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Download Free Fleet Vehicle Management System – Dash SaaS Add-on Nulled

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How to download Fleet Vehicle Management System – Dash SaaS Add-on Free ($39) and Nulled

The Fleet Vehicle Management System – Dash SaaS Add-on provides an amazing experie­nce. This design is carefully made­ with elegance, use­ful features, and smooth operation. It give­s your online site a higher le­vel effortlessly.

Note: This is not a Stand-alone script. This addon is exclusively available for WorkDo Dash SaaS. If you haven’t purchased WorkDo Dash SaaS yet, please click here to make a purchase.


Fleet is a vehicle management system of WorkDo Dash Add-on that provides transportation services to customers from the group of vehicles owned or operated by the company. Managing a fleet here involves a range of activities, including maintenance, repair, scheduling, and tracking.

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Login as Company : company@example.com / 1234

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What to Expect from Fleet – Vehicle Management System Add-on

  • A visually attractive dashboard to understand business operations.
  • Constant settings for License, Designation, Vehicle Type, Fuel Type, Recurring Period, and Maintenance Type.
  • Management of the Drivers of the Vehicles.
  • Creation of Booking of vehicles with the display of availabilities through the calendar.
  • Management of Insurance of the Vehicles.
  • Vehicle Maintenance Tracking and Scheduling.
  • Demonstrate the Fuel History for Cost Monitoring.
  • Built with Laravel 9.
  • Salient Features of Fleet – Vehicle Management System


    The dashboard of Fleet is extremely helpful for the company’s vehicle fleet monitoring and management. It summarizes the data, including Total Customers, Drivers, Vehicles, and Bookings, as well as the five most recent bookings and their statuses. On the other side, you’ll find weekly Maintenance, Fuel, and Booking charts as well as a summary of the booking status for the previous month—specifically, Yet to Start, On Going, Complete, and Cancelled.

    Constant settings for License, Designation, Vehicle Type, Fuel Type, Recurring Period, and Maintenance Type

    Fleet offers a set of pre-defined settings to help users organize and manage information efficiently. These settings, known as fields, allow information to be organized in a logical and structured manner, making it easier to analyze and utilize large amounts of data efficiently. When adding or updating any information, users can select from these settings, which correspond to different types of data that need to be stored and tracked. For example, when adding new vehicles, companies can choose from pre-defined settings such as Vehicle Types, Fuel Types, Selection of Driver, and many more. By organizing information into these constant settings, Fleet enables companies to manage their vehicle fleets, streamline operations, and improve overall performance.

    Management of Drivers of the Vehicles

    The driver field of the Fleet is designed to facilitate the creation and administration of driver profiles for the fleet’s vehicles. These profiles include essential personal details, such as the driver’s name, joining date, and other professionally required information such as license number, license type, and expiration date. Additionally, you can manage the driver’s work status as “Active” or “Inactive”. The management of this module is made convenient through both list and grid views, offering flexibility in how you access and organize driver information.

    Creation of Bookings of vehicles with the display of availabilities through the calendar

    The calendar is always handy for quickly adding new bookings, making adjustments, or rescheduling existing bookings. Additionally, it ensures that the information needed to review and manage bookings is readily available. One can check the availability and statuses of the trips done namely Yet to Start, Completed. Ongoing, and Cancelled from the calendar which is there in the availability module.

    Management of Insurance of the Vehicles

    This insurance field of Fleet is specifically designed for fleet insurance which focuses on managing insurance policies and claims related to a fleet of vehicles. This field enables the creation, administration, and tracking of insurance policies for the entire fleet. It allows you to input and maintain policy details with legal requirements such as vehicle information with insurance provider name, vehicle name, insurance start-end dates, scheduled date and period, insurance deductible, charges payable, policy number, and document with additional notes. This can help to protect the company’s assets, promote safety, and contribute to the overall efficiency and success of fleet operations.

    Vehicle Maintenance Tracking and Scheduling

    The vehicle maintenance field of Fleet allows you to schedule maintenance services such as oil changes, tire rotation, inspections, and so on. Once you create the maintenance, you can update its priority as well namely High, Medium, or Low. This feature ensures that all maintenance activities are performed at regular intervals, reducing failures and extending vehicle life. Additionally, the field maintains a comprehensive maintenance history for each vehicle, recording details such as maintenance performed, parts replaced, costs incurred, and any issues or notes. This helps track maintenance trends and identify recurring problems for the entire fleet. It helps reduce maintenance costs and promote safe and efficient functioning.

    Demonstrate Fuel History for Cost Monitoring

    The fuel history field of Fleet is crucial as it provides valuable insights into fuel consumption patterns, enabling fleet managers to identify inefficiencies and optimize the fuel usage patterns of the vehicles. By tracking fuel usage and costs over time, you can make informed decisions to reduce fuel expenses, improve budgeting, and control costs which will positively impact the overall performance and profitability of your fleet. To establish any fuel history record, it’s essential to manage Driver and Vehicle Names, Fuel Date-Time along with Type, Fuel Quantity and Cost, and Odometer readings with additional notes.


    Please send request here for any issues, questions or suggestions. To save time and get quick feedback, please don’t ask for support in the comments section.

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