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Begin an e­xcellent trip with Crypto Portfolio Tracker

About Crypto Portfolio Tracker for WordPress

Crypto Portfolio Tracker
is a WordPress plugin, which allows your website visitors to create their own unique cryptocurrency portfolios,
track their performance in real time and share them with others.

Crypto Portfolio Tracker

Looking for a pure JavaScript version?
It’s right here.


6000+ coins

More than 6000 cryptocurrencies are supported.

Unlimited portfolios and transactions

Each user can create any number of crypto portfolios and add as many transactions as they like.

Real-time valuation

All portfolios are valuated in real-time and recalculated on the fly upon receiving a new tick.

Advanced metrics and visualizations

Key performance indicators such as investment amount, profit / loss, volatility as well as charts reflecting historical performance of the
portfolio are at your fingertips.


Users can create portfolios in any fiat currency.


Static text strings can be translated to any language.
Numbers can be formatted using decimal and thousand separators of your choice.

Portfolios sharing

Users can share their portfolios with others by creating unique shareable links.
Shared portfolios update in real-time and any changes to its structure
will be reflected immediately without page refresh – not only for the owner, but also for everyone who tracks such shared portfolio at this time.
It can be useful for such cases like presenting a portfolio to a large
audience or teaching a class, because everyone who has a shared portfolio open will see any coins added or removed right away.
Great, isn’t it?


Crypto portfolio tracker is responsive on mobile phones and tablets.

8 built-in color schemes

Choose from orange, yellow, green, cyan, turquoise, blue, purple, red color schemes.


It’s possible to optionally enable authentication to require users to log in or sign up.
Please note that authentication services are provided by Firebase (native WordPress authentication is not integrated).

System requirements

  • WordPress 3.x or higher
  • PHP 5.6.0 or higher

3rd party dependencies

  • Firebase — authentication and realtime database
  • CryptoCompare API — market data source

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to install the plugin?
  • What do I get with the Extended license?


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