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FormDBx – The first WordPress plugin to generate forms directly from the database and store data in the database, with no need to write code, and supports multiple databases

FormDBx is the ultimate solution for anyone seeking to create and manage dynamic forms without the need for coding expertise. Whether you’re a small business owner, a web developer, or an enterprise, our platform caters to all, making form creation a breeze.

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Are you tired of spending hours manually creating forms for your website or application? Say goodbye to the tedious process of coding each field individually. With FormDBx, you can now generate custom forms directly from your database, effortlessly and intuitively. Our revolutionary platform empowers you to design, customize, and manage forms with ease, so you can focus on what truly matters – your business! - Powerful Database Driven Form Generator, WordPress Plugin - 1 - Powerful Database Driven Form Generator, WordPress Plugin - 2

    Main features

  • Seamless Database Integration – Seamlessly connects to your database and dynamically generates form fields based on the existing table field types
  • Sync form submissions – Bid adieu to manual data management. FormDBX saves submitted form information directly to your database, making it accessible for further analysis or processing. Form DBX automatically syncs form submissions with your database, ensuring accurate and secure data storage.
  • Intuitive Drag and Drop Interface – It comes equipped with a user-friendly drag-and-drop feature that enables adding, modifying, or rearranging of fields effortlessly
  • Extensive field library – With over 36 pre-built fields at your disposal, FormDBX equips you with the tools needed to create the perfect form. From basic text inputs to complex multi-selects, we’ve got you covered.
  • Multi DB Support – It seamlessly integrates with four leading database systems: MySQL, PGSQL, SQLServer, and SQLite, ensuring flexibility and compatibility for your projects. Oracle support will be added in the next version.
  • Dynamic Field Prefilling – Allows you to prefill, select, checkbox, and radio button data directly sourced from your database or static values,
  • Premade Form Template Library – Don’t start from scratch! Form DBX offers a collection of pre-designed form templates for various use cases. Kickstart your form creation process with professionally pre-crafted templates.
  • Robust Security Measures – Implements various data encryption and security measures to keep your information safe. Protect your data with confidence. FormDBx employs rigorous data encryption techniques and security protocols. By utilizing PDO (PHP Data Objects), it effectively manages XSS vulnerabilities. Additionally, FormDBX enhances security through WordPress nonce integration, ensuring fundamental protection against unauthorized access
  • Customize with ease – Customize individual field properties like change design, apply validation, animation, prefill data, and more with ease, without any coding.
  • Advanced Validation – Ensure accurate data collection with FormDBx’s comprehensive validation options. From simple email validation to custom regular expressions, you have full control over the data your users submit
  • Custom Form Designs – Fine-tune your form’s appearance with custom CSS styling. FormDBx gives you the ability to apply your brand’s unique aesthetics to match your website seamlessly.
  • Plugins to bring life to your forms – FormDBX empowers you to effortlessly integrate and utilize various jQuery plugins like Knob, rate it, expanding the possibilities for dynamic and interactive form design.
  • Save and Deploy – Once your form is ready, simply save it, and you’re all set! Embed the form on your website, and watch as FormDBx takes care of the rest – from data collection to storage.
  • Anti-Spam Measures – Fight form spam with built-in protection. FormDBx comes with various anti-spam features, such as CAPTCHA integration, to ensure only genuine submissions reach your database
  • User-Friendly Design – Whether you’re a tech or nontech user, a beginner or an expert, FormDBx’s intuitive interface ensures that form creation is hassle-free and enjoyable
  • Seamless File Uploads – Gather documents, images, and more from your users. FormDBx allows seamless file uploads directly within your forms, eliminating the need for additional tools
  • Multiple language support – Reach a global audience with ease. FormDBx supports multi-language forms, enabling users to fill out forms in their preferred language
  • Integration with 3rd party tools – Extend the power of FormDBx by integrating with third-party tools. Connect with CRM systems, email marketing platforms, and more to streamline your workflow
  • Version 2.1.1

    • Added CRUD functionality for WordPress database as well as external database
    • Now supports 5 database including MySQL, pgsql, sqlite, oracle, SQL Server
    • Added form submission menu to view all the submissions
    • Added form reporting to view month wise submission and other reporting/analytics

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    Download Free FormDBx – Powerful Database Driven Form Generator, WordPress Plugin Nulled

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