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Download Free Directory Plus – Business Directory PHP Script Nulled

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How to download Directory Plus – Business Directory PHP Script Free ($35) and Nulled

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DirectoryPlus is an all-in-one solution for creating a Business Directory website. DirectoryPlus is a standalone PHP script that doesn’t require other platforms to function and allows you to create a directory website with only a few clicks. It also works well as a Store Locator script. Optimized for desktop and mobile view.

Directory Features Overview

  • All native PHP, easy to modify code
  • Extremely fast page load times
  • Can handle thousands of listings with speed
  • Responsive design works well on mobile and desktop
  • Works fine on shared hosts even with thousands of listings
  • Super easy install, get up and running in 5 minutes
  • Configurable permalink structure for the single listing page(similar to WordPress)
  • Templating system based on Bootstrap 4
  • Configurable billing plans (free, paid, one time payment, monthly, annual, featured listing)
  • Google Maps, Mapbox, OpenStreetMap, HERE, CartoDB, Stamen, TomTom, Wikimedia Maps compatible
  • Geolocation support (HTML 5 API)
  • Filter results by distance from the user’s geolocation (with configurable distance values)
  • Mass import cities for your target country (sql file provided based on the Maxmind Free Database)
  • Embed video (Youtube, Vimeo)
  • Coupons: business owners can create coupons to show on their listing pages
  • Payment Gateways: Paypal, Stripe, subscription possible
  • Sitemaps XML generation and automated submission (NEW)
  • Custom fields (category based or global custom fields)
  • Custom fields groups: organize your custom fields in separate groups
  • Search by custom field (range select, range input, text, number, drop down, checkbox, radio input)
  • Easy to update (just transfer the modified files via FTP)
  • Claim listings so you can populate your site with listings then let business owners claim and pay for the listing
  • Contact owner form for each listing
  • Whatsapp click to chat integration
  • Create static pages and blog posts using TinyMCE
  • Multiple categories per listing
  • Rating system
  • Child theme support – Don’t lose your customizations when updating
  • User reviews and comments
  • Multiple currencies support
  • SEO optmized, friendly URLs, user-defined meta descriptions
  • Intuitive and simplified files and folders structure, no complicated nested folders makes it easy to edit
  • Built-in contact page (contact site owner) with form to email
  • GDPR compliance tools
  • Maintenance mode
  • Translated to ES, PT, DE, FR (including admin area)
  • Translation for other languages can be done in the admin area (or by editing the sql file)

Setup in less than five minutes

DirectoryPlus comes with a one click installer that will get you up and running in no time. Just upload the files, edit the config file and hit the install page and click “Install”.

Bootstrap based design

DirectoryPlus uses Bootstrap 4’s layout grid, components and utilities extensively and it has a very neutral theme that can easily adapt to several business types. This also makes it easy for third party designers to make layout modifications because they only need to be familiar with the Bootstrap framework.

Custom Fields

DirectoryPlus allows you to create “Custom Fields” on the category level or create global custom fields. For example, you can create a “Delivery (yes/no)” field and it shows up only for listings in the “Food” category. Or you can create a “Free Wi-fi” field to let users search for listings that offer free wi-fi. Custom fields can be required/optional and also searchable.

It is also possible to organize and arrange your custom fields in separate groups. Group order is also configurable.

Directory Plus - Business Directory PHP Script - 1

Monetize Your Directory

Flexible pricing plans allows you to create one time payments as well as monthly and annual recurring subscriptions. Current payment gateways supported are:

  • Paypal
  • Stripe

Claim Listings

With this feature you can kickstart your directory by creating listings and let business owners claim and pay for the listings so that they can edit, correct and add additional information.

Fast Loading Times

Directory Plus has been designed with page loading speed as a feature. All pages load fast and takes about 400ms to 800ms to load completely.

You can test Page Load Times on Pingdom:

Please note that the only important metric is the Load Time in miliseconds.

Create Pages

DirectoryPlus comes with a CMS system that allows you to create blog posts and pages and uses the popular TinyMCE wysiwyg editor. You can define whether to show a post in the feed, if not, it will be a stand alone page.

Map Providers

DirectoryPlus supports multiple map providers: Mapbox, HERE, TomTom, Wikimedia, OpenStreetMap and Google Maps. You can choose one or multiple ones. If you select multiple map providers DirectoryPlus will randomly select one on every page load. Useful if you want to take advantage of the free usage quotas of multiple map providers.


Allow business owners to create coupons for deals and discounts. Users can browse all coupons available on the site.

Business Logos

Each business can upload its own logo to show up as their main image on the directory. Logos will show in the results pages (search, categories, cities, etc) and on the business page as the main image next to the business name.

Similar to WordPress, you can define the permalink structure for the business listing page. Available tags are region , city , category and slug

Fully Brandable

DirectoryPlus is a standalone PHP script that doesn’t require any other CMS platform. If you are building a directory for your client, it will not show that you are using another platform such as WordPress.

Use Cases

You can use DirectoryPlus to build niche directories, here are some examples:

  • Restaurants and bars directory
  • Health care directory
  • Automotive listings (dealers, repair, parts and supplies, tires, etc)
  • Church listings
  • Local area directory
  • Night life directory
  • Pets directory
  • and much more

But if you are looking for a classified ad, also check out my other script: Classifieds Plus


Geolocation test: To test the geolocation functionality, it’s possible to emulate your location in the browser, set it to 34.013448,-118.488708. In Google Chrome, open Chrome DevTools(F12), then press Control+Shift+P(Command+Shift+P for Mac), then type sensors, select Show Sensors, and press Enter. The Sensors tab opens up at the bottom of your DevTools window. Select “Overrides” -> “Other” and enter 34.013448 for lat,-118.488708 for lng.
Login here
Password: 1234

Admin Demo: Please watch the admin demo video on Youtube:

There is also an example demo showing how this script handles large volume of listings/comments/users. This demo installation has 200,000 listings, ~1mil reviews and ~1mil users on a shared cpanel hosting environment:


User Guide

Please access the user guide at:


  • PHP 5.5+ or Newer
  • MySQL 5.6.*+ (Requires FULLTEXT search in InnoDB)


v.3.50 15 August, 2023
v.3.49 3 March, 2023
v.3.48 20 February, 2023
v.3.47 11 October, 2022
v.3.46 17 July, 2022
v.3.45 13 July, 2022
v.3.44 11 May, 2022
v.3.43 8 April, 2022
v.3.42 4 April, 2022
v.3.41 10 March, 2022
v.3.40 29 September, 2021
v.3.39 9 March, 2021
v.3.38 22 February, 2021
v.3.37 8 February, 2021
v.3.36 23 October, 2020
v.3.35 7 October, 2020
v.3.34 17 September, 2020
v.3.33 23 August, 2020
v.3.32 25 July, 2020
v.3.31 19 June, 2020
v.3.30 9 June, 2020
v.3.29 13 May, 2020
v.3.28 17 Apr, 2020
v.3.27 14 Apr, 2020
v.3.26 21 Feb, 2020
v.3.25 26 Jan, 2020


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