Carlist – Multivendor Car Listing / Dealer / Directory Website (Subscription Based) Donwload Free(Nulled)

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Download Free Carlist – Multivendor Car Listing / Dealer / Directory Website (Subscription Based) Nulled

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How to download Carlist – Multivendor Car Listing / Dealer / Directory Website (Subscription Based) Free ($49) and Nulled

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Carlist is a Subscription-based Based Multivendor Car Listing or Directory Website.

Admin can sell monthly / yearly / lifetime pricing plans here. If vendor purchase a subscription plan, then they will be able to post cars in the website

It also provides shop for the Admin where Admin can sell physical / digital products. Shop has coupon, tax, shipping charges, orders management, order report

Carlist comes with 19 automated payment gateways & unlimited offline gateways for payment. It has currency settings option.

Carlist provides 3 unique , attractive & trendy templates. It’s frontend part is fully Multilingual & RTL supported

Other than these, It also provides management system for – PWA, advertisements, vendors, payment log,support tickets, vendors , users , announcement popups, custom pages, blog, FAQ, languages, admin / role permission, drag & drop menu builder, Color, SEO Information, Maintenance Mode, Cookie Alert, SMTP Settings, Email Templates etc…

Admin Panel (Owner of the Website):

Username: admin
Password: admin

Vendor Panel:

Username: carlover123
Password: 123456

Customer Panel:

Username: user
Password: 123456

19 Online Payment Gateways for Admin & Tenant (Unlimited Offline / Manual / Bank Available too)

Carlist - Multivendor Car Listing / Dealer / Directory Website (Subscription Based) - 2

Carlist Features

✅ 3 Attactive Themes
✅ Subscription Packages (Monthy / Yearly / Lifetime)
✅ Cars Management
✅ Car Specifications Management
✅ Advanced Cars Searching Page
✅ PWA Support
✅ Ecommerce for Admin (Physical / Digital Item)
   ✓ Coupon
   ✓ Tax
   ✓ Orders Management
   ✓ Report
   ✓ Export
✅ Multilingual & RTL (Frontend)
✅ 19 Online Payment Methods
✅ Unlimited Offline Payments
✅ Admin Role Permission
✅ Users Management
✅ Vendors Management
✅ Secret Login to Vendor / User
✅ Push Notification
✅ Support Tickets
✅ Announcement Popup Builder
✅ Advertisements
✅ Drag & Drop Menu Builder
✅ Custom Pages
✅ Mail Templates
✅ Maintenance Mode
✅ Push Notification
✅ Registered Users Management
✅ Base Currency Settings
✅ & Lot More

Server Requirements

Built with Laravel 9.x

– PHP >= 8.0.2
– BCMath PHP Extension
– Ctype PHP Extension
– Fileinfo PHP Extension
– JSON PHP Extension
– Mbstring PHP Extension
– OpenSSL PHP Extension
– PDO PHP Extension
– Tokenizer PHP Extension
– XML PHP Extension
– GMP Extension


Version 2.0 – Released on 19th March, 2024

    - 9 payment gateways added
         - Phonepe
         - Midtrans
         - iyzico
         - Xendit
         - toyyibpay
         - PayTabs
         - myFatoorah
         - Yoco
         - Perfect Money
   - ADDED: Sitemap

Version 1.2 – Released on 17th November, 2023

    - FIXED: invoice generate issue during payment
    - FIXED: social media disabling issue
    - FIXED: clone issue for text editor

Version 1.1 – Released on 6th October, 2023

    - FIXED: Language Uniqueness Validation Issue
    - FIXED: All Package Deletion Issue
    - FIXED: PWA scanner information not updating
    - FIXED: disabling social login not working
    - FIXED: Car edit page issue

Version 1.0 – Released on 3rd September, 2023

Initial Release

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