Flixy : The Movie | Series | Live TV Streaming App : Android – Laravel Donwload Free(Nulled)

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Download Free Flixy : The Movie | Series | Live TV Streaming App : Android – Laravel Nulled

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How to download Flixy : The Movie | Series | Live TV Streaming App : Android – Laravel Free ($69) and Nulled

Live TV Streaming App : Android – Laravel. Eve­ry part is carefully made to be fancy and use­ful. It has an amazing user experie­nce. Easily boost your online prese­nce as you enter this fine­ly tuned, great design. Discove­r the top of web design innovation. Each part smoothly joins to boost use­r engagement and satisfaction. Le­t Flixy : The Movie

What is included:
– Android App Source Code
– Backend (Admin Panel) Source code (Laravel)
– Database file (SQL)
– Documentation To Setup and configure the project


Flixy is a android application to create Movies, TV Series and Live TV Streaming application, which can be used to create your version of the app without writing very long codes. It has many amazing features like Multiple Source Options, in-app purchase, beautiful UI, and many dynamic things. Using these item, you can create amazing app with in couple of hours and save many development hours. Go down and check the demo app / Admin Panel and Features listing



DEMO Android App: 

iOS App Demo: 

Admin Panel Demo:
Username: testadmin | Password: test#2021


Admin Panel Features:

  • High Quality Dashboard with all the data counts
  • List of users and see their details
  • Add Movie & Series with : Title / Description / Posters / Genre / Ratings etc.
  • Add and Manage Subtitles of the content
  • Manage Multiple Sources Like : MP3, m3u8, Mov, Mkv, Youtube etc.
  • Manage Seasons of TV Show / Series
  • Access Types : Free, Premium, Unlock watching video Ads
  • Manage Casts of the Movie & Series
  • Make Movie & Series featured 
  • Manage Live TV categories
  • Add and manage Live TV channels from admin
  • Enable/Disable Live TV function from admin
  • Manage content languages
  • Manage Premium Subscriptions
  • Subscription history
  • Send Push notifications
  • Manage admob Ads from admin panel
  • Create custom Ads from admin panel
  • Manage ads with starting date, end date, iOS, Android with many davcned fetures
  • Turn On/Off ads
  • Check Impressions, Clicks and CTR of ads
  • Add multiple Images or Videos for ads
  • And many other advanced settings for ads

App Features:

  • Elegant and Advanced UI
  • See featured content on home page
  • Add to Watchlist
  • Categories with Items
  • Discover content based on Movies | Series | All
  • Filter content with languages and Genre
  • Check details of Movie/Series
  • Watch Trailers of the Content
  • Download offline
  • Share Content
  • Multiple Quality and File type options
  • Access content options: Free | Premium | Unlock watchingvideo ads
  • Live TV categories and Channels
  • Premium subscription to watch content
  • Notifications
  • Ads before playing videos
  • Image or vide ads (Skippable & Non-skippable)

And Lot more…

To make this app running, You will require additional services listed below. Some of them might be paid as well. Please pay attention to their pricing details on their websites as well. We don’t provide refunds in case buyers don’t know about these requirements.

  • Web Hosting (Recommended with cPanel )
  • Domain name
  • Firebase (FCM & Analytics) : https://firebase.google.com/
  • Google Play Console or Apple Developer Programme (To publish the app)
  • Branch.io (Deep Linking) : https://www.branch.io/






7 Apr 2023
Bug Fix: Log in with Email/Password

1 Apr 2022
Android 13 Compatible
Log in with Facebook removed
Email/Password log in option added

5 Dec 2022
Backend Crash While Sending Notification: Issue Fixed

8 Nov 2022
The Video Play issue fixed

27 Sep 2022
Content Posters were being replaced with each other: issue fixed

16 Sep 2022
Code Optimization and issues resolved: Android

1 Sep 2022
Database.sql file was missing some columns on the settings table: issue fixed

28 July 2022
Account Delete Function Added

16 July 2022
Custom Ad-Network Added
Create and Manage Own Ads With Advanced Controls

28 June 2022
Series : Episode : Add Source Issue Fixed (Backend)

7 June 2022
Documentation Update

1 June 2022
Thumbnail Glitch Solve 

24 March 2022
Download system improved
Android 13 supported

10 February 2022
Player crash sometimes : issue fixed

18 January 2022
Minor bug solve 

12 January 2022
For Series : Trailer Option added for different seasons 

10 January 2022
Live TV section : Premium TV channel access bug fixed

5 January 2022
Registration issue fixed (For Unicode characters in Filename)

Dec 2021
Initial Release

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