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Digital Download Pro is the most versatile php script, that allows you to quickly set up Online store for digital downloadable goods.
With integrated PayPal, Skrill, Stripe,, Ideal and Paystack modules and IPN technology the whole process is fully automated. Sell like a pro, any type of digital media, including CD keys time-cards, ebooks, apps, etc…

Update 28. Dec. 2023. (v.5.50)

Prior to update follow install instructions.

  • Php 8.2 + Compatibility
  • Updated php mailer library
  • Added Paystack payment gateway
  • Added ability to limit membership downloads
  • Fixed all known bugs

Update 22. Oct. 2022. (v.5.01)

Prior to update follow install instructions.

  • Php 8.10 + Compatibility
  • Updated swift library
  • Updated stripe library
  • Fixed all known bugs

Update 24. Jun. 2022. (v.5.01)

Prior to update follow install instructions.

  • Php 8 + Compatibility
  • User email notifications
  • Fixed all known bugs

Update 17. Oct. 2021. (v.5.01)

Prior to update follow install instructions.

  • Added RazorPay
  • Added dark admin mode
  • Fixed all known bugs

Update 01. Sep. 2020. (v.5.00)

Prior to update follow install instructions.

  • Updated framework
  • New admin panel design
  • New front end theme
  • Blog added
  • Swift mailer updated
  • Secure password reset

Update 25. Jan. 2020. (v.4.10)

Prior to update follow install instructions.

  • Added stripe Strong Customer Authentication support
  • All known bugs are fixed
  • Unzip update and run upgrade.php from your browser

Update 01. Jun. 2019.

Prior to update follow install instructions.

  • Added GDRP checkbox
  • PHP v7+ compatibility
  • All known bugs are fixed

Bug Fix/Addon 20. Feb. 2018. (v.4.00)

Unzip everything from zipped patch file into your existing DDP directory.

  • Added manual transaction page
  • Fixed scrolling large number of files in compare/wishlist view
  • All known bugs squashed

Bug Fix 27. Dec. 2017. (v.4.00)

Unzip everything except .htaccess into your existing DDP directory.

  • Fixed file directory path
  • Ability do delete product
  • Free downloads modal being blank
  • Other minor bugs, and code optimization

Update 23. Nov. 2017. (v.4.00)

Prior to this update follow install instructions.

  • Complete rewrite new framework
  • New Front end and admin panel design
  • Membership access
  • Multiple files per product
  • 4 type of products (Standard, membership, CD Keys and affiliate)
  • New assignable admin user permissions (Owner, staff and editor)
  • Secure passwords (hashed)
  • Custom product/user fields (ability to sell, audio, video, ebooks, apps, software etc…)
  • New gateway Ideal
  • New membership history page
  • Detailed sales statistics, per product/user/membership
  • Many more…

Update 21. Jun. 2015. (v.3.10)

Prior to this update follow install instructions.

  • New Front end design (moderna theme)
  • Updated existing master theme
  • New gateway
  • New Invoicing module
  • New Tax/Vat based on user country
  • Many more…

Update 29. Sep. 2014. (v.3.0)

Prior to this update follow install instructions.

  • New Front end design
  • New Admin panel design
  • Edit language phrases from admin panel
  • New gateway “Stripe”
  • New WYSIWYG editor
  • Ability filter files in project creation
  • Ability to assign product to multiple categories
  • New PDF rendering engine (supports RTL, Cyrillic and Asian languages)
  • Many more…

Update 24. Oct. 2013. (v.2.5)

Prior to this fix follow install instructions.

  • Version 2.5 was completely rewritten from scratch
  • New Rewrite rules for urls
  • Fully responsive
  • New redesign admin panel
  • New redesign front end
  • Fully themable
  • Multilingual (only one file to translate)
  • Slider Manager added as new plugin
  • New maintenance mode
  • All thumbnails are now dynamically regenerated
  • New multiple file upload
  • New lightbox
  • New audio player
  • New front end (grid and list) layout
  • User avatars
  • Language Switcher
  • Better Captcha for spam protection
  • Plus many more

Please note that upgrade is not possible from previous versions, due to a completely different file structure

Update 14. Apr. 2013. (v.2.1)

Prior to this fix follow install instructions.

  • Support for new paypal api
  • Added affiliate url for products
  • Added preview url for products

Update 14. Jun. 2012. (v.2.0)

Prior to this fix follow install instructions.

  • Replaced AlertPay with Payza

Fix 25. Sep. 2011. (v.2.0)

Prior to this fix follow install instructions.

  • Fixed – Commenting System
    —When adding comment, page would not refresh
  • Fixed Deleting transaction records
    —Now you can delete transaction records
  • Fixed Logo Upload
    —When uploading logo an error would suggest that file is not jpg, png or gif
  • Fixed Gateways
    —PHP Notice: Undefined index
  • Fixed Maintenance mode
    —Missing maintenance page

Update 02. Aug. 2011. (v.2.0)

  • Version 2.0 was completely rewritten from scratch
  • New Menu Manager – allows you to place you content menus anywhere on the page
  • Categories – Now included as part of main navigation
  • News Announcements – Easily announce important information to your front end clients
  • F.A.Q. – Built in FAQ manager
  • Newsletter – built in newsletter manager
  • Coupon/Discount Manager – Easily create 2 types of coupons percentage/number value
  • Payment Gateways added MoneyBookers and AlertPay besides PayPal
  • Delete inactive users
  • Delete banned users
  • Two types of file manager Simple/Advanced for easy upload of large files.
  • Products – added audio preview, youtube link and product tags
  • Full Ajax interface front/backend
  • 5 additional front end plugins: Bestsellers, Most Popular, Related Tags, Recently Viewed Items and simple advertising plugin
  • Notification when comment is posted on/off
  • Notification when user is registered on/off
  • Notification on every purchase successful/unsuccessful
  • Better SEO for products and Categories
  • Plus many more

From previous version – but all rewritten:

  • Commenting system
  • Product Gallery
  • Ajax Search
  • Full page search
  • Built in contact page
  • Voting/Rating
  • Rss for categories

NOTE: Due to a completely rewritten script structure, and download validation, there is no upgrade option available.
Please note that some features are disabled in demo mode!

Admin area

Username: admin
Password: password

Demo User

Username: demo
Password: password

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