket for Particular Issues
  • Able to Create Dispute for Partciluar Order Issues
  • Start Selling with the Selling Plans
  • Account Settings with Account Status
  • Contact Information Update Opportunity
  • Password Changing and Recovery System
  • And much more..

Other Dynamic Features

  • Able to make comments on Product
  • Can create a review after the product Purschaisng
  • Standard Blog Sharing Option
  • Login with Facebook Opportunity
  • Login with Google Advantage
  • Google Captcha Facilities
  • Email Notification System
  • Dynamic Contact Section
  • Advanced Searching and Sorting Technique

Vendor Panel

  • Smart Dashboard Statistics
  • Get Pending, Processing and Completed orders total number
  • Get total Products and Sold item number
  • Get the total earnings amount
  • Showing recent products and recent orders informations
  • Get standard graph on last thirty days sale
  • New Product Creation feature
  • All Products Management
  • Manages All the Orders
  • Able to create Affiliate Products
  • Affiliate Products Management
  • Bulk Product Upload Feature
  • Advanced Withdrawal System
  • Service Section Management
  • Manages Banner Settings
  • Shipping Methods Management
  • Manages Packaging Settings
  • Social Links Management
  • Edit Profile and Password Changing System
  • Password Recovery System


Website Demo Demo:
Admin Demo:

Admin Login:

User Demo:

User Login:

Vendor Demo:

User Login:

Change Log in v4.0!

  • Country Wise Tax Management
  • State wise Tax Management
  • Category based Commission System
  • Tax Calculation System
  • Subscription Earning System
  • Withdrawal Earning
  • Commission based Earning
  • Category wise Coupon Making System
  • Type wise Product Activate and Deactivate System
  • Reward Information
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Vendor can Make own profile Slider
  • Total Earning System in Vendor Panel
  • Deposit system in User Panel
  • Reward System in User Panel
  • Google Captcha Verification used in Frontend
  • Mercadopago
  • Flutterwave
  • SSL commerz
  • Mobile money
  • and many more!


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